Arin Answers Your Questions! – PART 1 – Game Grump

You asked questions and Arin answers.
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Hey welcome to this qa dan sick with the . flu so i'm doing something took some . questions from twitter i'm gonna answer . some questions right now so hope you . hope you guys like it it's fun hope it's . fun. matt watson asks why do you so openly . support the mining of blood diamonds. across the cable that's pro jared asks . what do you do on the days where . everything in your brain slash mental . state says you do not want to do the . recording session that day holy fuck i . imagine it's harder for people who have . to do it alone . i've learned that the hard way having to . do all this stuff alone but i have . somebody that i'm recording with so at . the very top of the list it's i don't . want to let that person down you know . namely dan but i record with other . people as well and that's that's a huge . motivational factor just because in my . brain letting somebody down is sort of . like the worst thing ever so that's one . of the things another thing is i just . have to figure out what it is that's . getting to me if i'm tired you know i'll . do typically i'll do like a meditation . or something you know if i'm tired if . i'm unfocused or if i'm like upset about. something i'll meditate on it for like . you know 10 to 20 minutes and that'll . usually call me down and put me in a . good place you know sometimes i'll i'll . try to chat with people in the office to . get into a better mood you know just . whatever whatever i can because it needs . to be done you know we we we have a . schedule to keep . and we got a we got to do it so um we do . what we can and sometimes like carrying . that energy into the into the recording. session isn't the worst thing because . then it can create sort of like an . interesting recording session right like . we've had recording sessions where like . we've been we've been sick or like . something happened in our lives and we . just had to do it and it sort of created . like more introspective episodes or. whatever and then maybe that's just how . our format works but um you know do what . i can i do whatever i can . bob boy skins as your approach slash . mindset when dealing with the neck . activity and vitriol of the comment . section even if you don't read it as . many you as many do does the negativity. that you know is their way on you in any . way. well i sixty percent of the solution to . that is that i don't engage in that much . at all. i always well not always i've recently . considered it kind of i don't know it's . kind of narcissistic to like look up . yourself and read about yourself . constantly well whether it's good or bad . because it's just like there's other . stuff in the world that's interesting . and there's other people in the world . that that are in your life and you . should focus on that and that'll . probably put you out of your head space . of like what am i doing wrong i like . whatever and that's the second thing too . is the other 40% i think is that um . negativity sort of at least gets to me . when it sort of taps into something. that's going on with me for example if . somebody came to me and said like you're . ugly. like i wouldn't care cuz i don't have . that insecurity about myself like it . would just be kind of funny that they . said that but if somebody came to me and . said something that really does get to . me that i really care that i think about . myself that i'm like oh that hurts . because it sort of reinforces this idea . that like other people think what i . think about myself which is negative so . in order to deal with that i think it . just takes a lot of self care because . like if you read a comment and it gets . to you then try to figure out why it . gets to you and usually it's because you . think it about yourself and then try to . figure out why you think that about . yourself and i think that'll probably . help to some degree that's how i deal . with it anyway i'm always about like if . something's wrong or negative in my life . i try to figure out how i can make it . right or better or work . or something you know and if and if it . if it takes something like therapy or . whatever or something like that like . just do it it's not i've done it a . million times but thanks bob there's a . follow-up question to that from . caffeinated inc asks along those lines . i'd also be interested to hear your . approach on things like meditation and . mindfulness you've touched on the topic . before and i'd love to hear more of your . thoughts so i practice several forms of . meditation the three main ones are a . form of buddhist meditation. transcendental meditation and what's . called a quadrant a tea meditation so . like buddhist meditation is about. mindfulness so like it's like paying . attention to the breath that's coming in. and out of your nose and your mouth or . or paying attention to like you know how . your body feels as it's sitting where it . is and that sort of puts a mindfulness . first right like you're not you're. trying to get out of your head the other . one i do is transcendental meditation . which is like focusing on a point or a . word and that has to do with like . helping with concentration and then the . third one is the quadrant d meditation . which is like being in touch with the . different parts of you like your . intellect or your emotions or your body . and that sort of allows me to like . figure things out more typically if . something's like bothering me . or if i'm like in a bad mood then it's . like okay why and then i just ask the. various aspects of myself and they . usually give me an answer . you know you it's interesting how much . you're you know about yourself . intrinsically that uh that you can find . out from yourself if you just ask the . right questions so yeah the quadrant ii . thing is from the i mentioned before on . the solo megaman x episodes is from this . hoffmann therapy that i did which is . which super-super was a huge part of my . life so highly recommended dodger asks . any deader projects younger you wanted . to make but you know you'll never ever . make them that's tough because i i feel . like i'm capable of doing anything i . don't want that to come off as like. snarky or like like haughty but like . also like late well the thing that comes . to mind the the quickest is um i wanted . to make like a theme park when i was a . lot younger and i i don't know that . that's like not in the cut like why . wouldn't i be able to somebody made a . theme park like a bunch of people just . made a theme park so why can't i make a. theme park um you know it would be hard . but i think it's still possible would i . i don't know . typically when it comes to creative. stuff i just i go with the flow of what . i'm feeling in the moment so if i just . got real fired up about making a theme . park i would just do it i'll write . figure out how to do it and then i'd do . it so i'm trying to think if there's . anything like that's like shifted in . terms of what i want so i know i'll . never make it . i really wanted i wanted to make like a . nightclub that was like this like 50s . jazz club and then there would be like a . murder mystery every night that was . something i was relieved that there was . like actors every night and so you would. go and you would just go like to a jazz . club listen to music and you would like . chat with these actors that like maybe . you did or didn't know were actors right . um and then somebody got murdered at the . establishment and there was sort of like . a lock-in and then for the next i don't . know an hour or so people you would have . to sort of help them figure out who was . murdered and then like stuff would . happen like . little moments would happen throughout . the night with the actors like someone . get into an argument or and you you . could sort of mentally piece it together. but also you were helping the. establishment figure out who who was . murdered and it would sort of be . different every night so if you came . back multiple nights you know you . wouldn't have the same exact experience . that was something that i was really . fired up about making and it's not so . much that i it's not so much that i know . i'll never make it because maybe i'll . get re excited about it someday but it's . sort of not something i'm super . interested in making right now . so that's that's one of the things . thanks dodger mr. chambers asks do you . find it overwhelming to juggle all the . contexts and projects you have do you . find enough time for yourself and is it . ever exhausting meeting new people all. the time yes to all of those things it . is hard to find time for myself it is . exhausting meeting new people all the . time and it is overwhelming to juggle . all the contexts and projects i have i . had to hire an assistant in order to . help me keep track of my schedule . because things were falling to the. wayside too often i was forgetting too. many things i was missing too many . things and i was starting to piss people . off so i had to get somebody to help me . with that . before i had a i kept this schedule. called getting things done it was a . method that it was a method that was . formulated it's a book you can get . called getting things done it's all . about like putting actionable steps and. that was actually helping me pretty well . but that was very that was very shortly . before i got a personal assistant so . that was a that was a huge help while i . can what while it was juggling all the . contacts and projects i have is is tough . particularly contacts because i know a . lot of people and i like a lot of people . i like people and i especially like . helping people and i like giving people . the time. and i don't have a lot of time to give . so i think part of why game grumps . exists in the way that it does like with. an office and people working out of here . every day is because now i get to spend . time with everybody i get to come in and . check out their projects and give some . insight and help and listen and you know . hopefully inspire a little bit but uh so . that's my sort of solution to that it is . difficult to keep track of contacts and . stuff i don't make enough time for . myself i should i think everybody should . i i have i have been a little bit . recently just because it sort of came to . a head and i and i had like a like a . depressive episode where i think i was . overworking and i didn't my brain didn't . understand how to like recalibrate to. relaxation mode so it just got super . depressed that i wasn't working so i . just had to chill for a while and not . worry about anything and that sort of . helped a little bit is it ever . exhausting meeting new people yes for . the same reasons that i i like giving . people time and so when i meet people i . give them a lot of time and i think . maybe that gives people the wrong . impression about that i'm able to give . them time after i've met them as much as . i would love to it is it is hard to sort . of make time for people but i love doing . it and i love seeing people and meeting . up with people it's one of my favorite . things. it's just tough with all this stuff . scheduled i think 2018 is gonna be a . little more laid-back for me so i'll . probably make more time for myself and . other people to just be friends and cool . anyway thanks for listening to this qa i . appreciate you guys understanding that. the contents a little different right. now because dan had the flu when we were . supposed to record but i try to do . something interesting and insightful so . tune in for the next one appreciate it . guys thank you . .
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