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You always go back again with another video and we are playing some totally accurate battle simulator now this is a very early version of the game but it like superbad forget the giant ok let's just jump right in i'm no idea what i'm doing okay level one wow what's this ok looks like this must be the battleground i'm assuming the guys over here are the enemies yeah looks like we're going to play wicked game of red rover red rover orange come over you know i whale ok maybe i gotta fill my army have to put it on the side overall there we go they really gonna be red rover rookie got a couple of those guys gonna need that we stepped out tomorrow right oh wait i see i have money on the bottom i can only buy so many what a ripoff i can't have infinite army that's sad but i wanna rape on let's see let's go up you ok biking hiking with a shield nice don't shoot me from my feelings i only have 20 more dollars we're gonna stay for a day let's go whoo-hoo we going yeah but you guys should prob like that back you can select the best white ever guys really flip out for totally accurate battle simulator bear all llamada they do love it he's always fun it's a pair roller yes nobody can put down i don't let down three bout ahlers well that's what i'm gonna do then is we're gonna have a barrow everybody loves a ver alright you know what i know it back alleyway dollars we jump into battle let's see what happens is because he would happen here we go oh i think it's gonna run ball bobby gene bell rollers you don't have to blow your time oh i think there's only one of my guys left yet buddy you can back them showed up in the grind oh wait you don't have growing shorter than the nipples while they don't have nipples ok that didn't end so well looks like i'm gonna have to rearrange my army ok what if i put one of my barrel rolls down yeah okay now it's a very last right this way i'm coming out above angles explode bales gonna bowl you over and read blow you up you get that right ok this shared work gotta work it guys get five minutes talk about rolling it's blowing family but you can't take the heat right away from the barrels oh we've got survivors but how yeah shut up jordan the nipples away don't have nipples i forgot already runaway freight rate great trade oh no i don't know any better they probably thought retreat means when you use a desert over again you know retreating treats okay okay yeah there we go there we go there girl i feel like now we got full coverage the first two rounds again knock them down in the second one coming take out the rest of them you want to get will get you gotta but you gotta take it out which is what are you gonna do what are you doing are you trying to take his nipple stopping showing you just don't you don't beat me you probably would have helped if my guy would have been trying to take his nipple is not exist nipples ok let's try a different strategy here okay to say but maybe left barrels would be better and i got was blasphemy to face such a thing sorry sorry ok you guys frontline yes above you know yet that guy was access of questions okay coming up right behind look at it oh it's gonna happen da8 you don't even have any feet yeah wow now this is not good this is not good or just not doing very well on this level i gotta pick up the pace the paper khaki slacks okay now i'm down to one barrel man so much guys for some spears lets you get stride yeah to follow it up with a big line of guys back here that are do some backflipping back then my video thanks for being honest when i got there we go it's for catching ok almost all my guys have spears a big part of something so you can't make you look at how you think so huh oh yeah you like this anybody anybody spear trident backflipping buddy oh yeah it's looking good it's looking good oh yeah they only have one more guy oh yeah yeah grab him yet grabbing the nipple it doesn't even really look like they're fighting it just looks like it's a tickle party which you know i think that's a much better way to the you know to solve conflicts instead of war they should be decided with tickle parties in both sides tickle each other and the first one to be in the pants losses that i would never lose because i don't wear pants aha look and it's gonna spread them out and spread about quite a bit like a look at those guys in the front line got these giant shield don't really like that trying to shield yourself from your own feelings it's not a good thing guys don't wanna wait your feelings it breaks up the press about a get-well this guy definitely do that that's good i haven't seen one piece of clothing on these guys it's perhaps that's fine that's fine if you feel like wearing a hat it's ok you go everybody okay we're down to three guys one right there okay let's try this let's see what happens all right here we go wow get in cabo guys back if i can't really having a ball oh snap ow boy that's no better way what are you doing my guys come on cammie you've been doing you can do it up it's got back from behind look at a man now haha all really really think about that one guy holy moly always stops blowing all around him that's him yeah okay let's try bunch of fear guys up here definitely keep academy lackeys blood in fact i'm just gonna have more parties where i bring cannons it's always a mechanic and party you know just think back to the goatee party people who find head but uh huh yeah you get what you get him over the face that was nice i like that o travelin man he's not as out i football poll be distracted him while you distract you gotta get in the video was looking to get yeah good job katie man that guy was definitely having a blast buh-buh-buh-buh oh they're still left all their get all mobile off you still have what you do get a man yeah that's valued rare oh wow that is a lot of enemies i mean is that even really fair you should be left at me ok there ain't nothing gonna take you guys down you're doing backflips in the first we're going to follow up with the batman was blow your face with the other girls up boo loo that did not start off well oh that's a lot of spears that's a lot of pumpkin box with spears got for batman he got your number boohoo i got beat bad we protected the drawing board chairman you have failed me okay we can do this we can do this i got it i got it see you gotta put this you guys up front because in the spirit and she's like no you can't feel it i want to block out your spirit and your stupid feelings never a bad man over here is really good batman wow like i really flips up oh i'm getting its act like its peers that's right my man wow it's just one guy with the gun because the purpose of all the guys actually did better the first time so i'm not sure what i did wrong ok let's try get all right you know what if you can't beat them china by that i'm gonna join you in that beat you here guys vs be again please go away sorry i love gassy to get that out before the battle starts haha ok i got 220 dies that much i spent on robbie son must get buddy you don't get the lucky buddy back here just followed up yeah you can that be alright this feel-good this feeling good i don't okay i get ahead butter in here somewhere and when he might their breakout wait no no i wanted back here he's gonna be my last line of defense had enough money for to him yeah right those guys gonna just masturbated buddy if all else fails you're gonna come in bed but everybody looking get away get away to be good yeah i like the left is la caleta wow o. o i think i've got a wet look at my mom gets back there they're gonna do it we're gonna do it there's one more laughs rob suicide beyond drop this entire time thnk la la la guerra chicken para no man no but one well thank you so much for watching garden treated like this graphic novel very arrogant though the yoga no yami plague a la la la [music]
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