13 MINUTES OF STRAIGHT FIRE | CoryxKenshin Raps Volume 1

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A lot of our Fire Flame Flow material, COMPILED ALL INTO ONE PLACE! BIG UPS to Raisi K and Krptic Unknown for always helping me out. CHECK OUT THEIR MUSIC.
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My friends the rules are simple number . one slice that like button thank you . number two comment the number of your . favorite rap the rat what the highest . thumbs up is the best go listen baldy . this is me and you running down the . halls boy can't you get the clue i don't . like i don't why you don't like game . like it he'll like a dirty q-tip please . my name is tori chases hobbies and all . these little and i'll take a look i am . [music]. he said to me get a hadouken hit you . it'll rust like we shippuden katana to . the neck just call me moving like daniel . son boy what is your doing slow it down. take a breath a girl i like your left . cheek that is on your butt let's take it. slow so your boys in love yeah cory . kitchen is the name cory kitchen is a . feint cory kitchen is the main oh you . tryin to step to me . boy you're freakin lame i don't even got . a day all i do is play the game freakin . beat knows that right brother . it's about to go in yeah just blame miss . cory . pynchon suck a step back . get slapped will take a freaking navbars . the ankle breakers slang evildoer since . i was watching leonardo when i'm telling . the sewers you don't want to mess with . the legend you can i am legend . [music]. and a home all alone board them all on . my own just waiting on my mom maybe i . should call her up on the phone . wait never go to the front door hole oh . mom what you coming home late for but . myself couldn't freaking take it anymore . put your paws up now you're gonna . freakin pay for it or the wait what's . that bag . duck season what is that i put it in the . console mama if this game is bad yo this . game is lit look what i did it . this dog though can split some don't. feel right that is level 3 done mom i'm . still waiting on my freakin peanut . butter and jelly sandwich i haven't . eaten in days . all right now you might think i'm . freaking over exaggerating but look at . my hand it's shaking anyway couple hours . past menifee lancaster rt love will 6 . fam the day way so fast. something's feeling weird though. paranoid and fearful what's that at the . window mom oh my gosh no mom . mom oh my gosh ahem . lucinda let's get something straight my . name is gowri kitson and i'm not playing . these suckas trying to kill me on a hat . move those fancy get old grave oh look . there's a shovel and your boy is on . another level garrett what you do and . make me some fruity pebbles drink a lot . of kool-aid don't make me get oh god god . on my side can mess with me devil bars . yeah okay yeah okay . nice beat huh i thought so too shoutout . to cryptic listen it's the shogun curry . ex kitchen back put the ramsar you . appreciate the listen haters kick you . slice cuz your boy got precision i . grabbed my katana and get to work all . that division yeah anyways samurai . what's good yes you not invade his fire . puppy should listen got a little mix's . going out to the brother on the tubes of . you reference mri you legend cocaine . this is laura met samurai they got my . back yours loyal take no crap you . talking smack you get his plate swinging . at your chest hold up let me catch my . breath new head of the samurai all the . way up to my den slow it down a girl is . popping wait you're a boy on my bed let . me stop there look i know you don't ever . know who's watching . so instead of all the dis and look yeah . all you thought it couldn't get no . better bro you slip and who you thought . this was for yourself together man just . listen stay wrecking scrubs gg made . every. never said of till i try to get a date . sam you are a i community so cool happy . finland cloud9 . especially as this is when they got on . the kimonos i'm trying to put a ring on . it get this call me frodo people hey and . honest emma right our powers dropped in . loco shogun signing out here me coming . they'll be trouble. [music]. okay yeah yo mega samurai look if your . videos dude they need it hey guys i . upload daily sucka you better delete it . that's right i'm coming for your head . going this your not be missing when i'm . doing these rhymes the viewers they . gonna be screaming so let's get some . straight get mini make a be eaten sit . down shut up - arthur : . lately at least i mean with all those . fucking promises you did your boy was . crazy memory shorter they comments head . but let's stop dude let's just rewind . there was a time when your boy was . sublime. videos every single day what the heck . man we're daiquiri go cuz this one here . bro you suck man. ok young back on track stop it please . step back and don't make any promises . [music]. yeah so we started off small the name . sasha we were hobbits at at all trying . to find out what it happened to him all . that our yellow raincoat she was 32 the . halls now person than me what's a . janitor till constantly putting these . hints on their dingy front oh yeah that . stuff was older see so i don't know one . time in not with this shoulder next oh . we got the twin chefs may also boy y'all . stuck around like y'all own the time but . let me ask you did you forget her name . is 6 with the suction in front i feel . bad for you told us when you're taking a . dump . hate your lady super sass you installed. in the slim sausage took the fight with . super saiyan like chores . i was running door to 6 where my i was . i was but it door 6y1 hey yo my name is . cory and it's i'm the freestyle and this . is getting boring but it's been a little . while up in the smooth shadow right . since i was a little child what rhymes . with child . i don't know freaking wild anyway . playing horror games is scary sometimes . man i gotta go and get my teddy but i am . ready eat spaghetti and these bars are . getting heavy but i've been doing some . work since i play five nights at freddy . marie kitchen maybe man i'm on a mission . semi ride by blood but let me start to . get to yeah i'm seeing all these . districts everywhere i look now i wanna . make one two and you don't listen or you . should first thing we miss our tips so i . got a dip go back to the crib where play . super sick go and find me something. delicious to smack oh no i got the . munchies and if you don't mind i wish . for it to be pretty crunchy man i'm so . tired of these hatfield . here in that bag yo i feel so sad we . stayed paying all this money for that's . 369th read-only piace that's across one . time face till we come into your mama's . a clean up your room but ma she ended up . she drop that bell she say is commission . so then you go back to your room but . first you go grab the fat you know what . this i'm not go through and i got a hair . mom with a number let that baron over to . the ground if you get up on another . round floors crazy yeah you like the . sound funk miss and leave you looking . like a clown man i got so much freaking . paper and my paper i really meant his . printer paper not money you funny paris . looking for me toes are looking from me . head is filled with nothing while you . are our dummy wait hold on you said this . track let me get on topic if you take . this home is over isn't excuse me better . stop it now don't get me started on . siblings those annoying people made of . evil sometimes cringy go okay i may love . mine the death and without them i . wouldn't not get far yo who forgot to . flush you left the hole snickers bar . that moment you stepped on the lego what . that's actually the worst pain a human . could feel i could write an entire . district just about the pain of stepping . on a lego for just one click of the like . button you too can do your part to save . the life of a lego stepper fire flame . flow let's go okay so my name is gowri . cagey but you do that by driving lane . lame and i'm searching what a girl's . that hold up wait let me go out on a . date go into a lake where the door i got . cakes we buy the new girl i can't wait . just look at the juice not know salivate . i think i'm thirsty yeah that's it but . you know what that's okay cuz freestyle . still lick semo right stand up looking . on ice would you do and freaking . samurais slice that like just a normal . night trying to deliver this pizza i . work for checkers pizza we make . delicious pizza walk in the house and . there was no 150-pound just matter . couple dogs and they started to play . around first but it was beating and she . was kind of freaky she disappeared . behind me but her purse was kind of . stinky sorted mr. tatem . started to play around and so on this . drama stands close before this fire . makes me is real not wanting to leave . there is chester i'm buying time till he . gestures his last to say like good . gestures my boss and believe would be . one under cement i do what i can . wait why is she running to her team she . has a gun guys this is the end . especially a man the life by that is . he's brush you too thick so that they . won't say my life cuz tonight . 100% i'ma die 100% imma die this beat is . me and it kind of makes me wanna sleep . nah i'm just playing. so we're saying corey kitchen . i am i saying i'm just saying if you . walk it up to me then you better come . clean. cuz the brother super lean i call them . in the house and i'm like stop don't . look at me i got three cops they bhajami . put away the dope this plan suckas i . don't smoke no lope whoa what's the . freak is that i don't even know it but . the freestyle flow is coming under low . and you don't even know that the . brothers so cold and you know what's the. plate happy wheels what's the freaking . deal yeah i need to stop playing hold up . let me freak until . level right where's my freakin music i . just do it like you need to give me . clues and when i'm done with this level . you need to play it right now . and not just go to the town we just . don't get down play in tuesday's long we . just don't get along walk it to the tree . out long yeah i wear thongs yeah so my . name is go retention never been in a . villain cuz the brothers say children . come up from the kitchen cooking up and . dish is delicious everybody knows that . our brothers do clean though looking . like a vamo pull up on the scene and i'm . trying to get some green though walking . down the street in this girl that's my . fruit she walked the other way . their booty huh so go up in the party . everybody's looking nollie and then this . you turn it s basically teacher spotted . yes i did i don't know man i got a go . with the samurai rap or or that duck . season rent bro both widows were out he . got through the whole thing you're a . trooper okay some of those were super . crazy dude we've definitely improved our. skill over the years every little while . i'm gonna make like a little compilation . of all our reps because there were so . many in geometry dash and happy wheels . broke so yeah look out for volume two . and a little wow we got to make some . more fire though neither case hopefully. you guys enjoyed if you get assistance . in samurai slash that like button . subscribe didn't join a samurai and. until next time our brothers and sisters . [music]. .
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