DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #12

What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object?.... I dunno but hey look! TABS!
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Top of the mornin ladies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to totally accurate battle simulator the last time i did a few with the levels i want to get back in and do some of those in a minute but i want to get into the sandbox first because on this one of the things that people ask endlessly and endlessly in the comments that the last one is that people wanted to see trump versus hillary and i wasn't going to do it because they did like the mr. president game and that was before the election and everything and this came out before the election so i thought wait why would i do it now the elections over not like itself but it does seem like it would be fun so let's put trump on the left hillary on the right i actually don't know the politics who and what's left and what's right of america from republican and democrat and all those types of things so sorry i'm probably gonna put them in the right orientation but what map you're gonna get engaged once cotton because why the fuck not i'm so trump seems to have huge machine guns oh you actually talk what did she throw it is she threw up with gmail icons oh my god really she's throwing all her emails at trump and trump is just absolutely she 10 gmail beats fucking machine guns apparently okay this could actually be really fun because i didn't know what they did so what i want to do is clear this side and i actually clear both and put trump way back here and what i want to do over this site wait we're making our presence here is running down a shit-ton of peasants from to kill because i want to see i want to see what happens when he just starts shooting a whole shit ton of them maybe he'd be the one to beat the dark present for her oh mother a god look at this oh my keep it it's just absolute slaughter actually know they're coming back they're ganging up the presents are frightened back trump you better be he puts up a wall really all my god he put some random walls and then just dropped him he's not able to shoot any of them there we go now you're gonna get your clothes back to shooting through the wall the wall just felt crushed the whole bunch of them you see where it's a bad idea bro victory they won he killed himself his own wall really ok now let's put hillary this side and see what happens so trump lost against all the peasants i i don't know i did another reason i don't wanna do this because they don't fucking pointless arguments in the comments all over the place for no reason it's a game let some stuffs light and she put her in here in red see what happens emailed to people work-related emails work-related emails personal emails work-related emails personal emails cool she's like one of the ninja star dudes all hillary you are so dead go behind the fucking back and everything once what's gmail gmail for everybody timo read on emails god hillary you're getting a lot of emails all at once look at her on the pile of bodies that lies before she's fucking taking ask the whole she's actually she won she still can't fucking gmail one of the guys necks ok that was fun outweigh what else didn't i try m16 you actually like machine-gun m16 like what trump at what the fucking hell they really are and they did the blues just got annihilated by them and what else is there a from trade out everything super box of those are the guys were playing chicken man man no i didn't do this super boxer did the super peasant chicken man vs. dark person could be fun oh god yeah forgot about the m16 ok the boxers are just getting shot in the fucking face what did the super boxes you please tell me the super boxes ok what i want to do something i'm already you and you actually let's do this oh i please tell me that the super boxers actually just punch people super fire like it's just all bashed please please oh god please our man really i thought that's what you were going to i thought the physics we're going to be funny but they're just gonna go post as the high flame like one punch man he said win now it just seems like their boxers with more power and more health lame see what happens chicken man vs. dark peasant this should be a fucking clash of the titans right here joint man with lots of chickens coming out of his butt vs actually know this guy is just going to destroy everybody isn't he fucks see the dark prisons are insane what does it actually take to kill them okay see you're lying to me you say performance light right now but you're not factoring in the amount of shite that's literally about to come out of his arse because they were doubling our worker the game runs so much better though nice nice is he doing it what's happening oh my god look at other spikes in them holy fuck oh god the performance my guy is just in the good lord he's just in the middle of this what the whole farm up ok ok ok stop serves up holy mother of god we have to get rid of a bunch that where you're going to sit out here i broke the game open into many chicken man and he just attacked one of them then attacked another but these guys are still life ok the chickens are all day your shape node a chicken's if it fucking of the dark peasants are scary as all help whether god knots and stop some away some he just goes into the middle and barricade himself oh my god he looks like a fucking acupuncture mistake get him get him i don't know i don't even know where he is anymore ok i broke it again i brought ok go back out go back out clear that fucking shit that's just not going to work ok i wanna get back in and do some levels the levels are the most fun part in box 1 don't get me wrong but i like trying out shit here i want to see if i can get much of the m16s 3000 our man these guys bc more like a a sandbox only type of thing i can't even put trumping right now truck would actually probably destroy a whole bunch of goodies chicken man though whoa cool i can actually put them interest in the normal maps now and a bunch of these ninjas starters i want to see what happens oh this is just a chicken man doesn't you can man fuck ok ready for her now though you get all shit the shield's the shields are going to be the death of me i need something to get through the shield's we lose fuck two cannons 10 footman that's what it's gonna have to be the foot men played in the back where the cannons gear up and ready for fight you missed what i wanted to do is splash damage all of these guys yes break off all the shield's no sun evening at these guys and left ok ok ok cool ok well we gotta do but these guys right here there it is this is how we're gonna do it yes fuck ya missed him up the shields yes kill them all still a lot of them alive though i'm not happy about this way aiming left your name left there we go go man yes killing all my own dudes the whole fuck it's a massacre a right turn turn nice if we win we lost fuck wow don't you better rollers a chariot to mention up barriers are going in first you're gonna mess up all these see this probably weighs that i can do this a lot easier but i'm just trying stuff that looks cool already care about anything else spearman even though in my experience the spearmen have sucked because it wasn't him stabbing each other go go barrels don't know chariots fucking 20 left in it now mother of god is the fire that fire kills them what if there was a bunch of stupid spearmint can't even don't even know where their dick sir today we defeat we live feels like defeat this guys getting absolutely store i can do this there we go a nice blanket of fire has been laid out shit i should have changed my spearmint fuck i forgot that they actually had em equipe there's a fire stay down dammit they don't have my tree still going speak ill of something and it will complement something and it'll just get destroyed immediately i always fucking jinx things wait a second i might have a chance of winning this yeah dudes don't get each other oh why why you fucking idiots killed the bad guy tell him up dad ok ok ok you have a chance you have a chance to it so it's 1v2 keep spinning around there bro come on what killed him fuck him up stupid no one's gonna win no there are no winners here even if i went there are no winners here what's happening except me i in the winner so good these nuts pitches i might have got to be to it at all ki smoky day right two barrels right at the start you know why because they lay down a blanket a fire and everybody dies yes explode yes the explosion doesn't need to kill them all i need to do is create a defensive line yet my guys are running into the fire and dying why why are you such fucking idiots man and one error versus all there's fuck crap i did not go to plan gave you guys that plan was stupid fucking plan right ok mmm fucking grease down a cherry it right here go right for those archers and fuck shit up i can't put it down because i need 604 that here we go here we go here we go there it is that's the one that's the ticket so fucking you need to make up your mind sooner than that stop dilly-dallying between both either gold for the shields or go for the archers you can't say i'm gonna go this way then go the other way we win anyway but at what cost fuckin stupidity is the winner here today i'm am geez i thought they were gonna lose i thought i was gonna have to get out the wooden spoon oh my god it's just a firing squad only shit oh and you can actually hold ctrl to bring up the great anyway and lining stuff up that's pretty cool i'm great 2000 you could actually put down one of you know trump and see what happens oh god you're just gonna get shot to death all my card from first the fires were always sweet mother of god you're still alive you don't even have any guns anymore oh trump white donald don't know just give up the ghost you're not going to win this fuck sick somebody died they're killing each other you put up a fucking waters of you know we need to do to catapults right there to catapult you know what else we need you know you know asker's go to
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