6 YouTubers Who Have Killed Ninja in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (ʘ_ʘ)

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Red Carl : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekXARcVJ14A
Red Randumb : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqzIbvKDhRw
ProHenis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K38vB3dRigQ
Saltyyyyy : https://www.twitch.tv/saltyyyyyy
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Hey what's up guys and welcome to best . trends today we're gonna be taking a . look at six youtubers who have killed . ninja and fortnight battle royale for . every link of this video i'll be giving . away one v buff so this video gets . 10,000 likes i'll be giving away 10,000 . v bucks to a whole bunch of different . people all you guys need to do to get . internet is of course leave it like on . the video turn on notifications by . subscribing to the channel and then . clicking that bell and then go on ahead . and comment down below for evey bucks so . make sure to get entered in for a good . chance at winning but with that out of . the way let's get right into it . ninja is one of the best if not the best . fortnight player in the world so killing . him is definitely a very big achievement . and while we have some youtubers who . have ended up killing ninja and it's . actually really fun to watch the battles . go down so i thought why not go over 6 . youtubers who have killed ninja in . fortnight let's go on and jump right on . into this number 6 red carl red karo is . a former faze member who has recently . started to stream for tonight and he's . actually pretty darn good at the game . well i guess he's good enough to kill . ninjas so he's pretty much a legend at . fortnight i personally every once a . while actually jump into carl stream . just check him out because you can learn . a few things from really good players . and he just seemed like an all-around . really nice guy i remember one time . after my stream end up going over there . and raiding him and he seemed like a . super awesome guy. so anyways he's actually streaming when . he ends up finding out that ninja is in . his game his chat keeps on spamming say . ninjas in your game and he's not really . sure if they're lying because who knows . chats are pretty crazy most the time you . guys but then when he finds out that . ninja is in his game he obviously starts . to get a bit nervous and says his hands . are sweating and his heart is pumping . faster than normal and if i knew ninja . was in my game i'd definitely be very . nervous as well because you don't get . the opportunity to battle ninja very . often and carl ended up playing his . cards perfectly and ended up taking the . victory so let's go and check this out . ninja is in your game homie don't say . like that that's some like dream come . true kind of if i went up against ninja . and i didn't have full shields i would . be so angered by this game . oh my god daddy . handle what. number five pro hennis here we got pro . hennis in he ends up going and actually . killing ninja with a pickaxe you . probably are wondering how in the world . did he end up killing ninja with the . pickaxe and let's just say he's a legend . ninja was going ham building like crazy . trying not to die to his pickaxe no i'm . just kidding guys ninja and pro hennas . both landed on the same roof and pro . hennas ended up getting the gun instead . of ninja and the ninja just stayed still . and pro hadn't shot him a couple times . and ran up it just picks accident until . he died and how many people can say that . they have killed ninja in general and . very very very very very few people can . say they've killed injured with a . pickaxe so this is definitely pretty . dope and pro - can now say that he's . killed ninja with the pickaxe and that's . pretty legendary i tell you the truth . this isn't the first time that he has . ran into ninja either the other time . they end up having a pretty intense . fight but ninja ended up taking the w on . that but pro hennis won this one either . way though even if he won or lost a . battle which he's one-on-one with ninja . right now keep that in mind he is 1 in 1 . with ninja that is a legendary you guys . but the thing is just running into a . ninja and playing against him in general . will just be an opportunity of a . lifetime. now many people actually run into him . well clearly a lot of people run into . him but i personally have never ran into . him and i really want you guys but . anyways enough of me mumbling let's go . and check this out. number four red random here we go . another red member and he is up going . and killing ninja obviously except what . the videos about anyways he didn't even . know it was a ninja at the time . something i love about this is how they . had both perspectives clue the other . street had both perspectives well but i . just never touched note on that but i . just find it makes the clip so much . nicer because of that but he ends up . going and killing ninja and it's just . super funny how he had literally no idea . that it was even ninja i'm not sure if . he was streaming but he was playing with . his friend who is named mix and that's . who ended up realizing that he killed . him random just was like i don't even . know i just killed him like he was . another person and that's good to tell . you the truth i think it means he killed . the best player in the world and he . wasn't even stressed about it so props . to him and let's be honest you guys if i . think if he ended up knowing that ninja . was the one he was about to go to battle . with or was in his game he probably been . much more nervous just because you're . going against ninja and anyone will be . nervous cuz they know that ninja is . better than them and yeah because ninjas . lee just the best glare in the world . clearly he doesn't always win every . single battle because that's impossible . and all these other youtubers in this . list and the beating em so props to them . and this is pretty legendary you guys . but red random ended up playing this . perfectly he didn't get he didn't sweat . too much he just killed him and went on . with this day let's go and check this . out. niggas hyper useful ninja oh i did sorry . dog i'm sorry. number three stl blues here we got the . youtuber blues he's a smaller youtuber . it's not like he's some massive youtuber . like the other guys the other guys are . all pretty big youtubers but gotta start . somewhere obviously and he ends up going . and killing ninja and some duo's or . they're playing duo squads i'm not sure . what the exact game-mode they're doing . here is but ninja is still low queueing . whatever they are playing in and you . can't solo in duo's so it must have been . squads so ninja is so low in squads . right now and these guys are doing duo's . and squads and blues ends up killing . ninja and his reaction is pretty funny . he's like wait a minute did i just kill . ninja oh my goodness that's a ninja is . hyper and that's awesome to always see . these people get happy over things like . this and well he was definitely . surprised that he did kill ninja and he . wouldn't be if i kill ninja i would be . very happy even if i got the chance to . go verse him i would end up getting rekt . and probably not kill him but that's the . thing just getting the opportunity to . even go vs. him and get the attempt to . kill him would be insane but you guys is . definitely super cool. now all these have to be big youtubers . you have to be some legendary person to . kill ninja it's just about timing . placement and everything but yeah you . guys let's go and check this out. oh my god. just hyper this real-life yeah let me go . to this stream real quick i'm nervous . now. oh cd in the third just pooping number . two streamer kills ninja and talks trash . here we got a streamer named salty and . well let me just tell you what you guys . his name is perfect for the way he talks . in this video he is salty nothing wrong . with salty people cle that's just their . personality or their act that they put . on the stream and that's something that . people like some people like people who . rage other people like just chill . streams and this guy is one of those . streams were he's loud and he's he's a . rager pretty much and like that's. awesome but he ends up killing ninja and . goes on to say that ninja is trash it . for a night he sucks at the game and . that he's just awful and i didn't know . you guys i finally kind of be funny . clearly he knows that ninja is probably . better than him well he knows that . ninjas better than him but he's got the . opportunity went against him he killed . him didn't know was him and his clear . just like a good thing like it's a good . feeling when he co something like that . and you're in the heat of the moment and . you say random stuff . oh no and here's my reckoning oh my god . oh number one do nerine jr. i probably . end up not saying that right but we got . another small youtuber coming and his . name is do narine and well he ends up . killing ninja and he's very proud of it . and i'll see who wouldn't be proud of . killing ninja there's no audio whoo you . guys but you already know he ended up . hitting them with a nice dance movie but . you know you got to be proud of yourself . if you kill indra i sure know that if i . kill ninja i'd be very happy and proud . of myself and i'd hit him with some . dance movies prinkle some salt on him . hit him with a dab who knows what i . would hit him with but there'd be lots . of things i'd be wanting to throw up . there and i'd be really excited and well . he just domes him down and i think it's . time for me to shut up and we go and . roll this clip . there you have it guys that was six . youtubers who have killed ninja if you . enjoyed be sure to slap a like on it . subscribe if you're new with post . notifications on that we don't miss . another best trends video but not that . aside you guys go to the bout page of . the channel and you'll see my instagram . click it follow me . i'll dam a couple of you guys who follow . me and yeah you guys i'll catch you in . the next one peace out . .
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