COOPER GETS A BOAT (Dog’s First Boat Ride)

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All right girl i am smiling away too . hard for 8:00 a. m. right now what is . happening what might be happening hope . hear about it anymore we're finally . getting a boat for the past i want to . say like what has it been two months or . three months maybe close to three i . don't know february and then in march . you're just like dead set i've been . wanting to get a boat for so long i mean . we live here on a lake obviously that's . an excuse to have a boat right and . everybody always says that the best day . a boat owners life is the day he buys it . the day he sells it so we'll see if that . holds true but i've just i've been . wanting a boat i want to be able to . enjoy the lake with her and our friends . and more importantly with these guys. kota needs to be able to get to the . island there are so many things that we . need to do there are so many things that . we can do with a boat we could put a . grill on it and like you know grill out . out there have dinner out there and. stuff like that . i've just i've wanted one so bad but i . haven't want it like this is gonna be my . first boat i've ever owned so i haven't. wanted to like really jump in cuz boat . prices can get pretty crazy and stuff so . i didn't want to get something super . crazy i wanted to find something like . nice and respectable but also kind of . conservative in a way i guess and i . think we found it we've got an hour to . drive we're gonna go check it out it's a . used 2016 binnington triton with a 115 . motor on it so it's gonna have some . space to stretch out but it's also gonna . be fast so coups hair is good to be able . to blow in the wind it's going to be . great so we're gonna go check this thing . out the guys moving and he wants to sell . it quickly so obviously that gives me an . opportunity to kind of barter a little . bit we'll see if we can make something . happen let's get it i don't know how . much i'm gonna record of like the deal. and stuff obviously because that's a . little bit weird but we're meeting in a . cvs here just to like meet up and then. he has it in a storage place a mile or . so away he just said the cvs was gonna . be easier to find but i've got something . funny to show you guys here so i was . giving him the eta and then now when . we're about to meet up he says that he's . in a big black jeep and i've got a big . blue jeep. how perfect is that oh my goodness weird . pick it up a big blue boat i'm sorry i'm . just so excited we didn't it there she . is right there the big blue binnington . we did it we got a deal we are on the . way to chase to get a certified check . and then we're gonna be going to the . title place cuz he's gonna sign over the . title to me and we've got a vote we can . take the boys on the boat i'm so excited . i'm not gonna be on this camera for more . than about 10 seconds oh my gosh look at . that big thing behind us we got it we're . gonna get it back to the house and give . you guys a nice little like look at it . we're gonna clean it up get it in the . water yeah i don't know we might have to . wait till tomorrow to record the getting . the boys on it and going out to the . island and stuff we'll see what happens. but i'm so excited this is insane by far . the biggest thing i've ever towed before. i mean that was a big load behind me . kind of kind of like back here you know . i mean but no it was it was a little bit . scary but it wasn't too bad and here she . is oh my gosh guys this is so insane . look at this binnington i've done a lot . of research over these things for the . past like three months or so and . binnington is like a very very good very . reputable brand the yamaha outboards . four stroke outboard czar some of the . best you can get as well so overall this . is a super solid boat the ladder here we . can go ahead and open this up you coming . up my dear your chariot awaits oh my . gosh look at this so really the only . thing that isn't essentially new on it . is he hit a twig the other day and it . toured this open so we have to get that . patched up but apart from that besides . like basic way i mean there's some like . sand and stuff on it we're gonna clean . it off and it's essentially gonna be . brand new and we got it for way way way . way way less than we would have paid if . we did buy a new so here's like the. captain's chair and stuff gonna be town. like this we've got a marine radio for . speakers i think i want to have more . speakers at it in and then maybe a . subwoofer like over there somewhere i . think i'm gonna get some like lights . underneath it and stuff but we got . plenty of space for the dogs look at . this we've got a little spot where kuby . can jump off. we're gonna have to have like a . custom-made ramp for him to be able to . get himself back up it comes with a . ladder but i i'm worried about that so . we'll see what happens to that but yeah . just i'm envisioning coda just like . sitting up here his hair blowing in the. wind just loving life drooling all over . the place it's gonna be insane all right . so we've spent all morning doing this i . still have to get some work done i'm . gonna go inside get some work done she's . gonna work on cleaning up the boat a . little bit we're hoping to be able to . put it in tonight so they might give you . guys like a first look and then tomorrow . we can actually be outside and be in the . sun and bring the boys on it that's when . we're gonna bring the boys out so we'll . see what happens next . see you guys there day two what's up . guys and welcome back to another episode . of the super coopers sunday . how excited are we what's up kota what's . up cooped oh my gosh i bet you guys . didn't think that was coming i know i . didn't do it at the start of this video . but today is gonna be a glorious day . coop what's happening today can you tell . the people because it kind of feel like . you know what's going on we just went . out and unwrapped it out there we just . went out and took the cover off the boat . today we are going to be taking coover . and kota sailing on the pontoon for the . first time ever captain coop where you. at come here come on sit good boy i've . never seen you this excited about a hat . before good boy oh it doesn't really fit . but well oh my god that is so cute that . is so perfect . nope nope nope nope it's not it kind of . looks like a frisbee i guess i want to . keep this nice thank you michael and . abbi i need to adjust the back because . i've got a really big head but they got . me - they got me the captain's hat and a. shirt the captain is always right so . make sure you keep that in mind keep . that in mind today coupe is the captain . today but i can't wait this is gonna be. so much fun we've been talking about . this for so long today it's finally . happening . i think it's worth saying that we . haven't said a thing no we put all the . stuff out in the boat last night we . wouldn't let him down there yes seen it . yeah neither one of them have seen it we . wanted to keep it like all fresh and . like first time for you guys we haven't. said a word we came back up here and . he's piped and the entire time that . trevor was sitting on the boat kota was . crying what do you want tell us what you . want what do you want you want to go . swim in that's what you want what you go . out on the lake huh . all right i need you to calm down . because i don't want nails tearing up . the seats and the floor and everything . like that cooper yes yes absolutely . hundred percent go boy i just need you . to calm down all right i'm gonna open . this up and we're gonna be calling we're . gonna go potty we're gonna get it out of . us cooper no no go potty . go potty i know this is exciting i'm . just about as excited as you are go. potty come on good boy let's just relax . cooper i don't know how he knows he's. never been on a boat before . but it's like he knows it's coming i. guess kota does too . look at him just waiting on the edge of . the dock for us could we go potty make . sure you don't gotta go . especially you kota i don't want any . scared pees on the boat oh definitely . don't want any of that on the boat . either kota come here go potty i swear . it's like pulling teeth just to go potty . i don't understand . let's do it cooper cooper oh he's . already looking at it he's like what is . this cooper don't jump all right i'm . just hoping that kota doesn't really . realize that this isn't another part of . the dock it's going to open this up wait . come here good boy. what is this coop good boy . gotta get your sea legs come on kota . kota come on . come on come on goopy come here oh no . could we scare them up hold on . maybe if we try the front kota come here . come here buddy come on good boy good . boy come on step down here come on you . got this you got this i got you i'm here . for you no come on plan b good boy i . don't really want to like pick him up . and force them on their cuz i want him . to run it well think about it think . about how scary the stairs are it's all . right good boy kona look at that big old . baby so when we are looking at boats . could be you need to let me talk i need . to talk to the people when we were . looking at boats one of the salesmen . that we had talked to was like they're . great if you guys ever want to have kids . cuz you can just kind of close the gates . and you corral them in and they don't . really have a way to get out and we're . like that's perfect for our dogs . so now kota i mean he's snuck in here . i'm nervous i just don't want like a . freak out jump over the side tear up to . everything be in the water or fall over . that sort of thing . hopefully we can just kind of get him to . like lay down and chill we're gonna . watch this thing i'm gonna give you the . camera it's gonna be your your job to . get all the reactions good boy you like . it on here lots of smiles to snap gotha . oh he wants to
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