What happens when you drop 1,000 pounds of DRY ICE in your pool? Well... it's insane.
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Did i tell my mom and dad that i'm doing . this yet no no i did it hey beautiful . lovely parents i have a special surprise . coming in very soon i didn't tell my mom . and dad what i ordered you want to tell . them why oh baby . a thousand pounds okay good morning guys . how's everybody doing welcome back to a . brand new video i hope you guys are all . having a great day as always and if you . are new to my youtube channel my name is . phaedra i upload videos every single day . and they are lit so hit that subscribe . button become a rugrat today bosley you . want to tell them why to subscribe i . think he meant to say because the . rugrats are one of the strongest . databases on youtube but anyways about a . week ago i made an experiment video with . coke and mentos and you guys all seem to . love it the feedback that i got on that . video was phenomenal and everyone told. me to do more experiment videos that in . my head i'm like i love doing videos . like that i love experimenting with . things and i love explosions and i love . doing cool things for youtube videos so . back in the summer there was a trend . going around of people ordering dry ice . and dumping it in their pools and we . have this beautiful beautiful pool in . our backyard check it out it's a pretty . nice pool here overlooking the golf . course and it's a beautiful view . beautiful pool and everything and i've . seen your guys's comments okay i've seen . a ton of comments on my video saying rug . let dry ice in your pool and i was like . what does dry ice do in a pool so i. searched it up and i saw a lot of . youtubers have done it david dobrik . logan paul all these cool youtubers i've . done it and i'm like yo i want to try it . and since i know there's gonna be a lot . of comments saying oh well you're . copying logan paul logan paul just did . this last week rug come up with your own . ideas that's completely fine with me i . know there's gonna be a lot of comments . that say that but me and logan are . homies i even messaged him yesterday . just to show you guys that it's not . really a big deal here's proof guys you . literally message back saying bro do it . everyone's done it so i just kind of . want to show you guys that it's not . really a big deal a lot of youtubers . have actually done this like i've seen . so many youtube videos after i search up . dry ice and pools so i know there's . still gonna be people that say oh oh you . copied logan paul you copy this youtube . recopy that one person isn't gonna do . this video there's gonna be multiple . people doing it and i personally think . it's gonna be fun and cool to do so i'm . obviously gonna do it basically dry ice . is like super super super cold ice that . you can't even touch with your hands you . have to wear gloves and it's carbon . dioxide so when you put it in your pool . basically it's supposed to produce a . bunch of fog and i ordered 1,000 pounds . of dry ice did i tell my mom and dad . that i'm doing this yet no no i did it . will they be pissed when they find out . yes yes they . does rug do anything for his fans yes . yes i do. hey guys i'm waiting for the thousand. pounds of dry ice to get delivered right . now i think it's gonna come in in about . 20-30 minutes it's a beautiful day today . hope you guys do enjoy the vlog i'm . about to experiment with dry ice for the . first time so please smash that like . button if you guys love these experiment . videos and you guys know me i'm down to . do anything you guys want me to so if . you guys have any cool experiments cool . ideas for videos leave them in the . comments section i'm trying to vlog . leave them in the comment section below . you know me i read comments all the time . so leave your nice beautiful comments. down below i'll be reading a lot and . yeah guys we're gonna wait for the drys . to come in love you all so much and . enjoy the video . oh yeah if you missed my video yesterday . here's what i did to benji . i gave benji the teddy bear cut i've . been talking about doing since i got him . and he looks completely different . yo benji what's up he is not the same . benji i know and love no i'm just . kidding i think it turned out really. really good he looks completely . different i think he looks cuter a lot . of you guys loved it bosley's not a fan . of benji to begin with but no it's so . hard to catch him if he goes outside oh . my god it's over it's over it's over oh . gosh benji chill look he just eats the . grass you're wearing my shoes the . camouflage god benji why do you have so . much energy guys taking care of a puppy . is no joke if you're actually planning . on getting a dog make sure you have time . and make sure you're responsible enough . because they are a bunch of work like a . real child but look at how cute the . haircut turned out i love it i'm so . happy i did it but but he looks like a . real human being with his face look at . his eyelashes he has beautiful eyelashes . look at that they're so long oh no my . mom and dad just got home they have no . idea what's coming . hey beautiful lovely parents . hey beautiful handsome son why are you . home i have a special surprise coming in . very soon you guys love my surprises . right it's not really like it's not . really like a surprise for you guys it's . it's more for like it's more of like a . surprise for the fans and it's kind of . one of those crazy videos i you guys are . used to it by now right . tell us what i think we're just gonna . have to wait for it to come in sorry i . just don't want to get in trouble now i . want to get yelled at later something . but just like you guys don't like me . ruining the house you know like i get it . we're just gonna have some fun supposed . to come in very soon to you guys well . just say it involves the pool okay i'm . just gonna say that okay my dad for the . coke and mentos video . he's like why would you do it next to . the pool well dad this one's a lot worse . than the coca mentos it's honestly not . worse it's just like more fun it's it's . cool and i just don't know if like the . pool is gonna be ruined after you know . i'm not driving anything in the pool . come on baby lambo in pool experiment i . think my special surprise is coming up . the hill right now oh my gosh my mom and . dad are both outside i don't know if . they're gonna get mad i don't even know . if they know what dry ice is i barely . even knew what dry ice was i have to do . my research on it but i know it's below . 190 degrees fahrenheit which is insanely . cold that if you touch it your hand will . freeze and we have to wear gloves and . handle with care' and this is gonna be . such a sick video if you guys haven't . seen dry ice in pool videos you're in . for a treat. oh there it is oh yes sir how are you . sir hell yeah oh no oh no hey guys yeah . we're having a party tonight in the pool . party ice cube's crushed dry ice blocks . no . which special thing did we get how you. doing sir do you find your way i didn't . tell my mom and dad what i order do you . want to tell them why we're putting them. in my pool yeah guys yeah i'm putting . dry ice in the pool it's a thousand. pounds of dry ice just saying has carbon . dioxide right i don't know if we could . swim you get lightheaded but dad do you . want to jump in for the video no cuz . that's the cool part like you have to . swim when it's all foggy it's not gonna . ruin the pool that much we just gotta . clean it out with some chemicals out . guys look at it oh my god there's smoke . coming out . don't touch it mom we have to handle . with gloves but if we put it in our . water oh yeah okay guys so we ordered . pellets and cubes so there's gonna be . insane dad what do you think we should . toss bosley in the pool just as carbon . dioxide hey just for a youtube video do . you want to say what's up to the youtube . video say hi to 6 million people yeah . shout out to adriene i said we have . gloves guys cuz i don't oh baby a . thousand pounds bosley this almost . weighs just as much as bosley i don't . know what is gonna happen i never put my . ice anywhere me too see i literally . didn't know what dry ice was before like . i saw the videos and trends okay we got. the gloves let's get to experimenting . dad dad don't touch it with no glove you . just went for it guys we're gonna cut . the video help him out and we're gonna . set everything up by the pool and we'll . pick up the video then let's go baby . it's gonna all go in that pool are you . gonna watch the video when it goes up on . youtube watch it you're gonna see . yourself on it we can just put them down . all like around the side right here it's . gonna look cool huh guys just look at . the smoke coming out of the ice it's . freezing cold you got gloves let's do . this. you get all excited when you're doing . something bad these are my favorite . right here you guys look at this oh boy . it's gonna be insane this is gonna be . sick i can even feel it through the . glove no no baba okay wow . we're gonna get these all unpackaged and . we're gonna align them throughout the. whole pool and then we're gonna push . them in all at once. you guys ready thank you so much sir i . appreciate it oh my god look at this . this is dry ice you know this oh my god . okay oh my god i feel them through my . glove it's so cold guys we're gonna . unpackage all them and set them around. the whole pool and then we'll pick up. the video right when we're about to dump . them into the pool it's gonna be so sick . my dad accidentally drops like a little . piece a small little piece and look at . what's happening to the pool . so imagine when we drop all these and . those four huge bags of pellets this is . gonna be insane look oh my god i'm so . excited. we're gonna speed up the process a . little bit and then we're gonna get . camera set up and it's about to be lit . hey guys we got the dry ice set up we . are getting the pellet set up on both . sides over there so when we do dump the . blocks into the pool look once again we . accidentally dropped one small piece and. look at what's happening oh my god i . can't imagine when we drop 1,000 pounds . of dry ice into our pool this pool is . huge too i feel like i'm like a . scientist or something like this thing . is bubbling i'm like plotting something . i'm trying to do like some experiments . and stuff so guys we're about to dump a . thousand pounds of dry ice into my pool . please smash that like button if you . guys do enjoy the video it's gonna be so . sick. we got popper rug he's ready super cold . put those two there and two over there . and we're about to do it god i'm so . freakin excited this is gonna be so sick . i can't and i doing our food kind of . look. they're coming for us we're just trying. to do an experiment sorry . inhaling the smoke from that is getting . me so lightheaded because it's carbon . dioxide and you're not supposed to . inhale it that's why i always find it . crazy when people jump in the pool after . they put dry ice in i don't know how . they do it. i have bad breathing problems so i'm not . gonna jump in i'm doing this for the. sole purpose to see how the hell our . backyard and pool is gonna look when we . drop a thousand pounds of dry ice . wait i'm literally getting the . lightheaded okay what do you tell your . subscriber don't try this at home don't . you rather say your friends house don't . try this at school don't try this . anywhere all right dad are you ready are . you ready oh my god guys please starts . out like vote for this let's start . jumping the wall in here . my god. you get those be careful please line up . the belly . how do people jump in there where's our . pool. it's the pellet oh my god this is insane . guys what the hell is going on oh my god . this is the coolest thing ever look at . this . it's like piranhas and water i feel like . we're on an island right now mom what do . you think you feel like you're in a . tropical island or something - is that . all the time. this is so sick wait i want to see from . another point of view oh my god holy . shit what is going on right now what is . going on this is actually insane . so how do people jump in . oh that's so cool that one no it's not . warm but it makes me want to jump in . there going you want to jump in it's . literally just this smoke guys that . we're inhaling get you so light heavy . that's so nice it's like you're not even . in your own backyard . then are you going in papa rock further . videos gonna jump into the pool you have . to smash that like button for papa rug . doing this that going go go go oh my god . then i was careful don't inhale it . dad dad he's gone what the hell oh my . god . is it really no way dad you have to get . out come over here guys this is insane . easily one of the coolest experiments i . have ever done on my youtube channel . imagine we dropped it all in the hot tub. dad you are a savage for going in there . honestly is it really dad you are the . best for that you are the best pushing . me so hard no way this is crazy alright . guys i hope you did enjoy this video if . you did please be sure to drop a like . shout out to pop a rug honestly he is a . savage for what he did like did you get . lightheaded at all cuz i'm still. white-headed i think it's just the fumes . this is 20 minutes after the experiment . like it's still going i wonder how long . it's gonna last for but guys please . check out my mom and dad's youtube . channel linked in the description . papa rug stays on his grind on that . channel like he uploads videos all the . time vlogs and he edits them himself you . were excusable can i get some credit . yeah it's like a 1550 channel you know . but guys one check that out link in the . description thinking of so much for . watching subscribe to me too ok . i shouted you guys out please subscribe . to me all right i want to get to 10 mill . by the end of 2018 that's the goal . december 2018 yeah well i think we can . do it cuz the rugrats are the best then . you guys for watching love you all so . much and if you guys want to see more . experiments like this. can we do with dry eyes like i might. have to do my research but if you guys . want to see more dry ice videos a couple . of you love the dry eyes yeah yeah can . dry ice protect veins run from a . 100-foot drop. who knows i guess other than that it's . been rug mama and we are out peace here . is a look at our pool 45 minutes after . we dumped the ice cubes in there the dry . ice cubes i should say still going . strong that's crazy look at all the . bubbles coming out from the water it . literally looks like piranhas that's so . sick. 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