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I should be able to just shoot this oh . look at that oh my gosh that is so cool . i don't get this guy to shoot the . creeper he's literally so accurate and . so quick today i am stuck with a bunch . of pigs in a world where there's nothing . below me but bedrock and i cannot dig . out because there's not enough blocks . and the problem is is i have to get to . the next level by doing a task and my . tasks today is to craft a compass so . somehow with all the resources in this . room we have to craft a compass also . guys before we get started i just want . to say that this is the part two to this . map so if you guys haven't seen part one . be sure to check it out there's a link . in the description in part one we played . the first four levels and oh it was good . so be sure to check it out guys there's . a link in the description but also for . part one i asked you guys if you could . hit 20,000 likes and i'm hoping we can . do the same for this final part of the . map so hopefully you guys will leave a . like on this video and we'll go for . 20,000 likes go let's go ahead and get . started here so our objective is to . craft a compass to beat this level so we . have a chess why can't we oh it's an . infinite chest maybe we just get . infinite items okay so we get an . infinite amount of apples light summon . lightning and potions of weakness and . then we got okay this isn't an infinite . jess so we got armor and we got a sword . okay so somehow with these items and the . items in this room we have to make a . compass compasses aren't that hard to . make you need iron and you need redstone . how the flip am i gonna get redstone so . there has to be a way for me to get pigs . i'm gonna need you to move i'm gonna . need you to move okay thank you very . much how do you get redstone what is . something that drops or gets redstone . first i'm gonna make these zombie spawn . and then i have this summon lightning . thing and this can turn the pigs into . zombie pigman and then if i kill the . pigs i get gold but gold . give me iron that doesn't make any sense . let's go ahead and kill these guys . oh that was a bad idea oh we got a ton . of gold from those guys let's see if any. of the zombies have sponsors amish have . you guys spawned in there no okay you're . still broken yep still broken okay what . can i do with a lot of gold i can do . golden apples cuz i have apples golden . apple isn't gonna give me iron this is . so tricky this map see i love this map . because it's so tricky but i also hate . it at the same time cuz i don't know . what the flip i'm doing why these . zombies not spawning do you guys like . need more room are you guys really that . do you really need that much room i'll . give you more room if you really need it . there you go are you are you more . satisfied i'm just waiting for them to. spawn i know that you can get the iron . from the zombies because we have this . crazy looting sword and we can get the. iron because the craft compass you need . four pieces of iron pretty sure it's . four and one piece of redstone in the . middle oh there we go we got one okay . sweet sweet hello sir how are you doing . oh no don't die from fire die from my . looting sword i need you to die for okay . we got one ironing it one down a lot . more to go wait a second i have an idea . i think this is what you're supposed to . i don't know i i just have an idea . so those villagers are not normal. villagers they're zombie villagers and . we were giving these pigs for a reason . you know so and we were giving these . apples for a reason an infinite amount. of apples for reason so i'm thinking . what we need to do we need to turn one . of these zombie villagers into a normal . villager and then maybe trade with that . villager to get redstone that's kind of . what i'm thinking so let's go ahead and . i guess we'll get a little more zombie . oh that's a lot of zombie pigman okay i . am gonna go jump up here and then i'm . gonna hit all of you and it's gonna be . really funny ready oh yeah see that was . really funny now you guys are all . triggered and now i am just going to . kill all of you thank you very much for . all the gold thank you thank you thank . you that is a lot of gold nuggets i'll . say whatever looting is on this sword it . is doing wonders wow okay so we got six . apples so let's make a ton of golden . apples because i'm pretty sure if i . remember correctly how you turn a zombie . into a villager is you give him a. weakness potion and then you give him a . golden apple i think because i mean why . else would we have weakness potions you . know what . i also need more iron engage so if these . zombies could hurry up and run faster . bad noise . i just need one more all i hear zombie . hallo sir i'm coming in how are you how . are you have a good day thank you for . all you didn't even drop in ironing it . oh there we go okay that is our last . iron ingot okay there we go so we got . four iron ingots now we need to wait for . one more to spawn because we need to get . this villager joe pig hey could you that . can magically summon your powers and. maybe spawn a villager for me here we go . ready in a 3 2 1 oh didn't summon one . nope you didn't i would hear it if you . did maybe oh wait there's one oh ok . maybe maybe your powers are a little bit . delayed but that's ok ok so what we . gotta do is we have to throw a potion . weakness and they give him up oh ok so . oh what if i put lightning on you again . excuse me pig i don't want to turn you . into it what if i put lightning oh . that's right he turns into a witch wait . two witches dropping redstone if i kill . them especially since i have this . looting sword i swear if you drop . redstone you jump right son oh oh drop . redstone . oh my gosh move out of the flippin way . moo moo moo moo moo moo okay so if i'm . correct this should grab a compass . complete now we're on level six so our . next task is to empty the cauldron you . are not allowed wait we already did a. level like this empty empty the cauldron . you are not allowed to destroy the . cauldron that is our task we just did a . level just like this if you guys saw . part 1 in part one i did exact same . thing i had a cauldron i had to empty it . but i only had a spider spawner . and a skeleton spawner and the way i did . it is you actually had to craft a banner . and then put a design on the banner and . then put it in the cold room because . banners in cold rains they actually . remove the designs off of them which. takes takes the water out that is very . interesting it looks like we're on . another level where we have to figure . out how to get water out of a cauldron . and there is one other way to do it i . believe and i think it's i mean it's . with a bucket though how else do you get . water out of a cauldron . that's the only way because i literally . was so confused that i had to look it up . on google and it said that the only way . you . can take water out of a cauldron is . using a banner or using a bucket or a . bottle i have no idea what we're . supposed to do unless we're supposed to . use a bucket or a bottle on this level . which would make sense because we got . iron right there so that's what we're . doing oh this level was pretty easy then . i guess i mean it's pretty pretty easy . literally all we have to do is just . break this i can't raise this level . really this easy this level can't be . this easy all we got to do is do that . and then make three buckets just like so . and then empty the hell if you can't . empty a cold room with buckets i thought . you could empty a cauldron with a bucket . could you can't you can't empty a hoe . what you fill the cauldron with the . bucket right but you can't empty it with . the bucket oh okay see you see i thought . this level was gonna be easy but right. when you think it's easy oh no no it is . not easy at all maybe this gravel has to . do something i mean there's gravel here . for a reason. it could be something down here there's . a couple layers i think i did it wrong . because if you can't do it with the . buckets then that iron block is there. for a reason so therefore we have to put . the iron to another use and we already . wasted our all our iron on buckets so i . am going to oh wait no i didn't mean to . click the hint one but the hint doesn't . really matter because it says there's . nothing hiding in this level so that's . not even a good hint i meant to click . the reset button cuz we're gonna reset . this level and try it again so the one . thing i'm thinking is it has to be . something with flint and steel because . that's our only items that we have here . like that's all we have is flint and . steel because there's the gravel and i'm . pretty sure you can't take water out of . a cauldron with gravel i don't that. doesn't really make any sense so i . actually have an idea i know that if . you're on fire and you jump into a . cauldron it actually uses less water and . the reason i know that is because i've . done it a lot because i think that was . when i made one of those videos back in . the day where it was like 101 or 50 . things you didn't know about minecraft i . think that was one of my facts that i . had in there one of my facts was like if . you are on fire and you jump into a . cauldron it will actually delete the . water from the coldren so i think that's . what we're supposed to do if that's not . what we're supposed to do then i don't . know and it should work it should work . perfectly fine but let's go . i didn't get this iron and then let's . also get some steel or flint or whatever . you call yourself please i need some . flint i just broke like nine pieces of . gravel or eight and i didn't give you a . single piece oh there we go . there we go okay so we're good then get . the iron and then the flint and steel is . born okay so get on fire and then wait . what then i work maybe ei

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