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Behind us behold it's the ultimate . fighter one herobrine versus ten . thousand a hundred thousand 1 million. news today we're gonna see who wins news . or herobrine in the coliseum let's do . this hey welcome back to brand-new video . i don't know why i've put it up in the . in the sky there but welcome back . through brand-new video everyone if you . can see behind me we are in a brand new . office i want to take a moment to say if . you guys want to see the new office be . sure to go check out my real life . channel i have posted some really cool . videos on there of the office and . setting everything up so be sure to go . over there check it out and be sure to . subscribe but the day in minecraft . 10,000 a hundred thousand and billion . noobs versus one very strong and over . powered herobrine we have a giant. colosseum around us right now and we are . going to fight and we're gonna see who . is going to win so guys before this . video starts and before we get into this . massive fight i want you guys to comment . in the comment section below who do you . think will win a noob or a herobrine or . a swd or whatever his name is . yeah that's that's the noob for today . also this beautiful beautiful place was . made by you clues and commands or by . volt specially foreign speakable so when . it's made by you please you know it's . gonna get good yep you know it's gonna . get so good so i'm gonna break a little . bit a glass here just so can see a . little bit better but there is a lot of . commands on here that we can do so we . can do things such as display a bunch of . structures in the arena so give it a . second and it will make the whole arena . full of structures so when the noobs and . the herobrine's fight or herobrine fight. because there's only one here brian they . have some structures to run around and. fight on and stuff and then arena wall. i'm not really sure what this one is. oh it creates a wall okay so this . creates a wall so we can summon all the . noobs in the herobrine and then take . away the wall when we want them to fight . for our first one we'll leave the wall . up but we're going to take off the . structures for now so we'll take off the . structures and let's . and spawn in let's do 10 noobs okay so . there we go we got 10 noobs all the way . over there and let's spawn in a . herobrine okay so you can see the boss . health the the herobrine health on the. sides is like a hundred thousand and . there's only ten news and here are . brides oh beard he killed them all he . already he killed them all and i didn't . even get to remove the wall okay here . brian you're gonna have to chill buddy i . know you're strong and powerful and . you're all cool and everything but um . okay i don't know what this thing does . oh it gets rid of everything okay so we . have two buns right here basically that . deletes everything and then we have . spectate so that's pretty much what it . is and it also says a comment from the . developer i'm not sure what this is what . is this so i'm reading through this and . it kind of just gives me information . about the map and how things work and it . also gives has some things about here . brian's health can be modified by . changing the number on line 45 of summon . here brian so basically he's saying if i . go into the commands and change stuff i . can modify herobrine's health. he's also explaining me some things that . might not work so if you change . structures while spawning noobs it might . not work so basically just leaving me . some notes letting us know hey don't do . this or you're gonna break too bad and . i'm probably gonna end up doing that so . don't worry about it okay so let's try a . hundred noobs. okay let's try spawning a hundred of . them oh my god better just pouring out . holy moly . that's a lot of noobs let's also get rid . of the wall and let's also some in . herobrine okay so hero brian is coming . there's herobrine versus a hundred noobs. what do you thinks gonna win guys . herobrine or a hundred news oh oh oh . just oh oh where's he going where's he . going he's oh he's not even touching him . you wait you hear that. it's all the asw d characters oh my gosh . so yeah the noobs are the weird. crazy-ass wd character he does have a . youtube channel if you guys want to . subscribe to it i'm linked in the . description. herobrine is where did you where did . hero brian go is the up there is okay um . so i guess we could try the structures . oh i just want to go crazy so let's try . doing this let's spawn the arena . structures. let's also clear everything so let's get . rid of here brian let's make sure he's . gone though okay i don't see him . anywhere so this is the structures i . think this will honestly help the noobs . and let's spawn in a thousand noobs oh . my gosh oh that's gonna be a lot of . crazy noobs or a swd characters whatever . you want to call it running around this . map oh my gosh they just don't stop look . at that oh my gosh they're just it's . just it's just they never stop they just . they just go on forever they they just . don't they don't stop bitch they're . still going they're still going just. still going yeah hello okay you guys . i've never seen so many of you it's kind . of creepy but at the same time i kind of . i like it. it's it's weird but though oh my gosh is . it is it almost done . holy moly i wish i could make the sounds . of the asw d makes the laws i don't i . don't even know how to be again okay but . we have 1000 asw d jeez this is just . honestly it's like a dream come true i . don't really i don't like it's like all . my fans are just here cheering me on . okay so that is a lot of asw ds so let's . go and spawn in here a bride and guys . let me know in the comment below who do . you think is gonna win herobrine or a . swd okay so here brian has been spawned . in there he is so it's a little bit . laggy i couldn't imagine i couldn't . imagine spawning in more than a thousand . because it's gonna get so much more . likely if i spawned in like double d's . oh mike . okay weird here brian go all right here . brides slowly making his way over here . slowly but surely he's probably like all . flip oh what the flipped is just . teleport always right there your brunch . right there i'm not sure if you guys see . him all i don't know what's going on but . i'm just gonna spectate from kind of far . away if you guys don't know we're here . brian is he's right there just kind of . keep your eye on them but all the noobs . are slowly but surely chasing this asw . gg all right oh peaches struck lightning . oh there goes fireballs on all the a swt . noobs oh my gosh oh oh there goes like . half of them here a brian just killed . half of the noobs oh there is everyone . flying what just what is just flying oh . my gosh what the heck . well apparently herobrine has a lot of . different attacks i just saw some type . of creeper explosion then some bending . of the sand i don't even know but he . just killed nearly half of the asw d . noobs without even any of the noobs . touching herobrine the noobs haven't . even laid a finger on herobrine yet and. he is just he's wrecking them like. how do you even how but here o'brien . look guys herobrine is going down in . health he's at nine thousand four . hundred and sixty s and there's still a . hundred noobs left okay so we're gonna. spawn a hundred more noobs let's just . keep alright so some 100 more noobs . alright so i'm summoning more noobs i . want ear brighten look now he's at . ninety eight thousand oh guys we can get . him down we can kill herobrine i really . want to know what happens when herobrine . dies he probably like he probably just . like corrupts the world and like to. delete your minecraft world i wouldn't . be surprised . alright let's spawn him more let's spawn . and more summon you know at some in a . thousand flip it just summon a thousand . i pressed a hundred and a thousand so . we're gonna summon one thousand one . hundred oh my gosh there he is never . gonna stop they're never gonna stop it's . just it's just gonna go on forever i . press that button too many times yo but . hero brian look guys here binds at 90 mm . so he's lost eight thousand helps so far . so the noobs are doing some damage not a . ton but they are doing damage i'm gonna . press the thousand button like three . times this is probably gonna break the . map but i'm okay with that are you guys . okay with that so we press the button . that's the fourth time we've pressed it . if you count the other time that we came . back up there so now we're technically . spawning in 4000 news but here brian's . just gonna keep killing all of them so . we're never gonna get all 4000 news yeah . he's just wrecking all of them but look . he's on 87,000 so slowly but surely with . enough button presses of the thousand. noobs we will be able to defeat . herobrine it's probably gonna take about . a hundred thousand noobs or so to defeat . them but i think we can do it oh my gosh . she's just wrecking them look at this. look they all come out there and then . just wait for it wait for it here brian . is just gonna wait hold on he's running . back and forth he's like he's like. communicating with all of them he's like . talking to him like they're friends and . then boom they're all dead everyone's . like yeah i'm just gonna go get some . coffee and imma kill you guys uh uh yeah . there you go oh there goes understand ah . he's stuck in the ground . buddy i'm so sorry i didn't mean forth . in this way i didn't mean . this way you know what we need more of . them let's spawn more we need more we . need more noobs . alright so update herobrine is on 73,000 . health and yeah you should still reckon . them wait why is there villager what is . that. decoy upper wait is that supposed to be . herobrine i'm confused there's a wait no . here binds right but i just saw him . there you go your bru

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