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From our family of heroes to yours: Happy New Year! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he takes a look back at what happened in 2017 and then looks forward to what’s in store for 2018.
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Happy new year everyone! . this is jeff from the overwatch team. everyone here at blizzard wants to wish . you the happiest of new year's. we thought it would be a great . opportunity to take a few minutes. to look back on what 2017 was all about. we had so much fun working on . the game during that period. if you remember, the year started . when we released the oasis map. which was really cool because it came . so soon in january and everyone had. a lot of fun playing on oasis having a. new control map for the first time. later in the year we released . three brand-new heroes. we had orisa, doomfist, and. finally moira. so, i think they all worked out . really well, we've gotten. a ton of good feedback, people have . really enjoyed playing those heroes,. that was a lot of fun. the other thing that i particularly. enjoyed out of 2017 that we worked on. was a bunch of new game modes. i know we had said we were never . going to make deathmatch but then. we added it to the game and it . turned out to be a ton of fun. we added that chΓ’teau map which. was i think a blast for deathmatch. and then we also worked a lot . on those elimination modes and added. a bunch of arena maps . to the game. so, that was a lot of fun, in addition. plus, we had some great . animated shorts last year and the. feedback on those was really amazing. so, i think all in all . 2017 was a great year. in addition to the stuff i . mentioned, there were so many. other bits of content and features. now i know what you're . all wondering is. "hey it's 2018, now what do we . have look to look forward to from. the overwatch team ". and we're super fired up for this . year, there's a lot of stuff. that we want to address. obviously, the stuff coming more . immediately, as we've mentioned before,. we have all those great . overwatch league skins coming soon. that you'll be able to get in the game. so, those are going to look . great and be fantastic. plus, the start of the . overwatch league is going to be. incredibly exciting. the preseason was amazing. we had so much fun watching . the teams that i think the. season is going to be fantastic. we're going to release. blizzard world very soon. and i think that map is one of our best. not only is it a gorgeous map with tons. of great easter eggs in it. but we're also trying a lot of different. things with the gameplay in certain. areas of how we handle . the level design, that i think. will make for a really fun . and competitive hybrid map. now beyond that there's . a lot of stuff in the works. so, i'm gonna be vague about . some of this because i can't reveal. everything that we're working on, . but obviously one of the things that is. most important to us is heroes. overwatch is a game about heroes and . we are well along the path on hero #27. we think the hero is going to be awesome. we think the hero is very needed. the hero, we're not really sure exactly. when the release date is,. the release date is less important. to us than getting the hero right. we have the hero in internal testing . and so far we're having a ton of fun. and we're making . a lot of great progress. we're also thinking about heroes . beyond hero #27 as well. there's some great new maps in the. works also, that you will learn more. about in the future. we know the things that you guys love . our new heroes and new maps. beyond that we're going to continue to . work on improving competitive play. now i know this is important to . a lot of players for a lot of different. reasons and i sort of want. to talk about our strategy a little bit. on the one hand, we feel . like as each season rolls out. (new season of competitive) . we want to make good,. short-term, strategic, and . tactical fixes to competitive play. to improve them. so, for example as season 8 is starting. we're removing the performance-based. skill rating metric from players . who are diamond and above. as an example, that was something . that you gave us a ton of feedback on. we're listening and we're gonna make . that change; we see that as a very. like short-term change. now long term we keep listening to . feedback and talking internally about. what do we want competitive play . to be like, ultimately . and as the year goes on we want to . kind of evolve our plan for what. competitive play looks like over the. long term of overwatch and does it take. a different shape or form . and that's still to be . determined but i just. want to share with you some of our . thoughts and some of what we're. working on here at blizzard. the other things that are going . on is we want to continue the. story development of overwatch and . we're talking a lot about how to further. the storyline that we've been telling. we've been talking a lot about . you know winston's recall that. went out and how different people have. responded to that. i think you saw how mei responded . to the recall in rise and shine. and how reinhardt responded to. the recall in honor and glory. that's a continuous storyline . that we want to explore and. we hope to do that through both our . animated shorts and comics as well. those are things that were really . invested in and have a lot. of passion behind. the other thing that we're . putting a lot of time into is our. upcoming events. so, as you guys know . last year for lunar new year. it was year of the rooster. upcoming, very soon is year of the dog . will be this year's lunar new event. there will be more details coming . out about that, but i think that. there's some pretty significant content. that players are going to be very happy. with and some other stuff that we've. been listening to you give us feedback. on that we're gonna make changes on. during that year of the dog event. we're also planning what is . to be the next iteration of uprising. uprising was the lore-based event . that we ran in april of last year. and we know that uprising should . return for players who never got to. experience it in the first place, but we. want to evolve it and we want to put. more thought against what . that event could be. we have a lot of really big ideas . and we think that's going to be a. lot of fun for players as well and also. we like celebrating the anniversary of. the release of the game. last year we had all of those . dance emotes that we. released one for every single hero. we know that you'd be very upset if. there wasn't another chance to unlock. those dance emotes. so, the anniversary event will be . coming back, along with everybody's. favorite which are legendary skins. and all of these things. speaking of skins, the feedback that . we always get from the players is. "we wish you would add more content to . the base non-event loot box" and coming. up very soon, hopefully, sometime this . month will be a ton of new content. into that base loot box, . that should feel really great. you don't have to worry about it being. time limited behind any event that will. be available you know from . here forward; you'll always be. able to have access . to that in overwatch. so, we're really looking forward to . the year, i'm only sort of touching. the tip of the iceberg in terms . of things that we're working on. we're really excited to continue to . make the game great alongside of you. so, we will give you way more. detail than i'm giving you on all. this stuff right now. we'll go way more in-depth as we get . closer on all of these things but. just know that all of us here at . blizzard and everyone here on the. overwatch team is committed to making. overwatch as great as it can be. for you every single day and it's going. to be a fantastic 2018. so, happy new year everyone . and looking forward to making. another great year alongside of you. .
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