Sara is Missing is definitely one of the most unique horror experiences I have EVER play! Definitely a MUST SEE!!
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Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to sara is missing now this is supposed to be an augmented-reality her kind of like altered reality game where you're supposed to be finding sarah i'm assuming it was on ngo and supposedly supposedly just different system failure your device ran into a problem and needs to reset do you want to restore your device to an earlier time if you'd like to know more no do i need to do all we gotta have 200k please wait while we have store your device do not switch off the devolves at restoring iris ok restoring messages ok what the fuck was that oh welcome back sarah this is phone appears to be you don't appear to be sarah what are you looking at me have we met oh ok i don't know should i go into my god damn messages oh geez i have no other thing see welcome back sarah his phone appears to be damaged ah you know what i have no idea if i should talk to strangers but i'm gonna do just that see i'm not sarah i my name no jesus rg ok alright i have to do what i have to do there alright not sarah who would you kindly return this property back to serie young see you know where she is that's weird because it's the exact time that it is right now based on your response i assume she is not with you i don't even know who it seems that the last video she took implies the cheese in danger would you like to watch it and help me verify now now i would not on a part of this this seems horrible and horrifying and why do i have to help let's see what you god i guess i don't ever could feel it all god i don't see that hello oh i thought i was going to see someone getting murdered that's so weird it's it's really well done this is really well made oh god it really replicates a phone is the only file left at this moment the rest of the content seems to be deleted or intentionally damaged see how much can you fix i assume i'm talking to an ai it appears that only 14. 3 percent of these devices operation who they r looks like she needs help i didn't do anything about it yes it would appear so i'm this mobiles intelligent recovered recog- in icon no lottery system it is in my best interest in your good conscience to locate her immediately see why do you want it what do you want me to help find sarah who she is my owner i want to make sure she is saying who it is my prime directive ok whatever computer start talking about prime directives it's not exactly a good sign you sound human yes i want cheese way what we're wasting precious time here will you help me find sarah but why did you just say i want what did that mean in context to this situation i have no idea what you're going on about but ok how about a big old year broody i don't know if i could even say no here oh no maybe oh please i believe you're her only hope the phone is dying that's not much time i'm not sure what all see there is no option i'm not sure what i can do but ok i'll help i don't even know why i picked up this phone now i need to restore as much of the contents in this phone is am able to please press the back button then tap and hold anywhere on the home screen mmole added all good i've got a daily reminder that i need to find sarah it well it with oh there we go i believe i can recover some of this phone's data alrighty then do it to it would you like me to restore them now yeah no point waiting i guess i'm going to get more flashes of nightmares all boy i can count on the nightmares on my boy is gonna be foot remember you can tap and hold it any part of the phone to ask me for help with anything ok but if it's something out of my capabilities i will let you know what the beep okay i need help oh thank you oh thank you gallery okay music okay okay so this isn't helping here oh normal hell jeez oh jeez this doesn't look good i feel really weird it's like i'm actually going through someone's phone here and this is weirdly private and i'm invading the privacy right what do you have to do this weekend swarm with my work why i need a favor you always in favor what's new hey don't be mean i really want to go to this gathering you mean party yeah i'm not really up for it but it's sort of your thing what do you mean it's vital part of gifs notched isn't that the witches feast how is that my finger the pagan hey i follow you to church all right what's the big deal anyway you're like end all these supernatural stuff too yeah but i don't party with ghosts i'm not going to fall for one of your coven initiation again faith all that was a joke come on lets these witches aren't real but i'm the only real one around here to some guys playing coming we all do it you know halloween hello i don't know faith maybe not ask me again tomorrow or something so that could be the start of something bad that it was not going to be a good thing to go to that my mom's want to check in derek and i have decided to end things things were not working out so but i'm ok i'm going to hear that ceremony i've always known that derek could never keep up with you best united things before i got too serious what time is your flight back i have to come out my driver pick you up from the airport right well mom actually don't panic i've decided to stay sir i don't understand you just come out of a relationship and you're in a foreign land why would you want to stay i need some time for myself mom being at home now just can't no reason you can do this is because you're living under my roof and i'm paying for all your expenses you've lived pretty comfortably a pretty comfortable life and a spoilt one at that i've given you nothing but the best and all i've asked from you is that you go for this one meeting and you shoot it down without even thinking about it how ungrateful of you and your father he was good man rest his soul but it's useless at living he was a bomb i won't stand for it if you become like him wow ok mom going in for a meeting i'll be home early today you'll have dinner at home we will take further on this wow what a overbearing mom i don't know that that's just so overbearing and controlling of her life so she's got an overbearing mother who controls your life tries to destin everything but although although she is going on a creep ass in parapsychology i don't even know what that is right when we got here alright hey you there what he wanted but bored why should i care oh this is derek oh so man did you text me to tell me that you're such an asshole didn't mean to hurt you things were different don't want us to end i guess i don't know i'm trying to tell you this was not how i plan to be things right yourself why do you always do this oh god this feels so weird why am i reading their private conversation stop blaming the shit on girls on meet in these girls naked or not they're not our problems it's me what is he doing that he's around naked girls with the fuck leaves their girlfriend to fly back to the country to photograph nude women on open times day oh and then not tell her about it oh dick move broad dick move baby please baby please one month little less than a month month baby baby please i'm not your baby i'm not your baby ok alright bye wow this feels so weird reading these conversations oh boy carpet flavor cop means shopping airbnb alright nothing much here them i shouldn't have gone into her pay teachers would have been very weird can you help me with this virus i don't know what to do as i calculated only a minor portion of the phone contents are available see where should i start perhaps try going through a text her story i just did what do i do if i find something should happen hold on anything interesting or suspicions i lend my assistance and look into it god dammit i just went through all the messages now i gotta go back and remember everything that i went through ok i was i'm having some difficulty there's something curious about faith in is text okay yeah that is true ok so i remember that faith had a weird thing where she wanted to go do something i really want to go this gathering what's going on there a wall fergus knocked what is that since she said germany once the walpurgisnacht see is the one dutch and german names for the night of 30th of april who so called because it's the eve of the feast of a saint wallpaper guy and a new century a best in front seat is believed to be the night of a which is meeting people still practice this freedom of religion freedom of belief is a principle to support the freedom of individuality ok i know that includes freedom to change one's religion or belief okie dokie then not going to fall for this again nope ok so then i had definitely did one you're not normally like sarah's actions it's unusual how do you know what's unusual who for various calculations of sarah's regular activities and choices he makes under daily life i can simulate into du centre actions and inactions in the situation does not matter brass / who was sarah usually like behavior shows that she's suffering from abrupt an apparent unaccountable changing moods possibly due to a relationship issue i'm no doctor you're freaky your freaky iris i'm sorry okay all right then okay okay hang on i'll be right with you iris see if we can look through her pictures i believe there's an error with the gallery which kindly tap and hold the gallery icon i don't like the feel of please wait while i find what's wrong i feel on kind of terrible pictures seem sarah's kept locked you will need a passcode to proceed further the hint is sarah's birthday see can't you just tell me i'm afraid i can't reveal personal information you will need to find that out for herself i know what a birthday is i know what her birthday is i know it a lot because it's in her male she had as happy birthday on 14 she was born on valentine's day derek is on asshole wow holy shit ok 14 februari wow ok 1402 okay and i mean oh this feels wrong there's a strange mood during the take a closer look at wasn't i restrained photos in the gallery i don't wanna i don't wan
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