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Believing right now lachlan oh my i have not stopped once just saying oh my gosh guys were going for a new guinness world record here no flipping way if i have to repeat this i might actually bro bro bro bro bro bro i'm know i'm or no do i demand so much respect upon the street right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another minecraft video today we were actually doing a minecraft solo map we have not done a single player parkour map in many many months i don't know when the last one was right now i'm in kind of a rush i got a special guest visiting the offices today is actually probably get here like while i'm filming the video if he does i'll go get him and bring him here and maybe he can even film a video with us at the office today cast another about the special guest this map is insane we have 700 jumps to complete now it sounds like a lot but i think it's going to be a lot quicker than we think it is because all you have to do is jump from block to block that's one jump so it's i think each block is considered a jump i don't know if like from this block to this block is one jump or like this block is a jump that this block is a jump does that make any sense but judging by how the map looks it doesn't look too bad and the rules rules are being created all right roles is created hello do i go over okay well it didn't really tell you the rules here we go to stage one dirt i started us off with some triple jumps though i wish on the right side counter it said like how many jumps i had completed that would probably really hard to wire up with command blocks and such but either way it'd be pretty gnarly as if you guys want to see mortgage to hold back or maddie the like button down below last time itself apart no matter what some crazy like lakhs and i was like whoa whoa so it again why not let's do it right now don't stop what is this oh checkpoint you guys love checkpoint blogs you know what this reminds me have who remembers the good old just jump days i remember when i solved jerome and mitch doing that man and back in the day if you guys didn't know this you can't even remember jason film primarily with a youtuber called nooch a lot of you guys may remember him maybe you guys don't remember him he was a great guy and i miss him he doesn't do youtube anymore unfortunately but he and i were the duo now it's you know poof old maybe not so much now you know rob's kind of you know he's he's doing stuff on his other channel it doesn't feel much minecraft anymore which lesson poofles is still real it's just not quite as active if that makes any sense anyway i digress we're trying to get to the story right now and ladies gentlemen and we're on stage number two which is stone and these jumps are kind of annoying ok i don't know can't decide if i like them or is that quad don't be spending quality up at me so soon we always do this i always start off with such like a good conversation and then it just gets interrupted because i can't stay on track like you think i would have liked a da-a-ate hey let's see what you guys do read anyways getting back to the main subject at hand there's this guy his name was newt we used to youtube all the time together and just jump was this probably one of the maps i would say that kind of like started maybe not started parkour but it gave it up big big boost nobody used to do parkour minecraft maybe like what you want to jump on blocks that stupid and then i'd be like but it's fun and so we saw the roman bitch doing it and i want to say this not to call a metronome but they cheated like on like every stage except for maybe the first like 10 there was a hundred stages in total and newton i try to do everything a hundred percent legit and this was back before they had a sprint key in minecraft back in the olden days of my grab who remembers wait for it the better sprint mod this was probably the most popular modern minecraft other than optifine everybody knows optifine is amazing because it gives you better fps and last two player game more comfortably and the optifine zoom we can't forget about that the optifine zoom zoom zoom is babe so this was back in the day before that mod came out well actually the models out so a lot of servers actually and remember i got banned from a server that isn't up anymore it was called em csg was at the start i was like a pretty big hunger games server back in the day and on this server if you use better sprint key you get banned i got banned and so did bajancanadian and that's why mitch started his other server the fridge then we're going on like a crazy just story time and this frickin parkour map i i love it i think it's really really fun that we're doing this so in order to sprint back in the old versions of minecraft you had to double tap w and now just think about that guys every time you want to sprint you have to double tap w it screws up your parkour skills and abilities so much because it's so much more difficult the double tap that like them to hold the button and press it and now your sprint is engaged it's like you have to constantly doubled happened it was like show frustrating i remember just back in the day i was like i would yell at new chick like dude i failed this jump because i don't have the better sprint models like oh yeah you just keep making those excuses i'm like dude you don't understand the life without better spread mod it's so rough man i anyways so that was back in the day when newton i were probably best pals best best pal and a checkpoint all bless up for that checkpoint block right there yes i would totally found a job and not gotten it anyways this map starting back from the root of everything we've been on like a quite antrim but this map just kinda reminds me of just jump because they had a hundred stages and it was like tons of cool different jumps and parcours and stuff like that and it was a good man maybe we'll do like a throwback to that one day i think that might be kind of fun to play it's a really long nap though although i'm curious i wonder if i would be better at it because back in the day when we did it i had really never played parkour it was what i think it was my first ever actual parkour map now that i think about that that was it but it's so big i mean maybe we could consider i don't know ok speaking out a bit my lip speaking realistically there are checkpoints in that map after you finish each stage but sometimes the stages oh man they took a very long time so i'm wondering maybe if i gave myself like let's say three checkpoints or something like that about why be on stage number four we already on the wood stage doing pretty good if i gave myself like three artificial checkpoints or something like that for the map i might consider trying to do it in one go like one video no stopping or anything like that just have to find myself a suitable parkour partner who would be willing to put up with that kind of mad because that is a map that requires a lot of a lot of time i mean i'm just going to go and spitball i think it would take me maybe three to four hours on that map if we had i mean some of the levels guys you understand the difficulty like you would just it gets to the point where it's just so repetitive not like boring repetitive but the jumps are just so difficult i think one of the partners i can do that with would probably be pizzas on me tonight i have a whole know at the start bag so far again i feel like dean i just have like this really funny commentary cell together when it comes to parkour maps and especially on parkour bats where they're very difficult we just tend to just make jokes talk about random real-life stuff and it just i don't know that's one thing i really like about parkour is that it's it's fast-paced like you're constantly moving and you're always doing something in parkour which in my opinion makes it entertaining like to watch like i think you guys maybe you guys can agree with that maybe you guys don't even like watching part or maybe you just think the commentaries funny that's cool thing about parkour right if you think the commentaries funny and like you don't even have to worry about the gameplay thank you can just minimize the video and just be like i don't really watch the far corner but i don't think their commentary is really funny and sometimes they have like a crazy moment i like you know really maximize the gameplay or whatever but anyways that's why i love parkour i know this is why i hate popcorn thankfully we had got a checkpoint somewhat soon otherwise right there i thought that we had like the last checkpoint was like way way back and i was like no but we had done one pretty soon which is pretty awesome at you know in the cool thing is whenever you do parkour apps even like three years later i'm still learning how to do jumps and new ways like the heading jumps used to be such a burden for me i never could figure out like how do people do heading jumps every time and now i can pretty much nailed them almost every single time without fail almost you don't like not every time but a good chunk of time i can nail the heading just all got the momentum ice is a really weird parkour course i am believing right now lachlan oh my i have not stopped once just saying oh my gosh guys were going for a new guinness world record here no flipping way if i have to repeat this i might actually bro bro bro bro bro bro i don't know i'm or no do i demand so much respect upon these streets right now haha guys i'm like diet i giudice is so fun because it's all about timing and i joke i joke i was hoping we could just flawless as ice parkour the whole way through there are a few moments right there like my heartbeat i wish you guys could feel it because that's not wear anything like that yeah just bunch of people feel my heartbeat i just wish you could feel my heartbeat right now it's like pumping just from parkouring in minecraft sad is that i am kind of starting to str
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