Who Killed Markiplier? – The Final Chapter

In the final chapter of Who Killed Markiplier everyone is at each other's throats. Is everyone going mad inside this manor?
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[music]. we're sleep she's gone and sara's . everyone else wait a minute where the . hell do you think you're going . away from me out this place discuss it . off a brain you all do the same . don't walk away from me where's celine . where's dan i spent 25 years cooking for . these uppity fucks. i'm not about to die from bad bitch i . know things seem far beyond your control . right now but such that it is for all of . us here i shall take my leave and i . employ you my friends die in this . godforsaken house and if you are too . much of a coward to do the same you . would best before i kill you myself . going on here i know he's in pain and i . know you might be too but we need to . leave this place there's only death here . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. there you are. i've been meaning to ask you some . question what is this. the detectives been keeping tabs on us. but detectives did keeping tabs on me . and celine he's the one who walks traded . all of this he did this detector . detector where is he he took them from. me and took my friends from me where is . he. the chapter are you hiding from me . choose your next words carefully colonel . and you sir no friend of mine who you . want to talk about friends you anybody . this is madness you want to talk about . madness madness is stealing your best . friend's wife madness . this is squeezing you for cash to fund . your own sick sexual exploits with that . very woman shut up. madness is plotting to dead your . childhood friend because you get. [music]. fairs . [music]. he took everything he trapped us in here . for this broken sheldon and we played . right into his he is he'd been planning . for two years and now that son of a . bitch is out there walking around look i . know you have questions they can't . answer everything right now just know . that lara took everything from us first . twisted quest of vengeance but death . does not boast the same same fancies . this doesn't have to be you're trapped . in here just to saves us but it's your . body broken baby it's still out there . laughing marks not the only one that you . will use as you please to his benefit. the same way that i brought you here is . the same way that i can send you back . but you can't survive . from the kernel psychopath you can't . blame him honestly he's a good man he's . dangerous i know this is honestly i . don't know what the fuck is going is . what is wrong but i know that i trust . and if you trust us together this music . you have a choice you just know that . this is the only way that you skate just . relax. this almost christmas i promise . oh no it's okay i thought you were dead . i i mean of course they're not dead . how could you be dead i wouldn't have . kills you . i i didn't kill you i mean if i didn't . kill anybody. it was all a joke of course there's . always hope were you in on this . the damien put you up to this of course . he did. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. you . [applause]. [music]. .
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