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Oh christmas just low-key wants to be father christmas its kind of grosses bid haha yeah you can make a diet and i that bleacher absolutely wash water makes december we left it late now next december are you please set a certain thing like if you raise this much money you'll die your hair and beard silver does not saying i'm not saying white because i know that's kind of you know you wouldn't do that we still could get christmas number one if some miracle man lots of our bug any of any of you watching over america and i don't go around because lots of finance and there's no network but i either up i just realized it's like neon ladies in this guy oh what if you can see the sky guys you can do this guy i find the fire please vic ok finally stroke well as bad as me what you want i'll even our couple more seconds i'll turn around 45 seconds later on we need to find number five yeah let me run that was then that way they were time we just fell over as well i know you're busy the house and strength is it out walking is out you know this is dad all my blogs you things i'm sorry i tried going off the edge because i saw something really enjoyed it i really want to wait who's watching things i me i have watched you think yeah josh just very very reliant yeah dude that alphabet it's got the lights yea all i'm saying it's sick all things that best ones through he will never be found know what is the bet you got a torn it's all about these games without pushing boundaries one talks yeah he found a five-year you care where i will be 4i we fact if i thought that's right oh yeah that's the thing here where he could get but you can talk until we get into the air ok i am paying be and not your what did you hear that all know he's sitting up are you fighting outside the it's still it's still not easy to adapt their bars in the chimney your dad yeah dad to the under oh you found him no yeah you can use this price of your fucking pussy yeah i started walking really does fucking real money good susan i don't know how how good was actually though yeah you would not find above that yeah why would the one outside though because i already know what i way to the bottom ok this is what i was like it was one of them outside okay i know you you have to like one of your way to the bottom cool see you again oh that's why i changed myself like four times it's just not that was near us i mean that's not yeah george i think joy just let's not judge that's not your job should i why jack black on the map you're just not gonna know how to be so just sit there just not even yeah follow me for a second please okay yeah oh ok i my god is better homemade i'm glad this snowman has a hat so make america great again it's magical way you beyond belief do look it does not look at this out so i look at that i put on me put on me you know put it on my head i love this is cool oh that's recall that we like that even those nomads those too far in front let's wait even if it is our desire to shoulder looks like i can't stand up i can't i don't fucking sick even it out even go to the other side of the igloo please there could have some people get ya getting married in england ok are you kidding it's almost time to go get i'm it's definitely going out now yeah maybe i'm going to i remember when i let you go the give the gift of chris i'm gonna keep out now he has nothing now i got it was your escape that was good ski i don't let me do it again let me out let me out our state me please look how i say you want me to do i say even keep your gonna get another one huh huh this isn't an event you're engaged animal could add you get out with that in the way i said no no wait we got it done i'm what you mean you fucking ruined yet this is my heart i like pushing back pushing about consumer gonna go get the last one as well because if they're in 23 i started back it thick amazing yeah i don't know he's trying to but i just pulled a shotgun out of him i don't like couples she in the foot our blood haha like that by day like the tell her just like a ninja to do something for me to do it's distracting even though i told that he gave a distraction got the heart look for some other props in this that well i'm from i'm trying to give him the hat and i don't think you can make it way up entryway elsewhere hey josh did you think i think that are you survived all right to close the door on me a big round just the guys and their day fuck i'll actually lose you know i'm just gonna pile up stuff and a flat i'm yeah it's gonna be great you turn around you every damn it i lost you can pick up the fucking mayor of los josh think this is very serious about it is still enough yes he's here you sure he actually is yeah i just sounds so sad but just finding out what our flight is freaking out just as anyone made together to move and supplies nothing much bro you get it who so just to see where you you see where you were hiding before yeah where i found you mr. out where i found you swear i killed myself last round oh my god i'm gonna kill myself i don't go back up there okay you've got more things covered rate joshua and talks it stay in there like it because you stood there ok my adorable is this is out get out places my god ain't no no come on let's i longer captivity haha i josh just like a wire like starting prices on oh god how fucking dare you even out fucking you're outdoors fucked as i wanted it would not be good i have 1i even even just head up the stairs until you get to the weed room ok let me just look just target practice a client look because the coming out ahead and assessment so i'm gonna go ahead i look target practice middle of that doesn't have to understand in front of it and i going to him are you wow you're good shop right places she's just it's not that it's just me with the weed room we don't even have to stand here even get started here you are sharing on the left thank you josh let's see what you want to bless it that's right he was bad your shoes back i wouldn't you want that probably just do it again you're the right but you looking for you and your idea of you to shoot the same time yeah and i can see them i 32 we don't remember his face yeah they're very interested where you're gonna go to go to having a dick okay three two one wow i've definitely got that she's definitely is trying to run away ok i saw that i saw that little bastard is it just you just don't you just like buttons just fly i'm going to lose he justly just slow down either great come on ru clue get you flew away so it's not always that was a little later are you good i tried to run a judge character ok so where are you okay so you've really fun i don't have played a vital for you but you vary from place where are you look that's it that's good that was a room where strange things room where well oh well this one doesn't buy do i know is that is what let's do strange things with tas nowhere that only happened on the map pare down fall down the floor she heard he braided shooting your cherry i'm and i can't even glad you like it ya know what is going to remain there for you brandon you to louise plan that could indeed so we are using their prey big was not pretty i don't wanna grow stuff you got no cause we wrap my teammates micro operation even am i have a plan your own feet now let's go back and see me i'm not associated with vehicles leaving this for me where are you guys we're just going inside had worried now there for me and i'm ready to get some ways you're finally fireplace i ladder xin ru blocked off the line yet we're doing what i was no i had no idea everybody's got all really want to get out on good and left left right left it right good i doing i affairs yet oh yeah i got you are your thing is i think you actually do hi sorry i fucked up someone's after yugi's very long meal oh but neil everything but the haha i'd be really triggered by these buttons yeah i past 200 press three for me trigger o is for done and his firefighters down was five and a fireplace maybe something looks like it's fine dude you just came didn't it this just came for lynch feet so did you see no homework i can i never you are i like is that you come up with michael thing i look over but i'm yeah i did a mental we're looking for mother went to the dover but i don't get out the players momentous every other elementals that land said died you can again so much is that i did a mantle and then oh haha i watch big struggle going on i and my friend carlos you know i moved when you don't know right xd know you got it now we're looking at the buttons for like everything your it was definitely your field of view but 100 million said i'm sorry you did sentimental siren you can pull this other side before often sort of a man's oh my mom she is more than he got front-row viewing of otto but the mantle was all the shadow is a very good mental who would do that maybe i'm maybe i'm talking about mantelpiece maybe why didn't this is what are you doing this and you know right all the team haha yeah it's time to move up known about the you're there is any that you will get gabby should be going to drop your butt with it that you guys but both of you go into the dining room is this this this is the / room yes [music] hi darius i did it already running all day today good the robbery sound sorry you re just admit i don't believe me i'm ready yeah we got it also we gotta drop it please yeah let me out yes yeah this is the weight room maybe i can actually curious got a box full bang no wall back out boxes they don't never know his name inspired treasure with that you are a way better loser everybody's just like i lightweight but they willingly cat with a dui great mate we can see it i guess you always come on not our baby good shot me to drive me out the door he tries i'm just tired dropping bro what are you doing this so i'm gonna show you the strange things really go so that left left did you not get out of the way our weight hey y
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