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Rare fidget spinner vs iphone!
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Caption: How's it going guys my name is sarah . moore luc is back in for another video . today what we're going to be looking at . are some really good vids of people . trying to destroy their iphone with . vigeous winners alright i even conducted . this test today alright i went up . against my iphone to go ahead and try to . break it with a fidgets fitter okay and . you guys do know i am giving away . fidgets splitters and i am picking the . winners at the end of this week like i . did mention so times closing in if you. guys want to go ahead and enter you just . want to turn notifications on for my . channel and subscribe to the channel . that's all you got to do and if you guys . are feeling very nice today we're going . to be going for a massive light goal so . all of you guys got to drop a like on . the video of two likes okay if we can . smash two like that would just make my . evening that would make my year that . would literally make my decade okay if . we break two like and if you guys have . read new make sure to go ahead and . subscribe let's go ahead and watch this . video of iphones vs. fidget spinners you . know nan i saw from like 2000 in like ok . so apparently believe an ipod he's going . to do this burt and do like ultimate . damage on this so he's gonna try yeah . you know it's ipod first let's see what . he does a decent spin coming in hot by . him nothing oh absolutely nelson you . guys probably can't cheat is like i was . like bro he's not saying learning. they're scratch on it he's not training . hard enough he guys probably not like . okay apparently saying that there's a . scratch on its own come across it i'm . gonna have to try this out get it out . i'm gonna try this oh one two did . nothing yeah there is more of those . smudges. can y'all see those oh my god perfect . that's that's just finger love it and . it's like that's just emojis that . literally do anything and put it on a . lake drop it on my phones okay okay if . you're gonna drop it it could do some . damage. three okay that could have done . something i don't think it did though . how is it still alive row the phone . isn't living it's not a living thing i . don't even know decide it . okay so one two three dude he's trying . to do some damage it's not it's not even . any frames like all right again my eye . he's gonna try to justify anything so . just try again . iphone 6 so i don't think it's going to . do anything different bro alright so i . think what i'm going to do yeah time it . is galagos metallic like i just again . the kid just like it was likely 21 . things with the pointy one is just gonna . scratch your ear out and you don't want . to break your screen alright i . definitely think it's time for us to go . ahead and try out the frigate spinner . now we're going to be doing this on my . ancient all right i'm talking ancient . iphone 5s right here okay and i'm not . trying to break one of these newer . phones right so we're going to be trying . it out on this vision spinner right here . i'm obviously going to get a better spin . than this one-handed spit we're going to . go cut a quick all right now this way . the spinner i love it okay this one's . amazing i really like it let's go ahead . and try this out guys we're going to be . using this on my iphone and we're going . to see for breaks now from the video you . know videos we've watched none of them . actually ended up breaking they just . make loud sound and they were doing . pretty fast so at the end of the day i . don't think this is going to work we can . go ahead and try it out and if it does . crack my phone i'm going to be very sad . so you know what i'll do it okay what's . going to really good spin on this let's . it let's make the most out of this . experience and hopefully you know it . works out and you guys we have the city . center here we got my iphone already . okay we're in the house we're ready to . go and let's get it really good spin on . this i'm going to make it perfect . alright this might dom in the hand we're . going to get a nice spin on it and then . right after we're going to test it out . on the screen will probably do multiple . paths even does anything to it and let's . do this hopefully to the break let's go . that was a pretty good spin right there. let's see what happens . alright now it's so so loud and it . didn't crack or anything like look my . iphone is in perfect condition i don't . know why i said i something like that . but no legit did nothing . a really loud sound and let's go again . alright this time let's do another fast . spin and see if it does anything this . time we go a bit of an angle and still . it did not appear to do anything there . so i don't think it's going to end up . doing anything we can try it like on the . back and you know obviously it's . probably not going to do anything like . i'm going to be real like the surgeon . spitter it's not going to break it let's . try it out it's going to be loud i'm . just testing it for you yeah it doesn't . even make a scratch so these frigid . spinners versus the iphone it's not even . gonna do anything else you guys do have . a fidget spinner and you want to play . around with it a little bit more and you . only know how to do this or you know . spin it with both hands there's actually. some other things you can do just real . quick to show you if you didn't know so . basically you know there's a bearings . like on the end here there's three of . them on each side and basically you can . go ahead and play around like this like . you can do other things like these . bearings allow you to do other things . you don't have to just only use the . middle part you can use the outside . bearings as well but the thing is you . have to have like kind of longer fingers . i guess to actually get to fit through . because you know if you don't it's not . going to work but i mean this is pretty. fun i just like having a ton of fun to . play around with occasionally but yeah . that's one of my thoughts on these hey . he's going to try to make a fidget . spinner how do everything with a mart . phone right you can see the spoon right . there i think he's about to drilled a . hole right here try our best through a . perfectly functional phone - it's not. broken at all just the battery's out . hopefully this isn't a massive waste . alright let's make it work here did this . better work drilled very nice hole for . us let's see this in action starting out . slow because that is definitely the key . okay okay i think it did make a little . bit of damage in the screen already . [music]. he's gonna go straight through the phone . and say like . yeah obviously there's some really good . strengthen that and he's going a hard . see the fidgets pitter against them like . screen on phone area doesn't stand a . chance he's drilling it for like driller . for like ten seconds . i'm gonna do anything we're going to . finally crack who would spin this in . public like a phone that was a good . start that's a nice oh now alright get . an angle grinder and i'm actually going . to cut the sides off of this and we're . going to try to fit a bearing in there . he's gonna put a bear get my angle . grinder a little hyper tension and will . grip okay guys now the fun really begins . so i want to cut it no honestly here it . shows a little bit i don't get the point . on it i'm gonna go to like right about . what he's destroying our phone to make . the fidget and anyway i drag both . eyeballs of the name on the other side . round if he asks will just get any voice. as we can so without further ado i mean . i mean i want to watch this like in the . making but i actually use it hmm exam . that absolute is some serious damage . look at it it's just ripping right. through it is it just as ripping it you . see that dude it don't cut yourself . though don't i work pretty good yeah it . clearly looks like it's working really . well. nice nice don't slip because that could . be really bad if you so did i'd be. really mad all right sure it's pretty . much done by now he's going around the . back end got to finish it up a little . smidgen left come on cut that off cut . that off i feel like you'd probably cut . yourself on the glass - but i mean it . depends all yeah he's making a little . convincing like and even and all that on . the end so it's not as rough pretty . smart on his end not gonna lie not gonna . lie okay let's get the students about to. say here okay one side done so i'm just . going to try to eyeball the same on the . other side he's gonna cut right through . the same side so it's equal i believe i . believe that's what is going to him yes . that is okay let's just say you put it . on evenly right then it's gonna be off . balance now by the looks of it here i'm . putting a little bit you know it'll do i . don't think you know the $600 price tag . on it it's worth it not at all like that . sentences i can't even explain it all . right now that's a pretty good start . yeah i'm actually going to take a little . sandpaper to this and just kind of get . the edges real good kind of like how i . was doing that on here i just want to be . a little more precise with it because it . is glass after all and yeah over your . back okay gang okay now nicely bowtie . all right i used hot glue i couldn't get . it back in holy sketchy but i'm . surprised you better have a nice bearing . in there they've got you know compliment . the $600 phone okay guys now i'm just . gonna wait i look good i could put you . down good five minutes till it dries and . i'll check back into there with the . final product. okay okay guys done there's the finish . was check it out with g i could flip . into good give it a spin it actually . worked did good work good - it's been a . it works galaxy s s for spinner 15 or . answering galaxy. you can even put the buttons honest you . really say oh my god you can put the . buses off you tell me and that's . actually pretty cool i don't think we . saw so much that's out there let's be . real on boats oh yeah like i was saying . guys if you guys want to win a frigate . spinner alright a freaking fidgets . spinner you don't have one yet make sure . to go ahead and enter notifications on . for the channel and subscribe if you . guys are new that's all you got to do . also if you're feeling really nice today . drop a like on the video like i said a . massive like goal of two likes for this . video thank you guys for watching i'll . see you next time peace out . .

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