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Hi babies!!! Ugh it felt so good to sit down and film a chatty video for you guys wow, please excuse my dirty ass hair and a few hour old make up too btw hehe. I hope you guys like this video!! See you in the next one xxxx L
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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel . if you guys are new yeah what is up . hello my name is lily i hope you guys . really enjoyed this video today sorry i . just want to sit down and kind of get . you guys a little bit caught up to speed . with what has been going on with me . lately i have been trying not put . youtube as often as i can but i'm sure . you guys know if you have me on . instagram on snapchat on every other . social media which is always liked in . the description if you guys don't make . sure you go ahead and follow me on first . up phones as well but i have been . traveling an awful lot lately so i have . a few things coming up that i would . really like to tell you guys about that . i can't really just yet but just know . that a lot is going on and i actually . just wanted to sit down and film and . updated q&a because i know a lot of you . have a lot of questions for me sorry i . went on twitter and i said i'm going to . film an updated life q&a tonight if you . guys have any questions make sure you . tweet me and so i but hate some . questions in here that i'm gonna do my . best to employees so if you guys like . this video and make sure you give it a . massive thumbs up it means so very much . to me and yet let's just go straight . into the questions on the side i'm sure . i don't have a voice as much of a voice . as i usually do because i am recovering . from three nights of asteroid partying . before my belated birthday celebrations . so if i do sound a bit croaky during the . video a place excuse me it is just . recovery voice my brother first question . okay so this is from josh hands on . twitter he said would you have a . persevere or snippet of you actually . singing because we all know you can and . would you ever try and so the it further . that in terms of being a singer as a. career thank you for your question and . i'm not really sure about it yet it's . always been something that i like wanted . to do with my life like ever since i was . little i always wanted to be a singer . and like a dancer and just like have my . own show and i mean everyone does when . they're little but that was always . something that i wanted to do so . potentially something this year might . happen with. i'm not really sure yet but i am getting . into the djing scene so i've actually . started doing a bit of that now on the . side so music has always been like a . massive part of my life and that was . always something like music production . and making your own music and sounds and . all that sort of shit that was always . something that i wanted to do as well so . i figured why not try now like let's . just start and see what happens if . nothing happens and it doesn't and if it. doesn't it does so potentially something . singing will come further down the track . but as of right now i'm focusing on my . music production and like making music . and yeah maybe my own voice will come . into it at some point but we will say no . well i sound like this anyway . okay next question is from regan and her . name is vigorous field on twitter . question is are you going to do your . botox video or touch on in this video. what was your experience like so i took . to twitter a couple weeks ago and i made . a tweet that said did you guys want to . know about my experience with plastic . surgery and botox and filler because i . was actually at a really really bad . place with my confidence a couple of . weeks ago because of my skin and because . of the filler that i have been getting i . i don't know whether i wanted to make a . full video about this but i might just . quickly touch on in this video i didn't . need everything that i had done done and . i just thought that i did because i was . a little bit insecure and my thoughts . got the best of me i guess but um yeah i . when i'm just gonna tell you guys what i . had done like i'm gonna probably address . this in all another video but i'll just . quickly show you guys what i had done a . cup maybe like a month and a half ago or . when i went down to melbourne i. literally went to get a top of my lip . filler which was the only thing that i . had had done and i walked out with i . went in to get an extra half a mil of. lip filler just to like make them a . little bit bigger i walked out with an . extra mil of lip filler cheeks bella and . where i lived and botox in my forehead . now that's an awful lot of things that . i've done to your face in it one day and . an awful lot of needles prodding your . face in one day but the lady who does . all of this for me she's incredible i . always leave her links in the . description because you guys always . asked she did a small dosage of botox in . my forehead and she said that no one has . taken it like the dosage that she did on . me she said no one has ever taken to it . like that like apparently i was just . like one of not many cases where it just . was true strong and i was fully frozen . like i couldn't move the top half of my . face and if you guys know me which i'm . like it's it's starting to wear off now. like i can do i can do that but you guys . are a man you know that i love the arch . in my eyebrow like i just i'm obsessed . with it i don't i hate like not having . an arch in my eyebrow like it's just not . the man when my forehead was friends and . i couldn't lift my eyebrows to take . selfies or like i just felt like i . looked really really ugly and on top of . it all this was happening while i was . overseas and i was trying to like enjoy . my time and then all of a sudden and my . eczema got really bad because it was so . cold where we were and it was just a . really really shit time and yes that's . why i made that tray i said do you guys . want to see that video because botox and . plastic surgery isn't always the answer . and i don't want you i don't want the . younger people all the people like . anyone in general to ever think that . because you're so insecure that it's . gonna solve your problems because it's . not i wish i could go back that day and. just get a top up of my lips and nothing . else i do really like my cheek zillah i . think that has just given me like a . little bit of extra like definition to . my face but it's just a weird feeling to . have like stuff under your skin like . it's just it's kind of weird but i think . i'm not gonna do i'm gonna do a whole . separate video on that because i have a . lot to say about that but in answer to . your question i don't know i don't know . if i'd ever do it again because i'm a . little bit scarred from that experience . but um. only 20 like i don't need all of this . shit done i'm just doing it because like . i can this has been enough of an . experience to prove to me that i need to . be like okay well you need to chill . because you don't need it you're okay . you're not aging out quickly just yet . sir please relax . next question is from ab chels this is . la on twitter cool name um someone she . said is your brother single larry and . the answer is no i'm sorry he's not he's . taken it's actually him and his. girlfriend's three-year anniversary . today's so sorry gals he's taken it's . just certainly to think that people are . actually interested in him well next . question i've answered this a few times. this is from aimee louise steele on . twitter she said when did you become . friends with michael and sean ii love . you so much . love me too and i became friends with . michael and shani i became friends with . shaunie about two and a bit years ago . and then shani and i met michael on the . same night when we were having a girls . weekend down in melbourne and that was . about oh just over a year now okay next . question is from jesse mela miller's . melas she said where are you traveling . to next and who with so as i said before . i've been doing so much traveling . recently and it's literally been like . every week i'm somewhere else like it's . sort of hectic but it is literally the . best thing i lost or the next place that . i'm traveling to out of the country is . bali and i'm there from the 26th of . march you know this month so like two . three weeks two weeks three weeks three . weeks and i'm going there with michael . and then after that i go to hamilton. island the day after i get back and then . after that over to la . then oh my got this like so much no but . like in between now and when i go to . bali i am down in melbourne and sydney . and a couple of times before i got your . bali sir yes all good things all good . exciting projects that i've got coming . up at that i can't say much about but . yes all exciting stuff this one is from . at kelsey 2017 she said how many people . have you dated or hooked up with okay so . i've only ever dated one person i was . seeing someone for about six months but . that turned to absolute shit because . they're an absolute um and disgusting . and using and disgusting in line and . cheating and disgusting sorry like no . time and i've learned how many people . i've hooked up with it's a few but i . don't not counting next question is from. jazzy sand it's and she said what's . something you look for in a guy . look as long as that on a trade off as . long as i'm not a cheater and they want . the best for me and they support what i . do for myself that's what you like the . biggest turn-on for me it's just support . and i don't know you're just like i'm a . very affectionate person like i really . love to love like someone i just love . someone being obsessed with me honestly . that's just like the best thing it's the . best feeling in the world i think so . yeah just someone who like is completely. obsessed with me and what's the best for . me and loves and mom and just like gets . along with my family that's like the . biggest turn-on cimino michael had all . these boy questions. this one's from megan under school be . said and she said got any boys at the . moment no h
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