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Yo is good man officers it's your boy. vanos it's 5:00 a. m. in the morning and . i'm here at the team six house and we're . gonna go awake on wild cat let's do this . shit now you're just using every cliche . way to wake someone how's my birch taste . bitch link in the description below yeah . what's up piglets it's your boy wildcat. we're here we're gonna work we're gonna . wake up basically i had to work he's in . you're being lazy sleeping in. come on vanoss let's go let's go get . them up ready one bro okay all right all . right soldiers . ranae's out ready . [music]. wow that got out of hand a little bit . yeah you think you just fool a fucking . jet into the house as a wake up prank. what the hell do we do now we've got . nowhere to live we got no wi-fi we got . no money to buy a new house what are we . gonna do with wi-fi man you guys live. here wait wait wait wait wait wait this . says team 10 . we're team six oh that makes sense cuz . we only have 24 subscribers 25 bits my . mom just subscribed mmm . calling all cool ass youtubers that's us . do you have a super cool viral video. tight swag yolo fire emoji fire emoji . 100 bring it to tube con in vegas and . present to our wealthy panel of . businesspeople for a chance to win mad . casio it's gonna be lit that's like . shark tank for youtubers yo if we win . this we can afford a new place no . problem oh scheisse the contest is . tomorrow how are we gonna come up with a . viral video and get the biggest bye then . mmm tell me relax man coming up with . awesome ideas for viral videos is what . do all right come on guys i know where i . do my best thinking this treehouse isn't . so bad let's just live here this place . is a pile of shit it's not even in a . tree it's in a bush who the fuck builds. a treehouse in a bush this is a bush . house bro by the way it's shit all right . men. it's time to hear your pitches for this . viral video oh . takes in the thumbnail doesn't matter . what the videos just put tension athan . they're big tits chine tits bigger tits . bigger views that's not an idea when you . talk about i just said it it is an idea . okay anyone else what about one of those . unboxing videos instead of my boxy . products we get to the cemetery and we . apply coffins i check out your dead body . oh fuck is wrong with you . dead tits dead tits in the thumbnail . it's easy guys little oh we can make . like a hip-hop music video alright about . like how awesome our lives are and our . cool cars and all the money we get and . all the ladies we get a driver kia . anyway i mean it would just be something . like this it would just be like what if . we just record us playing video games . and make stupid jokes the whole time why . would anyone anywhere ever want to watch . you play video games. alright fine let's just do the rap video . we could shoot it on the way to the . airport . [music]. and cut that's a wrap come on guys we . got to go last call on boarding for . flight 486 to vegas oh shit run guys run . will our heroes make it to the fried on . time will they make it to poop con and . win the grand prize to be honest i . personally don't give a shit but to . those who care tune in next time to find . out. [music]. .
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