COME TO DADDY | Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Part 1

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Find the Dad of your dreams in Dream Daddy, A Dad Dating Simulator! Which one will you choose?
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:
Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
[music]. daddy insulating my name is applique and . welcome to dream daddy a dad dating . simulator i'd be surprised if none of. you knew what this was by now it's the . game that the game drums that are making . actually kinda loud liquor before beef . you're in the clear okay made by the . game drums and spearheaded by vernon . shaw who were all very close friends of . mine and i love them so ever very dearly . actually spent time with them like two . days ago we did the la live show with . them i was an absolute blast . and we've also wait for the team to come . out i know i have i've been super . fucking excited about it was supposed to. come out i was gone to la for a week by . the way just before just like the first . thing i'm reporting while i'm back . there's a lot going on there's a lot to . explain and it was worse to come out . today after i went there i was actually . worried that everyone would have . finished the game by now in front of . their dreamboat dad all without me and i . would have been left alone finding dad . all on my own some when i came back but . some shit went down and they couldn't . release the game when it was supposed to . be released and they got very beat up . apparently they pulled themselves . together and they came back strong and . the game is finally out and i'm so very . incredibly proud of them for pulling . this out because when i talked to them . the amount of love and passion that they . have for this project like they really . truly believe in it and it was . absolutely inspiring to be around and i . just cannot wait to get into it the art . style is amazing the music is already . amazing from what i've seen the writing . is amazing and i'm just really excited i . want to find my dream honk that it's. going down i'm also repping the merch . which is also a crop top so that looks . amazing and i'm feeling so sexy in it . i've also got a tiny little bit of . whiskey . ah don't eat too close to your bedtime . that's a great bad tip so and i'm . talking it's time to get in and fucking . mess with some dad it's time to get in . and fight my dream home dad . don't no way i couldn't even read that. dad tip okay here we go . i don't know what green dad i want i . think i'm kind of leaning towards the . the ginger bearded just like big burly . man bear dad he looks really cool i want . to be part of him . okay hmm dad dad wake up wake up repeat . it . five more minutes of course i'm gonna . pretend to be dead . that's the best option i let my tongue . roll out of my mouth and stop breathing . amanda shakes me come on dad . this doesn't worked on me since i was . six sorry amanda . this is the end for me dad i swear to . god amanda i bequeath to you all of my . earthly possessions spread my ashes over . my recliner tell everyone why i died . doing what i love . dreaming about boats okay well your . corpse better get into the moving van . because it's leaving soon oh amanda i . feel just awful i finally opened my eyes . and sit up i'm lying in the middle of . the living room spooning her moving box. oh yawn and stretch morning manda panda . you're cool i fuckin love the art style . look how clean and nice and well shaded . all of this is i also know that some of . them well i know some of the artists who . have made some of the characters in the . game and i've also already huge fans of . the artists oh it's cool to see a game . made around their style . yikes dad breath go brush your teeth . okay eat plenty of carbs tonight before . a big king filled that bad oh . okay what isn't gonna be fun build that . dad okay right what do i look like the . bod what can a hot bod there's a dad . house that's like why it could be . ridiculous . i was thinking being ridiculous and. making a dad that just looks hilarious . but i think i'm going to build a dad . that looks like me i think i want to . build that that represents who jackets . also my hairs are quarry now every time . i wash it it's starting to turn blue . that's a long story i'm not going to . leave it for right now i'm as white as . possible as milky pasty super glue white . as we can make me i'm here. hell yeah here hey um i've been . tightening it around bean head i'm a . little q-ball so that's not bad yeah . there we go a little more round shadow . whoo because i'm a five o'clock shadow . okay that might work that's not the . facial hair i actually have but we see . what happens here oh yes oh i can be . danny sex bang it actually looks a lot . like daddy sex bang right now what else . do you got . what's my hairstyle what do i look like . nailed it okay first of all we have to . turn it green there we go . oh man i wish that was my hairstyle i . wish i could pull off that hair son i . wish i had the patience let my hair grow . that long it's kind of like my hair this . is what my hair was before i got a cut . so this is not current oh man look how . good that looks this is kind of my hair . from a while ago but not right now . i could be goku i want to be goku oh . that's not what i look like though i . think this this one boy it's kind of . more my style it's kind of more what my . hair looks like now it's a bit too short. none of them are a perfect match this is . a thinning hairline if this was filled . out then that would be perfect . what time you should go for cornrows be . like shawn dip all right guys oh damn it . just be straight apart eyes hard eyes . motherfucker come inside or just a . straight-up cat . okay first we have they make them blue . blue as the ocean flash and with them. baby blues and i will get any dad that i . want also disclaimer there's gonna be a . lot of daddy throwing around there's . going to be a lot of talk about there's . a fucking spider on my neck mm-hm . there's going to be a lot of talk about . fucking dad there's going to be a lot of . very erotic stuff happening from dad to. that if you're uncomfortable with that . this isn't for you there's going to be . very painful experience for you but i . i'm very excited um what i do on wise . yeah that's actually starting to look a . lot like me let's train a scary nose . yeah it's already on a button nose . that's what i have i made a little . boo-boo um that are that what we have . what i think i'm more like that right . it's kind of like that i don't know wait . i lay my site does it look like me i . think so . um noses yeah there we go his mouth i . think oh man this is my face all the . time . hello or i could ah . remind you if any of you have seen that . meme of the girl gone i smell like beef . i wish could i smell like beef oh i can . be mmm . man actually met a dog in la the day we . flew back yesterday because you lose . today coming back but there was three . dogs when we were having breakfast and . we were getting coffee and everything . there was three dogs standing there and . it was a pog and the middle of the other . two dogs were absolutely gorgeous but . the pug was going around like and meet . me want to touch him and there was . apollo or was that henry i can't . remember um oh i should be a fucking . bad-ass making me look like a sexy . sultry dad i'm like i think this is good . i don't think any of the rest of them . suit me brows oh give me bushels of . apples on my face. i have some mad bastard untamable . eyebrows my main hair is like it looks . black but it's actually like really . really really dark brown which would be . something like that but i don't know if . that actually looks good actually . it's time to look like me it just needs . to thicken out the hair here we go . facial hair i just have my actual . patient okay this as well oh that's . looking good . i look like doctor disrespect oh man i . look so good with a fucking viking beard . smuggle out some some paraphernalia in . that but i think this is more like me oh . that looks good that is the epitome of . fucking manhood and sex right there oh . sometimes i've been a glass sometimes i . wear a glass on with it like a little . smelly boy and but not today anything . what me think maybe today i just go with . nothing what do you think this voice . come from no pair take it starting to . look good oh oh oh that's there we . fucking go yes can i use the have them . in my ears i don't have them anymore . though just take the fucking piercing of . himself my head why not um alright ok . clothing oh you can't be naughty sex . bang oh i wanted sobered or i can go . like business casual all looking good . daddy said the guy looking very fucking . good what what's a nice shirt as well . this is kind of something that we're in . real life i actually have a shirt in. this shape not wearing it right now but . it's blue oh there it is there it is . everyone i don't need see the rest . nipple eggs nipple eggs are so good . that's all i need looking good daddy . well better oh ho named dad dad . oh i could get real fucking bad with . this ah i kind of want it to be me . though so i pull out my own head one . i'm fine i want him to be me sorry about . that so i guess yes we call jack jack . daddy it's like a mac daddy . but it's a jack daddy and that itself is . a dad joke there we go be that dad yeah . okay you can say bookmarks directly to . your desktop wait what you can why you . may never known this okay ten minutes . into the episode we're actually starting . the game okay amanda did you fall asleep . packing . i don't want boys to give her no because . they have their voice but all to do is . like hmm huh that kind of softer you . kind of get an inflection of what their . voice sounds like so it's it'll be a . teething process i got most of it done i . think this is jack so i'm going to give . him my voice searching around the room . it looks like i did a pretty good job . every box the seals except for one . weight straggler hmm what's in it. looking into the box i see a bunch of . old photos and little photo album all . right okay this is her voice app
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