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From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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Planet dolan from whether you can . breathe liquid oxygen to whitecaps are . afraid of cucumbers when the answer . simple of your strangest questions about . life hello my name is dou p and i'll be . reading out the questions and answers . hamper another one and i'm here to be . delicious do you get it do p i said i'm . here to be delicious yeah i get it . fringle boy thank you darling quick word . this episode was partially funded by our . friends over at wix we've been building . a website and their platform lately with . some extra information about the pd . group as well as an additional way for . you guys to submit questions to us to be . answered in these videos if you guys are . interested in making your own website . wix is incredibly robust you can make a. site on commerce music hotels events you . hearst and restaurants for that place . you work at literally anything you can . think of you don't even need any . experience any schmurder can make a . website like me it's easy let's do it . our website is still a work in progress . but will come very far in a very short . amount of time so if you guys are . interested making our website it's very . quick check out the link down below make . your own website today and her lightning . asks if you fill the pool with liquid . oxygen would you be able to breathe it . in. well you can breathe regular oxygen so. why not liquid oxygen it's easy here . i'll show you. are you okay pringle yeah i'm fine hey . do p watch out for the liquid oxygen . sorry about that here let me help . for oxygen to become a liquid it must be . cool to minus 183 degrees celsius if you . are somehow able to fill a pool with. liquid oxygen attempting to breathe that . in would be incredibly dangerous and not . just because of the low temperature your . body's natural heat would cause some. liquid oxygen to boil and become a gas. which means if you breathe it in . you would probably explode party-hardy . asks what would the world be like if . religion never existed all churches . would instead be monuments to enemy i'd . even have my own harem of wiping . everyone would be dedicated to spreading . this good word of weed that almost . sounds like a religion i'm not sure . about this do p come check out this . monument what do you think it's glorious . sign me up to this cult i'll spread the . word wave to all corners of the globe . it's hard to imagine a world without . religion as we humans have long tried to . understand the world around us and will . often find belief and concepts or . deities before modern science people . would try to rationalize the world with . what knowledge they currently had which . led to religion shaping cultures morals. and laws if religion had never existed . it's possible that humanity might not . have advanced remaining primal and . tribalistic i thank mesa asks where . would mankind be if the wheel were never. invented i guess if the wheel i had . never been invented people would just . adapt and use other shapes like. triangles or maybe my favorite shape the . skwerkel what the heck is a skwerkel . look at my head dupey it's an almost . perfect square cool just imagine a world . where the square could replace the wheel . humanity even at a primitive level has . the ability to create tools to aid them . if the wheel was never invented it's . likely that somebody would eventually . create it it's not imagine a world where . wheels do not exist transportation would . be primitive mills and grindstones would . not exist and even some forms of . entertainment like a roulette wheel . would be absent it would be a pretty . slow hungry and boring world. gabrielle price asks how do cats purr . cats sometimes eat things they shouldn't . if you hear cat purring chances are it's . swallow a smartphone set to vibrate oh . one second everyone i need to take this . hello was it someone important it was a . crank call like most bodily functions . the action of purring begins in the. cat's brain it sends neural messages to . the laryngeal muscles that causes them . to twitch the rate at which these . muscles twitch is about 25 to 150 times . per second this vibration then causes . the cat's vocal cords to separate as the . cat breeds which produces the sound we . call purring that's nicholas hubert asks . why do they get morning breath maybe . you're a sleepwalker no a sleep peter . you should retrace your steps and find . out if you ate something bad to make . your breath stink i only eat good foods . that are colored yellow speaking of . which do people would you like to try . one of my smoothies sure thanks pringle . what is this oh you know just yellow . foods bananas lemons cheese scrambled . eggs mustard curried nutritious maggots . i'm gonna throw up bad morning breath is . caused by a dry mouth and lack of saliva . saliva is necessary to wash away food . particles and bacteria that accumulates . in your mouth snoring or breathing . through your mouth while you sleep will . cause your mouth to become drier. increasing the likelihood that you will . wake was a bad case of morning breath . boss major three four five asks how long . would it take to successfully colonize . mars not to be rude but why would you go . there it's just filled with red . and martians and they're not the nicest . people what my come on friend say that . to our faces hey we don't want any . trouble . yeah jug on currently it's not known how . long it would take to colonize mars the . current obstacles that experts are . searching for a solution for is a . reliable way to travel to and from the . planet with relative ease right now the . estimated travel time to mars when the . planet is at its closest to earth . it's about 260 days once the issue of . traveling to mars is solved colonization . may begin. aysen becky asks how would humanity . evolve if we only had one gender do you . need another gender to evolve just do . what i do. oh hey hey how are you doing i don't . think i or any other human can do that i . don't think the race is going to live . very long yes really sad since both men . and women are required for reproduction . a world where only one of them exists . would not have much of a future for . humanity to exist with only one gender . the human race would have to be . biologically different during early . evolution we would have had to become . similar to clownfish or flat worms which . have the ability to change their sex but . then would we still be able to call . ourselves humans awesome gaming whitey . asks can you over boil an egg if you . boil an egg too little it will be all . running disgusting if you cook it just . right the chick will hatch but if you . boil the egg for too long you'll kill. the poor little bird so be careful no no . pringle an egg has to be fertilized for . a chick to hatch. what does fertilize i have to do with. eggs you'll find out when you're older . maybe in another 2,000 years yes it is . possible to over boil an egg the ideal . time to boil an egg is about nine to . eleven minutes any longer than 13 . minutes and a gray coating will form . around the yolk which itself will become . harder and develop a green coloration . you will also find that the yolk now has . a slight so fork taste which is not very . enjoyable the warm-up garland asks . why are cats afraid of cucumbers in the . wild the ferocious cucumber is a cat's . natural enemy they hunt v lines in order . to pilfer the smartphone's . within their stomachs who was that . no idea some lunatic one theory is that . to a cat a cucumber looks a lot like a . snake snakes are deadly predators in the . wild and tend to be adept at speaking up . on their prey cats are also afraid of . things that are unknown to them and . which could present a danger reacting by . quickly leaping away or preparing to . fight is their renouncer response when . confronted by something dangerous . some random guy asks why do your ears. pop when you yawn i know i mine do it . it's because that's where i pop my corn . oh hold on a second keep going pringle . okay oh yeah movie night tonight the . popping sensation in your ears is caused . by the pressure differences between the. inside and outside of the eardrum you . sometimes experience popping when you . yawn because the pressure in your ears . is being relieved by the opening of the . eustachian tube which connects your ear . to the back of your nose and throat guys . i'm glad you like me so much but i think . i need to take a break . hang up there's got to be some more we . can make a fortune off this hellbent . stop you're going to kill him . remind of checkout wix with the links . down below if you're curious about the . backend of creating your own website is . a quick preview you'll get access to . mailboxes invoice functionality . marketing tools as well as tutorials on . the best seo practices additionally. marketing integrations for google. adwords and facebook as well as app . integration for some extra pizzazz . get your booty over to wix and see what . you could be building tomorrow oh and . also by the way check out the latest on . caught update nixie anvil a new . character heaps and new skins a new . powerup new level daily missions and . offline mode download from the android . or ios app store and start racing today . for free preparing to fight is their . natural response when confronted by . something dangerous i can't stop . thinking of all the gifts and videos of . cats reacting to cucumbers . .
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