We play Fortnite Battle Royale. Enjoy!
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I am carry two one go . nice piece dude i'll miss you yeah. people say vic needs to start and stand . farther back and make sure using would . ya ever go look back in the video and we . did it i think we were on brick i think . the fastest times your own wood because . i the problem with the break i'm going . for this chimney like a really good. landing at is i would keep getting . kicked off yeah like it would keep . sliding me off. alright there's people at the other . warehouse oh wait wait yeah the one the . vixen i think oh my god my friends it's . so vic i got a purple sniper bolt-action . no semi guys friendΓ­s no luck nowhere . to be seen . he's dead it's like we should put hay . and it shows me vic no no i killed your . guy okay then we're gonna put him in . teepee um well i apologize all right god . my house it's gonna give him some state . benefits re then your entire entire he. was in a hole . i don't think anyone oh people at the . warehouses yeah did i get a revolver and. a semi autos do know we really need to . start doing good we need to start doing . challenges so like shotgun only like . revolve around but we it's not like that . done that with pistols we got 22 pistol . and explosives only when all dude we did . that first try to. ridiculous hit him once in a month yeah . but we gotta wait until the space . program is out of commission got him tag . him kill him no stab his family wait . wait oh thank god you have nothing you . just mad yeah i forgot i forgot i picked . up a burst rifle - yeah . i was literally using like don't take . this guns in the world i try to take out . my shot no i was just trying to throw my . bandages at him or something i don't . know what i was doing did i hate that . you're just like i didn't know what a . plan how do i only have one elimination . no you scared me oh my god guys i'm sure . two people did i imagine that the guy . who stopped and the guy that was in that . thing so yeah if i stand like right okay . yeah i like i couldn't i couldn't sit. here okay so if i'm able to sit there . it'll be much easier my question is when . the hell did we get an rpg last game . showed up randomly and i was like let's . get my hands planted some the games won . together everything with black blacked . out for 30 minutes that we had for once . what happened okay i was in the . invitation all of a sudden i had no idea. one prize money going from south to . southwest the the corner the far one the . fall out the hell yeah yeah knocked on . easy middle of town skits i'm just gonna . chill do you guys need me . he's right below me oh my gosh yes run . run if you have to come down he's on me . you say he's coming to you from me these . tags he's got she'll beat him again. he's one hit one hit vic oh thank god i . needed to kill this game . save me oh there's an rpg we got rpg no . i'm really excited . i'll be starting launch man all right . we'll just rotate immense the launch got . 46 does it have extra sniper 65 i need . happy boat see if i can guess i'm uh . medium sorry brain good i used to have. your boat i mean i maybe i have not . giving people things okay all right what . do we do hmm take a mountain i guess . let's just move in to examine you see . what we can do we need to have like a . little d it like the elevation what. would you call that like not elevation. yeah a little bit of a decline under the . campus places guys just place the status . oh yeah nick's really good at placing . the ramp slow . don't trust myself and also i don't . trust myself because i blew a bit god . bless so long as dude i want to really . try to get a revolver got off the wrong . shit just dome some guy with a revolver . i only have one rocket right now so i . have four zero we've got five five five . astronauts for their life it has to be . effort we need more funds so we get new . more trips yeah as everyone drop likes . on streams right do a testament do . attached flight i'll test flight you . through this valley just remember to . jump so yeah step on this and i'm gonna . send you kind of like diagonally like a . connector valley and if you see people . yell i remember to jump up before i see . steve we're not trying to die make sure . you jump off before it i'm gonna alright . three two jump off before guys too steep . otherwise you yeah wait let's go to this. drop try to get another pg so rpg rocket . it's like someone's using the rocket . while rocketing a team like dude imagine . we get to two rpgs and just send our . team at the same time our assault . fighters like the parachute troopers in . continue ad i was gonna say we need to . literally employ someone to be our light. mix i'll just just to join our games and . just be on missile launcher just deploy . a nice theory they just hang back and . just send all of us it was that was . insanely easier once i was on wood baby . alright fight me irl boy thank you . alright let's go and take this mountain . and let's go and find . this punk this pumpkin ain't big enough . for the two of us listen i've got me an . avery and all oh my god and then i'll . just sit in the back getting massacred . this is a team that's like oh excuse me . i just want you to take out teams and . squad it's got the elevation boys yeah . let's just pete let's literally look for . people with a base and they fly each . other over it like so like vic after you . get noah just jump right on and i'll do . it right after you i'll go right after . you or won't you satur if you launch . both of us because you can get the . trajectory and that's about the same go . through then you know who could just be . stood on the front line on the frontier . all aboard the avery this is lucky we . honestly want to look for flatter ground . because but there's less margin for . error there goes one go to a mountain . before just like can't like say okay you . probably have like ten seconds till . impact or whatever so we know when to . jump off cuz i wanna be looking for my . snipes well usually we find our enemies . first so like you'll be able to see like . but you have a target when we get off . all right come on the most opie thing . would be shooting down at someone so . then someone rides in straight front . 3:45 so it's like that . tamizh get ya flat flat flat flat i . stepped off yeah yeah nice alright send . him unit 2 and when you ready oh did you . give me ha i don't say i'm already to . one where all day i see that i hailed . the hill. knocked one oh my god vic oh my god they . jump in lawns i didn't get any more . rockets. they had no idea how we were here one of . them was still looking to avery you have . a sniper i'm gonna take one anyway it's . good i gotta have a third rpg all right . someone hasn't said me next y'all send . you well i don't trust myself which way . i think they were north well i didn't . get a kill on it but we still got center . in the most no matter what it's the most . satisfying thing if you're getting sent . in or we get set up a these trees could . be problematic let's chop them down boy . oh yeah those we could go straight . across the town although it's ad in the . place yeah i know this is a launch i . think we just kill these guys every bit . over-the-top . watch me over-the-top back here like . right here all right you ready hold on . let me this is gonna be why i need to i . need to get in my own status right yeah . i'm gonna go i'm gonna go in noah after . yeah doesn't get destroyed one sec i . need to get like a good . okay ready ready now yeah i need okay . three i think it's gonna go really high . though you need to destroy that yeah . that wall avery destroy that wall okay . three two one go go all right three save . it oh never mind i should've trusted you . agree i'm gonna hit the tree one go . damn it again three two one go i don't . see him at all yeah you're pretty hot . oh yeah now i'm gonna send you my . perspective he's gone you're not gonna . find. no that is the coolest thing that i've . never done in any video game ever oh not . even close. alright give any rockets or sniper ammo . as i i've three play i just gotta i have . two rpgs on me so i could either send. you or you could send me in and i'll . just do all rpg then when they go off . i've got a life in me alone just so send . me send me up i need rpgs okay yeah i . have three so i need saved like two for . their flyby it's gonna be interesting no . you took our rpgs. there are you guys i have a team of two . why i need to let's try not on the top . of the mountain east that's pretty risky . but i think we do it actually let's do . it let's do it i'll set this up i'll set . this up for you could come back to me . okay send me samuel right maybe like try . and knock one dude i don't know i think . just go of element okay okay you ready . send me alright yep . i am three two one go nice piece dude . i'll miss you they have no idea coming . y'all i panic so hard cuz i ran out of . bullets my shotgun i just like hiring . and praying you rpg yet two rocks on me . or rpgs oh my god i can't speak to . english oh this is going to be . interesting this we have to add wait . it's a 2v2 we have to end this game with . the let's kill one yeah we okay yeah . dude this is going to be with with it . rains the rpg killed yeah you know i . should have just off you dude those guys . i don't know why i chose to shotgun them . but hey hey listen our words i see one i . see one 150 in the wood area okay climb . so far okay um bill bill bill bill bill . thanks we built out of wood now i don't . have any bill doubles i have funny . they're out of the circle a-ok fighting . each other i don't know i hope i can't . that was an explosion that unless that . was meant for us i feel that it's gonna . drop i need it well someone's coming . they're coming . oh no i thought out we just got to kill . these guys sorry downed one . oh you got it no i don't hey noah did . you tweet it no 50 i had 318 thought we . just flew to higher levels were you . recording yeah yeah yeah . .
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