In today's Roblox Adventure, Sketch and Corl become a boy known as BEN 10 and transform into ten THOUSAND different alien creatures!
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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet-to-be-dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.
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Caption: Tap the notification veil to never miss . a pals video hey kevin yeah you want to . go kill some things with our omnitrix i . would never kill another living being . what do you mean come on don't be a nerd . all the cool kids are killing stuff i . retired my clean days to become a nice . man you're gonna become a nice man oh . you heard my friend kevin i'm gonna end. your life i love fire breath oh yeah i'm . coming my goodness kevin you are great . that's formed into a super kevin yay we . gotta get it this is kill this. super-powerful space alien hey get back . here boy oh what's happening i'm . floating out he's up here with me now . you throw me was that a powerful move . that even i throw you i'm oh i can i you . can fly why can i fly it hold on i'm . gonna change it to something i can fly . this lame i want to fly hmm this these . things look like how about this thing . this thing has wings that could fly whoa . by the way do you know any of the lore . for bentham i do know some of the lore . for ben 10 yes i do i know that a lot . happening i can see how if you didn't . know anything about ben 10 this is all . very confusing . i will explain it to you briefly ben 10 . is just a normal boy who discovers watch . that makes him turn into aliens he can't . get it off his wrist he then discovers . that his grandpa max is like some . super-secret earth alien fighter guy . that fights aliens and so that he's not. actually a plumber but they're called . the plumbers it's very confusing aliens . exist and you can turn into them if you . have a watch which we have the watch and . also what about kevin kevin on the other . hand is like i'm pretty sure i don't . think he's there like a cousin of benton . or related to him in any way but he . finds the watch and then like tries to . morph himself into a bunch of different . aliens. once and then he turns into whatever you. are it's all i remember from being a . child and watching this ben 10 show this . guy keep trying to kill me leave me . alone i'm just trying to be a flying . thing pretty incredible so yeah ben so . ben ben . they are the alien nice or evil well i . mean i'm pretty sure the aliens inside . the watch are like prisoners and they . just have to like do whatever the user . says but the aliens that are not in the . watch they're pretty cool i mean i don't . think they're evil i don't remember the . lore very well though i'm gonna be . completely honest cool yeah only has . like reforms that he can turn in - yeah . because kevin doesn't actually have the . watch you have to turn into one a band . tents characters dude you got to be like . ben 10 has all the character because he . has to watch he is the chosen one he's . the chosen ben okay me here we are coral . at max's plumbing we have plumbers here. you know the secret organization of . human-alien fighters have secret are . they they're pretty secret look at all . their pipes but they're not actually . using them they're just props it's all a . facade of fake that's a cat's crazy . that's crazy so does that mean we can do . oats gucci watch out oh goodness all . right i tried use though you're making . me dance you're making me dance. oh fuck you okay on the dance floor . let's go you're feeling the vibe. subscribe to the pound youtube just . subscribe and comment down below just . your favorite animal or favorite ben 10 . character poor animal put the emoji that . looks the most like yourself yes we must . we must see all the emojis hey lookie . look at max you look you're looking a . little flat there buddy uncle matt oh . it's not uncle matt i think it's grandpa . max grandpa man did i say uncle i always . mix it oh no i have no idea no max it . looks like a cool he looks like a cool . guy though like he's pretty cheese like . no he's joe he likes hawaiian shirts and . white pants though is he upset . ben is like i guess an alien well he's. not upset that ben's an alien he's just . trying to guide him through this insane . journey of this this watch almost having . a mind of its own and also him trying to . control it it's insane it's really good . where am i what what just happened know . what this where they store like . prisoners they must the evil aliens. because i'm pretty sure some of them are . good like i said before i'm pretty oh . you can role play a z this is sick . oh dude chewy like bad alien i knew it . from the start and now i will rocket . jump away no girl you didn't work do you . know what fine i'm just gonna change my . character no do some other crazy . teleporter powers actually no i think i . just respawn . i'm coming back down and i'm gonna . defeat you you think you're gonna lock . me up like that you think you can just . cut me no way i think i can do it come . back and fight me scoop maybe i won't . come back fight you i'm gonna come back . and smite you that's for sure gotcha you . can't do anything against me i'm the . rocket man your rocket turtle died . where'd you go i dropped down to the . bottom where our battle will truly take . place oh my goodness what what is my guy . even have here's a nerf gun what is this . how is this gonna defeat you try try yes . your bullets blocked my rock wait did . you die no you died do you guys know . what how could it kill me if you didn't . die. silly good that's just silly you know . i'm gonna be a little uncle or grandpa . max is a sick man and his garage dude . that's the plumber moby a hole on well . who is this clyde who is the i do not . remember a clyde from any generation of . ben 10 what is this you can turn into . clyde man nice well look at who i am do . you know who i my name is albedo oh . oh you're evil ben 10 oh yeah he's evil . your your nemesis you didn't even know . you were my nemesis but then you you . trap me and you're my nemesis anyway he . does like the sickest more though he is . a very powerful man i will not deny that . the only thing is i can only turn it in . to things with this guy and i'm not i'm . not jiving with it whatsoever i'm gonna . be a kevin 11-thousand whatever that . means. what does kevin 11000 don't worry about . it it's just eleven thousand times . better than you like some there's some . characters that that have the ability to . turn into a few thing but no one has the . utility that ben does ben is the best . because he's the tenth . he's the tennyson it's in his blood is . there is there like so why is he ten is . there like nine others i didn't know no . there he's called ben 10 because in the . original series he could change into . only ten things but then they kept . adding things like pokemon and then it . just turned into kevin 11-thousand stuff . by the way i accidentally flew like way . above the map and now i'm on like an . invisible sky nice nice going don't . reset your character and fight me like a. man okay fine i will come play i'm gonna . slap you with these manhandling hands . i'm gonna keep this rocket launcher it . seems really good i'm gonna keep me in . evil ben pan albedo why though oh no . he's maybe he's spanish spanish beto. beto. come here i'll beat those so i can beat . you with my engine in the place we were . before sure why not i'll meet you in . max's bathroom i don't know why it's in . the bathroom maybe cuz he's a plumber oh . oh probably they just keep going on that . pond dude they just can't they love it . it's an inside meme where they're from. inside plumbing me yes now fight me okay . i'm down no don't be turtle boy again . you can't be the same character fine i . am not gonna be the same character you . cannot be. i feel much the cook is stretchy man . stretchy . diamond that oh he's one of the . originals i think i think he's one of. the original captures oh you see that . spin move i knew you'd do that back to . bellwood what the heck is bellwood it . must be the town there's my punch do . that you just you an i elated me dude . i'm starving . are you dead nope oh no coming back . [music]. 11,000 can do it all boy you picked the . wrong character you doing your ben 10 . research chicken the og dog i'm picking . oh jeez oh jeez doesn't have 11,000 . powers like gum i actually live like six . take this what you've been defeated by . diamond dad you had a swords not fair . you have all right remember verdona . actually you know what no i want to . evolve. i want to evolve into this witnesses . let's go wow we are here in the ben 10 . universe the real ben 10 universe not . just a roblox role play that kind of . looks like it we are actually here still . in roblox but i mean hey you know what. i'm you know what i mean look i even got . a real life omnitrix that it look it . shows previews on my watch those . wondering this is the ben 10 arrival of . aliens game mode on roblox whereas the . other one like i said before was just a . role play this is much better and you'll . see why in a second hit that real quick . bang i am actually the creature not just . a skin of the creature there they have . this this game mode has custom models . and they look amazing. honestly they look great the only thing. is i just don't know how to use the . abilities on this character oh no i . actually hit the wrong button i guess i. changed back okay well let's try . something else shall we what about this . wildmutt no i'm pretty sure wait what is . happening no no . oh geez my game froze already guys we . are back on a private servers which . unfortunately means that we will not be . able to fight anybody while in this game . however we will still be checking out . all of the original benton creatures in . all of their glory or aliens not not . really creatures i mean they definitely . are creatures don't get me wrong i mean . look at this thing what is this this is . this is a fish man i remember . - pepper watching bay 10 when i was a . kid this thing was pretty terrifying i'm . not gonna lie and still is to this day . gives me nightmares what the heck it's . like somebody in the ben 10 writing room . saw those scary fish that have the light. bulbs on their heads and they're like . what if we gave this thing legs and arms . i don't know why they did it but they . did it and it looks pretty dang sick so . i remember this one this is the speedy . boy 10,000 i don't that's not actually . his name his name's like later something . later x yeah i don't remember you guys . will definitely know better than me so . anywhere in the video we get any of the . law wrong or you have information that . can expand upon things that we've talked . about in this episode leave it down in . the comments we'd really like to know . everything you know about the ben 10 . universe and how awesome it really is . what else can we be we got to keep we . got to keep mixing it up forearms is . gonna have four he has four arms oh this . is like one of the most iconic . characters how can i forget this guy . he's a beast he could probably rip a . building in half not actually though . unfortunately he he has done nothing to . the wall oh yes super jump i don't . remember that from the episodes but you . know what he's probably he's probably. capable of it he's superman . basically he's super super strong that's . his thing that's that's the characters . thing dude but we should try to climb . that building if we can we got to find . something that can fly though i mean . we've already turned into that one thing . that can fly but it didn't work out very . well did it . no developer has shut down all game . servers or game server has shut down . from other reasons please reconnect okay . well i mean i'm just trying to turn it . into a bunch of creatures roblox he's . given me a hard time you know let's if i . have to go and fight roblox. the roblox headquarters themselves i. will what am i what well ladies and . gentlemen you've seen why we have saved . this game-mode for last and it is . because it is probably the most broken i . did try to record some segments with . choral horrell you might have noticed he . just disappeared in the middle of the . video and that was because we tried to . record the rest of this game-mode where . we would fight each other and stuff with . the super cool monsters and it was just. not working . server was giving us a hard time and it . looks like it still is unfortunately but . i hope you guys have enjoyed what you've . seen so far maybe just imagine that i . have a ghost woo ghost all right i think . i'm gonna end it here just because . technical difficulties and other things . if you guys did enjoy this then . subscribe to the pals what are you doing . what's taking you so long i wish i could . make eye contact with you but i am. invisible i love each and every one of . you this is your boy scooby goodbye . .

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