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It's PRIME TIME. AMAZON PRIME TIME. Amazon is well known for being a great service to obtain items in a quick and timely manner. With this new show not only do we put that to the test, but we venture into what Amazon is all about, the weird shit.
The rules are simple, using our collective funds we buy a few items for each other and not knowing what they are, we share them with one another on the couch. We could very well go poor doing this, we just want you to know this.
The following is for those multicultural.
Hey guys how's it going. Has one of these ever been in English? Is that cheating? I'm not sure, but oh well. My eyes currently feel really dry, like as if you're stuck in a car with the heat all the way up and then the driver decides to throw a handful of sand into your eyes. I'm thinking about taking a milk bath and then maybe cry a little bit to moisten them right up. That should be nice, happy new years fellows!
Thank you 🐮🔪
I'm sick. i'm sick - of 2017 thank god for a 2018 . welcome back to the amazon prime time . what new gifts does amazon provide to us. in the new year . haven't we exhausted everything that you . could possibly buy at a point now where . they're taking the items off do you know . the circumcision kit. they've removed it off of amazon people . just don't want circumcisions anymore . 2018 dude people are trying to get their . dick cut i don't have a segue for this . but the only the 2018 and i wanted to . start off but you're still trying to . segue into yeah hold on but you know . who's who's who's who else's merch game . is really strong you say you don't have . any you could just grab it i thought . we'd get a little bit of inspiration . [music]. sonic vinegar goochy goochy was killing . it last year hey jacob what's up what's . up what's up one fricken banger little . little pipe why you asking him cuz he . listens to this type of music do you . know what i'm talking about . he doesn't seem like he knows what . you're talking about country this is the . country you know you racist how's that . how's the music race why didn't you ask . trevor like about the rider looks like . he listens to foster the kids. look little pump pump pump up the kicks . this is just a lazy scarf what . am i supposed to do with this . ooh this ooh . leave that that's it that's a gucci . scarf james you gotta turn up i don't . know what that means . that means that means that means no way . to write how much was this cuff dude i . don't know i don't know like i don't . know like how much this cost hey i'm . trying to like keep that yeah people . keep a spreadsheet of the amount of . money that you spend on amazon even . look it up dude and you spend . about 1/3 of what i spent so how much . was this are they wish they . could keep up how much was this . scarf they wish they had as much clout . as we do over here on couch op although . this was actually the patriot of patreon . money went towards us so like it's not . like our fans made for this oh terry . it's like things like we're flexing in . our fans right now i don't think it's . very appropriate but i got here for you . admitting ly a prank . oh dude i forgot there was supposed . to be this all apart with this what he'd . go backwards in a bit why don't you . break that out when i was dancing all . right no i did that in like i was doing . it during his part these are what the . candles again is a prank straight . up so i'm not gonna have you like you . know think that it's it's not this one . they basically change the idea is that . they are a nice scent and then they will . inevitably change into a bad scent so if . you want to prank anybody these are the . perfect tool to do so over time because . the beginning will be vanilla just a . normal vanilla candle but underneath . vomit smells like vanilla and a ooh and . a hand though the velocity comes through . no it doesn't so i figured what you . could do no it does is know it already . smells like poop i got you a couple of . different flavors we have here so this . is bubblegum oh and this is balsamic and . cedar balsam and cedar balsam no islamic . balsamic i forget what these balsamic . vinegar balsamic vinegar. do you wanna what you want islamic . vinegar this one might be poop yeah this . one might be poop underneath bubblegum i . think is like hey go home buddy . dude this smells so bad it's. layered it's like a like right here . see look cameraman look at the . look at the diagram that i'm showing . okay i would like him to get rid of the . top layer he's digging it out with a. no dude we have knives for that . i'm gonna you smell like vomit he's not . whoo wait what where's the where's the . thing check it out clout . [music]. oh gang . can really get some of that no what are . you talking to the ottoman you burned a . hole straight through the ottoman james . so i'm trying to segue into each one of . your gifts just give it what rhymes with . yak sack and what does a parent what . kind of temperature does a parent like . medium where would you find medium. africa and opposite of that china that's . where you can get exclusive mario . products. wait that's japan what can you get in . china bird flu ice we were . thinking ice that was the word all right . james . a wyan shaved ice . you couldn't even set this up it's . gonna take too long . [music]. [music]. wow this is very rude didn't if i could . make me one i don't think that's enough . how do you know . i'd like a cherry please. aw dude that's a lot that's a lot that . was dessert seemingly now i have a . product for you to make try to what . dinner. [music]. err pause there pause oh dude this is . something you shred meat with . love shredding meat so over to the . kitchen area let's go i look like i look . like an x-man where's my shaved ice i'll . bring it with alright what the did . you do oh stop myself in the . thumb you're bleeding yeah i want you to . make a salad shut the up and just . do this first my god like you just did . one step at a time . wait is this britt's lunch can you can . you do it in the air if i can it can you . possibly get it yes you gotta do full . force yeah i will all right yeah maybe . do it higher look at the damage that was . so cool just tore right through it . sounds like a skull right there . that could have been somebody's head ooh . [applause]. precooked pork shoulder it's the main . main thing you need to shred this is . where we put this bad boy in here you go . this has been in the fridge it's been in . the fridge look at this dude look how . perfect the cuffs are goddamn what the . did you do to your thumb did what . did you do there yeah dude this with. great responsibility comes great power. not one more test for these bear claws . you've done the appetizer you've done . the main course which is what they're . used for you're lucky that that was . cooked was it lucky it wasn't seasoned . or anything it probably tastes like. desserts but it's cooked . this is child's play . [music]. this is a great product i'm impressed . we're cheap do you see the green yeah. what yeah i suppose eat that . [music]. thanks guys for watching this episode of . amazon prime time featuring james and . alex as usual be sure to go ahead and . click on this video on my right your . left and watch some more episodes of . amazon or it might be youtube actually . subscribe and perhaps venture down below . and click on some links in the . description preferably the patreon maybe . give us some money that's i'm not gonna . edit dollars on it but you can imagine . those dollars so thanks for watching . guys and participating again in one of . our epic videos see ya halfway happy new . year's and see you next time stop . [music]. .
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