COD WW2 Zombies GAMEPLAY - Easter Egg, Pack-A-Punch MORE! Enjoy! :D
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Welcome everyone to early call of duty . world war 2 zombies gameplay that is . right my friends we're about to embark. on an epic 1 hour journey as we complete . one of the easter eggs on the map that . gives us an ending cutscene as we defeat . one of the bosses get the tesla weapon . unlocked get pack-a-punch we do so much . in this playthrough it is absolutely . epic you need to make sure you subscribe . because today i'm posting a load of . early gameplay covering campaign zombies. was actually another mini survival. zombies map i'm going to be posting as . well and obviously a ton of multiplayer . videos too and also to kick off a very . first card world war 2 zombies video i'm . giving away five copies of world war two . to you guys watching right now all . you've got to do to enter is smash the . thumbs up button and leave a comment . down below letting me know if you want . on pc playstation or xbox so guys i'm . gonna stop talking we're gonna jump into . the live gameplay this gameplay actually . extends a little bit more into a second . part where we go all the way to round 30 . so look out for that later today as well . without further ado let's jump into it . it's gonna be epic we're gonna try and . do all of like them sort of what would . you call this easter egg like the main . basic easter egg maybe i think the right . wording is casual quest casual okay the . cashew quest yes if you bring up the . touchpad it will show you movie stages . and directly through it and we're gonna . do the whole of that for you guys and . have a little bit of a boss battle at . the end as well so pretty good it's . gonna be pretty darn sick and for those . thinking is this really like the entire . easter egg it's apparently not even . close the actor egg is called the hard . core oh man i mean nothing's been found . about so far right yeah the time. recording at least geez you know it's . gonna be tough when like you're a good i . don't know like 24 hours into people . having the game and no one's found . anything yet that's pretty crazy good . feeling. that's very true hi the shovel kill was. a just brutal i love it absolutely . matching people are you can get it out . like a melee weapon i think if you think . of right trigger for the final load you . can actually like proper insert it into . the skull and rip it out oh my god okay . i'm gonna give that a go for sure i . think we've done all the gas files now . right yeah yeah we go click the boy the . boy right now let's say yes baby hop on . down an enter enter the sewers baby okay . okay we got it we got it this is what's . very cool these perk machines because . they're not winnable are they part still . there call blitz in this game ah blitz . any robin points you get jokes which is . quite cool isn't it yeah is like the . story behind it is you get energy from . the zombies and like that little . generator here hold to an able power or . nice do that and we can get ourselves . out of here and beautiful the beautiful . bunker door right here for 12 you want . me to do it cuz i am at the richest . person in this home good game so far i . think something it'd only be fair if you . want to do that there you go it would be . nice david tennant is looking very . serious right now character . hahaha i had to play as someone else to . let someone else play as him always . getting mine the salt mine door so this . salt mine door is this big door here but . it says okay insufficient power reroute . for access so we look we've got to find . to power suppliers and activate them . pretty quickly within each other to get . that door . okay nice nice nice this helps to kill . out just a little a lot o in secure . latch there we go porting grif awesome . awesome. alright so we're here there it is so you . switch that but now we've got certain . amount of time to get the other one . turned on so quickly okay let's do this . take advantage of this quick insta kill . ya there's no zombies anywhere buzz the . thing is when you like get the end of a. round with like one zombie left you. actually don't have a zombie left . because they just jump out everywhere . complete jump scares gz every to don't . late scary oh yeah there we go nice done . ladies and gentlemen have you guys seen . any um any armor stands anywhere yeah . there's one near spawn villain okay i . think that's probably i'll run into one . at some point it's so good i don't need . it i don't need it yet oh soccer this . carolyn i can open the salt my dog okay . yeah it's happened we're making good . progress though on round three and we're . gonna have like a pretty much most of . the map section opened nice pretty here . we go. a it's got my zombie supply job nice oh . god nuke some bees . that's taken out nice and this is this . is the crazy room maybe salinas you're . like oh my god oh my days this is where . a lot of this is gonna take part isn't . it right here yeah there's a lot of . important things in this room so i mean . the first thing is you're looking at . this massive emperor and you're like . what is going on and you have to hit and . you can activate some sort of he'll . since actually do anything if you . activate it now . oh yeah trust me we should nice charge . the guys all right oh my god look how . cool that light is i don't look so cool . like killing these zombies and their . souls being taken like that it looks so. good. oh look at that the bunker is complete . there we go so you've got to get a few . more kills and then we've got a nice . little nice little payload objective. nice i like the payload bit that's good . fun i like i like this a lot though . because even though some people argue . that you know the holding your hand . through this stuff you still is like . it's making sure you experience this . yeah i think if you're a cow shoot . zombies player you could probably put . thousands of hours and zombies and never . do a single step with any straight very . true. i need to get sewing more than my pistol . why'd i go and lose my amazing camo camo . too much spin the box when you get . points all right down that's a good idea . fool little bit bit of crazy colors . there yeah i thought i was dying has i . got yes i think i maybe die unlock the . device oh yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna hit . that supply dropping apaches good idea . okay the device canopy yeah oh he's . going for it what'd you get lois all the . lowest car guys yeah alright so that . machine that work that we got it stuck . so we have to crank this lever in order . to release its it's stuck in this metal . container right no okay nice just go . ahead . oh my chances watch out mate oh god - . throwing knives what the hell we sick . yeah good luck good luck good luck you . got it nearly done nathan oh my god i . got you i got you bro all right nice . couch all right let's spin the box i'm. praying that i'll get jack-in-the-boxes . they would be so useful yeah that'd be . amazing like a glock for that is my home . yeah talk about luck next so you say . well i want out the box and i'll get it . every time. hahaha i really give it a cheeky spin . first-ever mystery box ladies and . gentlemen what are we saying i'm gonna . get the ray gun mark the vibe oh though . it's like a stir i like to think of his . second assault rifle lmg hybrid but it . is technically just in the salt rifles . okay so oh boy this is a crafting table . for a wonder weapon that we're gonna get. and. i'm going to start the quest like we're . gonna assume this transfer device with. these zombies chroniclers code city . zombie they probably it's probably good . to say that is the bonus round yeah this . is this high ground in zombies now they . pink pepper and they make sounds like a . swarm of flies oh man . they're pretty horrible and scary to be . honest with you where did this run of . you the worst thing you know like you've . got them as a bonus round . so like you'll know when you hear that . sound you're gonna get a maxima at the . end but they can spawn in the middle of . normal zombie rounds oh my god so you've . got to watch out i've been quite lucky . with a zombie spawn so far like . nothing's jumped out from the floor made . me scream you should happen when we . played it in the first time together i. was like that is scary how often they'll . be scares and wow i think i can see the . armor stand so i'm gonna hit it off . yeah just to get myself a little bit of . harmless we since like a new jagger . basically isn't it yeah it's a little . confusing at first future like . yeah works out a little bit cheaper than . oh yeah if you don't waste them all nice . and early then it gets you can work at . it which is we get expensive bones you . don't know isn't it it can cost like up . to the end ground that's the more i got . to that yeah i was like yeah i am . bankrupt for the raveena i like after . that too . okay zombies it's just crazy . oh no all right we've done that one are . we okay yeah we put it in right oh my . god i'm out oh we've got we got the . crazy charging zombie oh ow . you guys need to put some bullets into . it . i think we're good i think we're good. yeah we all good yeah i think so nice - . this machine well there we go you see . it's just giving us a car for the test . is on very nice add up and the things on . the move again . good stuff good stuff we have to do that . a few times don't we or at least another. time yes at least one time and then . we've got to move it back there's a . little surprise on the final one i won't . say anything . yeah no spoilers no spoilers i just let . it happen . very good i'm never prepared for it god . weapon what do i get good luck good luck . sbhc getting routine that's the last i . saw a few unlucky multiplayer leaves . i don't know how it compares into . zombies though it's like a semi-auto . weapon so basic a path for m1 garand id . cool it okay it's best very describing . it's not too
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