ATTACK THE BANDITS – Minecraft Kingdoms [#19]

Minecraft Kingdoms time! Today, we go after Duncan's wife. Well, one of them.
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How's the building game oh god oh my god they put down a giant gigantic cuba blinds dad has been their ages gathered this now like her little worm you willem and worship did you build this worship tower of skulls no yeah yeah i did okay good i didn't want to interfere but actually is there to an interview ok i would i thought they were be able to get better because you built it is that suggests is a reminder of their eyes that stare area that's right so the idea behind it ice so that we don't forget ya dirt and yes and yes and yes is everything all right louis what happened with home yes ok so good what are you doing done quickly powering up powering up mike ross perot i need to make a little bow so angry i miss not angry i'm making some slimy mud oh and with slimy mud i can cook it in the furnace to make slime crystals what we got dragon makes you special track me having question is okay and there's a bit weird schmidt on a hatched maybe we'd better narrows up did you retrieve my wife don't canaries my wife is like our west ross her westeros yeah you know what their names like the first what you would you say her name so you really do the mattress what you said rear naris generis said that done basically when i read the book guides known as things you can like to skip over kind of you don't really pronounced in your mind property is kind of like right under me own like yeah like her mind i was like i was told her like take danny's or something it's like danny's not be able to go to touch that could be always handy doesn't bless those seem like massively wrong can i know it's like you know just i don't know you know i didn't ever read it properly you know you never spend the time to sit there and actually pronounce it myself unlike you you know you strike me as the kind of guy who would you know sit there and read things properly you know what you keep saying you know exactly the old you know oh good you know i leave having a stroke now cooper once you have that energy into how we doubt interview yeah but now not not energy i'm talking about without eminem oh my god ok so enchanted the diamond saw that i just maybe actually get elder wisdom three happens that i have no idea elder wisdom three elder wizard or three sounds like well i mean sounds good yeah i mean you may not be but at least sounds good i wouldn't consider you to be the holder of a lot of wisdom well to me anyway i mean there will be being or anything well i mean i came across me it did sound a bit me nothing came across something that i didn't get me next time you know maybe you should think before opening it cake hold your breath that you can pick this hello lewis can't have a lot cake because you know often nuts in the sacred foods it is either lovely piece of carrot cake did you for lunch face cream replied i had well i had had brunch so i just wanted somebody sugar so character calculation he's fucking lush we still say that the millennials ash actually one always meet know that sounds wrong about her hip do be careful what's the westerly its duncan ely youngest wilson was the latest cool thing the kids say licked late that was lit am less that's not right i can win i liked it i got what you were saying i'm doing this warehouse i think i think this should work find out i think it needs to have an interface somewhere so we'll put the interface has been troubled by here wassup man can't work out how to go crossbow bolt if you need to cast it in some more yeah but there's no bulk or pattern or book or anything i mean maybe maybe to the torah but it said that use the call you have made a lot of crossbows in recent series that we've done i think i just used a stick you should be the one to say is you should be familiar with yeah i know i know i just am a bit confused because the recipe says but we even i think it might just mean answer torn well i mean in in diablo you married doesn't mean body must wear chicken i had no ever happened to that i finally realized that it was a chickenhead is wrong derogatory slang that's right so we're never gonna bring it up again yes and then we just did now if ok sorry guys we fucked up fucked got my hands up in the air what do you know lol i havent know you know this feels don't know that you know american kids in my money just got i am stuff let's go get your wife back don't come come on everybody that she ever hit doctors working on the the bolts is gonna take forever it is i just can't find it i can't find the boat i thinks i was just going on his own i don't know why you're so invested up his wife simon wherever there is a damsel that needs to be saved i will be there it is it because secretly you two were in love or something like that oh my god i don't want to speculate but you know one of the children did have ginger hair i'm just thinking this is this is very reminiscent of mario and she is a prince gask and send it in a cast cool i would love to i'd like to come and help but i can't make this crossbow pulp and i'm a scooper mary brothers will god no that was that was believed it was only mildly yeah let me try this if we put that in there i don't talk like that in like the real world i need a craft side of youtube by the way i just i just have normal conversations with people this is a true and you know it ah i remember i remember you put a tall rod in the casting table and then you cost top of it right okay and that makes a bowl i think wait that's not right is it right that's not right and that's all right wait it's similar to that there are some bandits just sort of hanging out careful time they are very dangerous as what we need tools we was good sniper from range yeah the whole the whole deal mm what's come over her remember the recipe too much shit you can get you your well-being them like execute my wife so we're below blog they all seem to be dropping swords my mentor is filled with sweat as a kind of sorts iron swords and can we sell them we're going to melt down i wonder what no you coming down there sorry shit sure right let's take your attacker withdrawal yet you losing immediately as soon as you got there i've killed about 20 of them already but i know when i'm outnumbered it is a full band castle you know what even outnumbered i wanted to make some soldiers but i don't know how to fucking do it because the fucking mud doesn't work i'm going to get just gonna guess assume it must be like these like this and then i'll probably ship up i thought it was safe but then a whole bunch is gonna come back guys you might have to come and help me in rescuing you kidding me i will be there like in give me like 10 minutes to hours no i'm gonna melt down this the smell and then our poor onto the thing and then they're all will be well kind of ok the recipe for hammer is super-weird hammer yeah it's like i kind of do in this crafting station have to do and i looked up okay right away i got this you got this so i'm trying to make hammers to make a craftsman to do the way tell me about your hammers i think i just do it like this and if this is working and i'm good i'm like building myself up inside the base of their tower really i was very close to dying what was your guys sort of eta one minute one minute yeah haven't brought a whole bunch of food with me that's um um had some baked potato and now i'm finishing off with a bit of melon for desert meadowlands lovely alright we go bulk very refreshing don't get the minutes go by hasn't there's a lot of it has his lies hasn't had a nighttime though my map is very dark that we started a is getting was that time yet middle today i think of god sleeping bag to sleep yes oh hi ingrid is an old kip right on i'm really sorry so of all the way i promise this is the classic good thing of like let me just lose it was she doing oh what happened was the death months just floating over to sing ripping off a satellite tele always only have 24 the cake shit ok i'm on my way sorry about 24 shots that you're not save you how about we sleep you know i'm sleeping now so i ever get like three quick and bringing me and come in the sea rescue me your son will you wipe what i don't ever give up i don't i don't wanna give up just yet though i'm not cuz i like with this series i'm going holy shit these colonists the building something really creepy am ok what submitted no nevermind just give them some privacy don't look so bad creepy assignment i'm at the base uncommon hour which is to the left the left our yeah we save my wife while i'm here i mean that was i mean that's why i'm here i'm happy to make a chest so i can put all the bones and iron swords in their all these dudes are dropped alright see how all this crossbow does don't know what kind of wanted jardin du much can you see like a flow in cube in the air yeah it's a ghost diamond ok where are ya i'm here at it's already safe here well yeah i mean i've got killed everyone got here look at me come here looking to chest oh blimey that's all the people i've killed a lot of people here yeah my soul's let's go and save jamie jamie i'm comin jimi my man my man kind of hero is a need so what's the bridge here on time yeah you look at my food nothing's our bodies but there's a lot of gay is a lot of him but what you do is you kill them and then make your way ya know i was gonna line up shit is closer many many how's the gun is a good configuration up to shoot you have many bullets online a couple minutes oh i think we're going to aim it okay i have prompted to combat mpc's in her loading remind me it i don't know how i get them to like following into battle they just go eat some eggs cool level that npc shot it yeah nice aim them combat mp school 1 roger a sorry i should roll play more i have i have a recruited through luring them using food mags there's a pig a cow just people and jamie jamie what are you guys doing oh my god what is that big creepy whole you're looking for your wife well anyways stop someone's wi-fi put it down that hole yeah so you don't can write i just killed that woman but no choose a bandit okay yeah bannister on people copper pcs where he got i'm are they write about like just instantly like stuff their faces and run off its tail he's a civilian females oh are you killing them know god i think i just murdered one of them this road has nothing to trail will lead them alive don't call me everybody's are just literally looking at the flowers and the chickens is deep ridiculous you know we need a bucket water oh and a mantastic idea oh i've got buckets the only water we can milk this woman i'm get some schools make i don't think that's how it works okay you've got loads of space or seven-year exhausting here yeah yeah yeah yeah right back seawater years water all around and not drop to drink well we're not looking to drink yo we ignored ticklers been killed around murdering somebody so bad it had no orders terrific news for all of us good news everyone nor has been slain oh that's great that we don't have to bother we still gonna say chain [music]
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