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Hey guys down here we're back . churchill's back and this creepy alien . with no eyeballs is also back if you . haven't seen this game yet it is insane. i'm sure most of you have because the . first and second episodes you guys . absolutely love churchill is this guy . and he's on a point-and-click adventure. to save this the cherry which keeps . getting stolen from him over and over . again but we are getting close to the . end we've done about 2/3 i think we have . about a third of the game left assuming . there's no like bonus levels but let's . try and see if we can reason with this . dude we can either just try and steal . the cherry we can pull a smiley face or . we can bake him a cake i mean how do we . know it's his birthday we could just . pretend is his birthday i have no idea . but let's click the cake and see what . happens. there we go it has we come in peace oh . okay he does not come in peace wow it's . definitely know his birthday then is it . we could have put the cherry on the cake . and everything that's the missing pod . you could have literally added the two. together i had an amazing day we can . sing we can give him a tv call an order . of a tv how much money you spending . church oh-oh-oh-oh is fascinated with . the antenna or he's just really really . wants to break our tv he's actually . worked though watch out . oh churchill you were so close all you . had to do was grab it i've seen you . extend your arms before you should have . just grabbed it let's let's sing him a . song instead oh look at this . ah it's a pot i don't think yasin he is . you know yeah he doesn't have any years . to chill he's literally indifferent no. eyes no ears but he definitely has a . mouth i'm gonna swallow these things why . is this cat got his mouth taped up a . little bit weird. but let's see what happens hey it's . definitely but that's oh okay stop stop . stop stop stop stop stop i was gonna say . that's the weirdest looking cat i've . ever seen are you kidding me the cat . didn't work let's try this way as well . as hypnotize him tried his hardest the . laser gun pretty much beats anything so . that's not gonna happen. we can go full-on angry modes let's do . it . this who happens send him back from . where he came from get out of here . give my cherry back you punk okay treat . them with what's the opposite of . kindness nastiness and you get the . cherry back stop bragging buddy you need . to just go ahead and grab the cherry . because this is gonna happen what is . that another alien no this one looks . like mike wazowski but the female . version okay have some more options we . can show them the biceps we can and . punch them did a fly just come out your. hat weird i want to show him the bicep . i've seen your biceps before buddy oh . okay that was not showing the biceps and . and was probably as effective as if you . would have shown her your bicep because. it's not looking that good we can punch . hammer or cannon if in doubt cannon . attack let's see if this works . come on buddy what are you getting all . these objects from by the way they have . amazon in your world that sells all this . crazy stuff joe cannon no just why . didn't you just throw the cabin at them . come on churchill use your brain man . there's some crazy things going down . i don't think a punch or a hammer is . gonna work but i'm gonna go through the . notions anyway and see what happens when . did you swallow the hammer attack yeah i . knew that was gonna happen at least . you're wearing protection on your heads . that's good oh we've got more options . dinosaur bringing the dinos oh this is . so cute i love this so much . is it work or is it there is you have . some interesting friends your friend . churchill okay that didn't go as planned . we could just stab him i guess i don't . think this is gonna work either he's . like indestructible blob that's a . lightsaber okay this might work oh okay . that's a problem no stop stop cutting so . now there's four of them at least they . look like they're kind of peaceful we've . tried to do no stop you could you're . gonna curse or buddy . are they all left anyway that's okay . right we now the option of kindness i . don't we don't want to punch him i think . that'd be quite offensive so let's let's . just try and be nice . you have no hands but can you hold it . you made him sneeze what oh you made an. arrow okay this might work yes . aliens are allergic to human flowers no . that did say i'll get abducted buddy . quick jump in jump in quick quick we . need to we need to bring the paper . airplane in that did not work that's the . worst paper hair and brain i've ever . seen i'm just gonna click all of them . that doesn't work meteor okay that's . just a rock that doesn't work either . quick the chariots go in a bomb that's . not a good idea either no shoot joe what . are you doing your cherry is gonna . disappear the cats . okay they got this nothing oh wait okay . the cat's disappeared . alarm clock boomerang if you a parrot . throwing that would have actually works . come on come on oh hey buddy quick go . yes i mean this guy is he actually . coming to do some good. don't wave okay . he is completely forgiven for everything . he has done in the past but he's still . gonna steal the cherry i mean he might . have been a little bit selfish there . should sure was terrible of throwing so . he's never gonna save his cherry was he . gonna use a blowpipe he actually is . where are you getting all these weird . objects i'm worried about you buddy . right let's try and pop this no we just . clicked multiple times or is he just . gonna keep on pushing it back let's see . what happens if we keep clicking cuz i . can't see anything else that we're gonna . do i mean oh oh no i killed a bird i . feel like this is it was that the bird . that we used before do you remember . let's see we shoot more stuff out the . sky we've got a kite okay sorry buddy . let's keep on going to see what happens. if we can get a plane to pull out the . sky this might just help did we just we . just killed a cloud i don't even know . you could kill a cloud okay a globe i'm . not sure where all these objects are . coming from but let's try okay that . wasn't what i supposed to do maybe like . a needle okay how is he still surviving . come on a piano still isn't gonna work . he's deathly glued that cherry in . because otherwise that would have come . out through the magic of gravity that . would have come out okay that works it's . like i was gonna say a seed bugs every . boat in the sea boat that's like an air . bug. how are we supposed to follow him what . is this. this must be churchill from the grounds . well it's happening . the clouds are merging together they are . okay so here let's see what happens i'm . trying to merge all the clouds together . into one and then we can pop it . no just gonna absorb it this reminds me . of adventure time like lungs it's quirky . it's weird it's awesome at the same time . they're shooting stars all over the . place as well this is very adventure . timing i think it's the music as well . the music is very much like adventure . time and i am right now i'm super . confused what do i do . uh do i need to shoot the stars i feel . bad shooting the stars though go it's . like a big delay so i have to time this . right that would not been the right . timing let's go i'm gonna go here but as . soon as he enters on the left hand sighs . yes got him but actually worked i feel . like i'm sniping in fortnight no don't . keep getting on the other stars like my . sniping skills are definitely come in . handy right now so we're gonna shoot . here now oh too early way too early . go yes there's only one shooting star . left but this one is absolutely is it's . tiny so tiny i think we can do this one . though and go that was close now yes . it'll that's the one it's gonna go even . further to space look at the size of . that moon i wonder if it's made out of . cheese let's see what happens when you . shoot the moon i have no idea . it's oh you know what should you must . have some insane insane breath power. from his lungs to be able to throw or . blow oh geez are we gonna end the world . just because of this cherry the moon's . falling out of the sky . oh someone i fell we've been in this . situation before grab it and run don't . brag don't break this run quickies . knocked out go oh you got out goods lb . should you almost have some amazing lung. power to be able to blow that all the . way to space and knock the moon out the . sky now we are greeted with a tiny - . lady bird - sure you know what you kind . of deserve all of this that's coming to . you you are way too inquisitive buddy . you could just take the cherry run off . to adjust up the secluded space and . enjoy it but instead you have to poke . the ladybug don't you and you've lost a . charity party so easily distracted i . feel like this looks like a baby . ladybird because of its eyes i feel like . the mum or dad might come along in a . second okay . no it can fend for itself well now we're . in trouble . [applause]. give that back you really gonna keep . poking it for real this is bad oh no. this is very bad they will have teeth . there's nowhere else i can click i'm . doing it oh / evil ladybirds odious . mouth is left. these turtles having a good time i mean . it's lost to cherry again beastie didn't . seem to mind hey fellas how's it going . it looks very kind of it's got a stinky . around here it's a gas clouds lots of . frogs and i'm missing one red object i . like these guys there it is of course . the pink hedgehog has it he's got in the . stink hole guys okay we definitely need . to head up here but how do we do that . i've got a theory i feel like this guy . is lopsided for a reason he's very. precariously placed right here as well . so we could put churchill here and get . something to jump on here so that it . fir

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