BACK INTO THE MADNESS | The Evil Within 2 – Part 1

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The Evil Within 2 is FINALLY HERE so let's get ready to dive into the madness once again and see where the evil is hiding!
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Hello everybody my name is markiplier . and welcome to the evil within - hi . how's it goin welcome back everybody or . should i say welcome back to myself i'm . right here. can't you see me i'm not late i'm not . late you're late. everything else is late except for me so . welcome everybody to the evil within - . thank you for joining me i know it's . been a while since the evil within one . or its many expansions and i know you . guys have been eagerly awaiting for me . to play this game but i'm finally back . from vacation i'm finally in my new . recording room and i'm finally able to . play this game with you right here live . so let's get into the game right now cuz . we have no further ado - wait for i . don't even know if i use that correctly . but i'm gonna keep pressing forward as . if i know what i'm talking about so the. evil within - yo for those who want the . basics of a survival horror experience. keep an eye on resources approach. situation with caution don't get . overconfident i'm exactly as confident . as i need to be for how great i am . what are you talking about recommended . for players who enjoyed the difficulty . of the i did enjoy the difficulty of the . previous game i will say that oh i will . say that ah alright okay alright maybe . maybe maybe maybe but it before i it . before i get underway i got a i got to . do one thing real quickly here i forgot . and there we go i think that's gonna be . good okay so what do you guys think hard . nightmare nightmare mode nightmare mode. might be might be the right way to go . about it but i'm not arms insurer so oh . okay all right okay all right a lot of . people want nightmare mode but also . i'm gonna go for it i'm gonna go for it . i know it's probably a mistake i know . it's probably a mistake home engulfed in . flames tragic fire kills child man oh . but that's horribly ironic oh no a fire . consuming the newspaper that they're set . a fire consumed the house of it oh no . yeah yeah okay we're going nightmare . we're going nightmare mode and i don't . know where it's gonna leave buses now i . see people like no don't do nightmare no . you fool too big idiot listen to the . sign it's clearly there for your . protection no no this is not happening . that it's clearly happening what are you . looking at of course it's happening it's . not a mistake i know what i'm doing oh . whoo look at me run go sebastian did you . think that that was lily just blowing up . right there no this is his this is . sebastian's past i believe like his . tragic backstory that we were kind of . touching on in the first game but i'm . not 100% sure all right let's go this . way . lebowski damn it damn it damn my family . for being so secure and locking all the . doors i'm in good i'm in good i just got . back to vacation but let's take care of . this this situation first . yeah shit alright fine men well this is . no good. ooh backstory do they both have guns but . it what did i both have guns do you see . that in that painting they both have . guns there oh . maybe is it because like they're both . officers wait no that was here wasn't . happening god i spent so long since i . played the original game but i put yeah . apparently but yeah that's right because . the his wife is still alive now i . remember . yeah because oh geez oh come on out what . lily where are you i'm here dad's here . you weren't here from you dad . all righty then okay yeah i didn't i . knew that was gonna be bad look from the . very getgo how his hand is still . bandaged up from when it got stabbed . well i mean it got stabbed and shot and . broken brabus hello hi how are you doing . hello sebastian it's been a long time . three years i've been trying to track . you down for three years then you . thought you'd find me at the bottom of . an empty bottle is that it and why are . you here now damn it . you didn't find me because they didn't . want you to calm down sebastian you knew . what was gonna happen in that hospital . didn't you what happened at vegan is in. the past you need to forget it you sound . just like that psychologist that force . shoved down my throat. but he didn't have answers you do you're . gonna tell me about mobius yeah oh . that's probably not good i think those . guys are straight out of the matrix yeah . because of this did you get this you . know what . you know what's super weird kidman looks . exactly like his daughter and i don't . know if that's intentional but kidman . looks exactly like his daughter i'm not. the only one that sees that right i read . the police report i was at her funeral . we can rewrite history if we want to . staging a death is child's play . why would i come out of the shadows just . to lie to you lily is alive and she's . with us but she's in danger we need you . to help save her. safer what have you done to her you . don't mess with sebastian oh wow why . what did you do that to my pork neck . lily needs you okay . his agent smith and agent smith back . they're gonna help you with that okay my . thought is at the end of evil within one . it was never clear whether or not he was . out of the whole system right good oh . hello yeah oh oh no i'm in a chair y'all . mighty moebius be careful about what you . say you don't know how powerful they are . i have an inkling cyber suspicions have . to kidnap a washed-up ex-cop to help . them at least your terrible sense of . humor is still intact terrible enough of . this bullshit where's lily right - all . your answers are right here see ha ha i . called it i think she's a lily . oh god not this wait no this was a . hospital it was an unfortunate setback . who's talking but we used the knowledge . gained to build a new and vastly . improved stem system and i don't like . that oh was that harder imagine it . millions of minds connected together no . no thank you . happiness for one is happiness for all . that trickles down happiness going on. miracle will allow our species to . achieve greatness . no no no no we needed to start with a . mind that was pure and clean enough to . support thousands of personalities the . mind of an innocent child . you connected lily to that machine her . daughter is quite special the most . stable core candidate we've ever tested. thanks to her the new stem has been a . smashing success . until recently over a week ago . lily vanished just stop sending signals . what's this turn right at her began to . collapse we thought it was just a . technical glitch an easy fix so we sent . a team of mobius agents inside but then . we lost contact with them and stem went . dark. think about this mr. castellanos i am. providing you an opportunity nice . absolutely i see your daughter again but . to save her life something you thought . you failed to do before. you can save her or let her die oh . thanks for the choice it's your choice . you know what fuck you wanna see i'm . gonna climb into one of your dirty . bathtubs and and go find my daughter who . is a brain now and i'm just accepting . this or whatever good luck sebastian and . please try to cooperate with any team . members you might find him there right . okay. yeah sure you don't trust us but they . have the same goals as you do no i'm . probably gonna shoot him in the face i'm . fine by myself just remember to call me . the moment you find lily so that we can . begin the extraction process huh i'll be . out here for you yeah yeah i don't think . i'm out of mobius to begin with like . that's how it's got to be right like . castellanos has to be oh i'm glad in . this wonderful future we're thick ball . in the brain they still have usb ports . are you ready. be careful in there sebastian of all the . things like that . sebastian should not do mr. castellanos . please get your head together you've . been looking for this person for three . years then they suddenly show up because . they want you to see them to one and . then you you you know in your head but . your daughter is gone but you suddenly . have a dream about your daughter i know . you couldn't save it right before kidman . shows up and tells you that the only way . to save your daughter's to go back in . this machine to rescue her from this . fate to pay up to it's all bullshit . sebastian you should know better . i've been falling for 30 minutes this is . bo oh okay i'm crying upwards now am i . in the middle of a markiplier video . there's so many tears in here okay i . believe this no where am i going now . this doesn't look good this reminds me . of the big hall of baby heads oh title . sequence . nice. boy. boy i mean of course there's a certain . level of like acceptance to get into it. you have to like accept a certain things . this guy sebastian castellanos is very . very desperate of course but i don't . think i don't think that sebastian was . ever out of the stem system in the first . place number one like that's no good . number one like the technology levels . that they have here is just very basic . that looked like disneyland i'm not 100% . certain about that oh it's a hospital . it's beacon hospital all right sue the . barn this seems to be a lot of elements . of fire because in the first game ira . would boo in the first game i remember . that uh the the main guy what a ruthian . or whatever it was he got burnt in a . barn fire to be tied to fire my memories . huh if that's the case then where my. wife and child . this place looks like my old office . crimson city biddy . you're self-conscious that built it you . should ask yourself that question let's . get down to business we sent some . information into your room these guys . right here cuz they're part of your team . there are photos of a bunch of mobius . agents here your lost team why so your . experts need rescuing - thanks for the . vote of confidence why would they make . this smut like the the horrible like . futuristic mind prison that is this . place look like a small town straight
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