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Hi my name is aaron this is ross a game . grumps we just wanted to chime in tell . you a little bit about this animated . project we're super excited about a . friend of ours producing getting . kick-started called blossom detective . holmes his name is steve on he's worked . on legend of korra he's worked on the . new voltron series he's super super. talented dude this is a like an anime . series that he's trying to make and it . looks amazing he showed us some material . from another we were just dope as hell . excited and you know him personally . because he trained under him yeah he . does online classes and i took his . action storyboarding class and his. drawing class so a lot of the stuff i've . been doing recently i have him to thank . for this he's an amazing teacher and i . want to show them some love there you go . man so go ahead and click that . description to put that link in the . description below and you know to check . out the kickstarter and you can see . awesome clips from what he's already. produced obviously very capable dude so . check that out thanks for thanks for . checking it out pixelated game for kids . i don't know if the sort of children's . game mode yeah so this is devil daggers . that's a hand yeah i don't know what i . don't know what i thought that was do . you think it was i don't know i just . said i didn't know what did you really . top hectoring me i guess i just thought . it was like a like a glowy like mineral . deposit of so like i thought they were . still stalagmites so you did think it . was something yeah so you lied oh all . right well we're off to a strange start . this playthrough i don't know what this . game is so this game is inspired by like . stetson and heretic like those. first-person shooters from like the mid. yes quake yeah oh quake i clocked in . some quake time so let's give it a shot . it's a very simple game have you played . this yet oh yeah . oh neat grab the dagger i don't have the . ability it's lit it is it is hashtag lit . okay cool . and then you just gotta survive and . that's it oh my god so there's no walls . or anything they're just coming out just . one stage weird one one gun how spooky . yeah it's uh oh this is actually quite . upsetting oh it's super upsetting yeah . because it's not it's not a matter as . matthew mitosis puts it uh-huh . it's not a matter if you're gonna die . yeah it's when oh man so i got 32 . seconds in fuckin jory . yeah jory got 91 but my top is a hundred . and seven oh okay so that's him what a . minute and a half about damn that's . crazy yeah it's it's tough i think the . top guy oops i think the top guy has . like 20 minutes really this game is just . straight-up hell that's all oh yeah . supposed to be oh yeah i want me to look . at this would be imagine oh god don't . even get me started on existential shit . okay imagine if this was what the hell . was the shooter you just did a run and . shoot without any rest for eternity yeah . well it'd be a lot scarier if i didn't . think hell was like the dumbest fucking . idea i've ever heard in my life well why . you don't think that idea is scary . the idea is scary but like the it's not . scary because i think it could possibly . be real oh it's it's only scary in like . a movie kind of way i guess yeah . but yeah you know yeah that shit's dumb . but yeah sure that would be scary i . think i've been that i think it's scary . for me because i've been there - hell . yeah i'd like hung out with you you want . to tell is that like a meme or something . no it's just it's like it was the first . place the kid on my mind honestly hey . what did delaware don't know aaron her . new jersey oh god no what is that . gobbles up gems dude oh he's a gem . gobbler - wait do you need gems yeah . they helped me they level up oh shit i . did the level up thing oh you can i've. never done that before nice fuck yeah i . hope i don't die don't god oh i died of . a bitch well that's exciting i almost i . almost did the level of thing i did it . what is the level up thing i don't know . you just get stronger like a third . finger out yeah cool cuz i got like yeah . exactly because i got two fingers right . now yeah that's what girls go through to . when they level up. oh right you know i'm saying yeah yeah . and they're saying it's sensual i'm . making a sensual comment it's good. you're all about that what are you . shooting exactly it's it's a weird mix . of like confetti and blood it's like a . blood curse. okay it's like it could be delicious . your hand looks pretty fucked up though . i think you might also be a bad guy what . makes you think that i'm a bit i don't . know you got some lava hands hand what . if i'm like cursed and this is the curse . right okay but like what'd you do to get . the curtis you were probably a big day . no you never seen films or it's like i . was cursed because a person i cared. about greatly made a mistake and i took. the fall for it so that they could live . their life because i've never seen that . but that's very nope no it's like all . the sacrifice and that's why you ever . seen the curse of sergio from the lonely . island that's a fuckin it's a classic . that what they stole that bit yeah also . from saturday night live no oh it stole . it from the guy the sexy sax man guy . oh no well yeah . and they made it jon hamm and then and . then it was like well did you credit it . i don't know what the whole how that . situation went down me neither that was . really strange to see where it was like . well i've already seen this bit it was . on youtube did they steal it or did they . like ass it mission sΓ©rgio the on the . lonely island was a skit where a man. gets cursed by a homeless guy and then . he starts seeing this sexy sax man this . oiled-up ponytailed saxophone player . everywhere named sergio and eventually . his wife has a baby and the baby is a . fully grown sergio. that was a lonely island i thought that . was strictly an snl bit i mean it's it's . i think was i think it was a digital . short it was one of those long i was . responsible for that wow look at that . that's gross but yeah there was that it . was also the snl bit where the woman . gives birth to like a fully grown oh so . gross so funny though . a feral man what's he doing now i don't . know but he's fabulous the rose bowl . announcement with molly shannon did you . see that i did not amazon hosted like a . like a gag rose bowl like commentary no . they're like the two commentators like . wow really loved this float kent you . know it's the kids from whatever like . they brought our sure they did like like . an improv comedy version of that uh-huh . and it was okay great . improv is tough yeah it's very very . hit-or-miss just by its nature yeah . pretty much. but it's like they handled it well they . were in character the whole time yeah . bits and stuff like they're they're . professionals i my mind exploded when i . realized that old school is 15 years old . i've never seen it bro you can't be . fucking serious oh go on . really oh go so cute . no no that's i don't say that in like . the like how dare you not see it i say . that you know i'm so excited that i get . to watch it with you it's one of my . favorite movies is it good yeah i love . it i think i'm thinking of school of . rock and i enjoyed that as well and i . haven't seen either but old old school . is a comedy classic that's where the . name spanish come from oh really. yeah and then we just started calling my . spanish friend spanish yeah see spanish . he is spanish from espan from a spark . he's from the language of spanish yes . but i just say god iron oh dude they . caught up to me it's like engel is your . second language engel angular in ingen . knoll hmm oh those things are farting . demons out of their heads . oh yeah i see the squidy monsters are . shooting the skull man's out of there . squid ink no there's no way to win this . there's no they didn't even program like . an ending or no man goes on forever this . is like droids dude i don't think . anybody's seen how far can really go at . the top of the leaderboard the thing is . you can this game is so simple it saves . a replay of like every game that you . play oh i say and on the loot you can . see the public leaderboards and you can . watch the replays of like every single . score on the wow so you can watch the . top scorer of all time replay is he . amazing it's it's like i don't really . understand what's going on what the fuck . yeah you just gotta keep moving they . always get you from . behind ya that's how i get you well the . thing about this is that's also tough . for doing a show is um this is really . like sound based oh you can hear them . coming yeah so you can like tell exactly . what's behind you and what if i close my . obfuscated things by going over here . that would make it that that would . instantly turn it to like hard mode cool . you turn the sound off it's like . immediately hardened longshore cuz you . have to be moving all the time made this . debt deviled that joe devil dagger . gentle dagger good for you man yeah i . mean was it a small team or i would . assume so yeah yeah i could see it being . like a big team that was working on . something else and did this for fun in . the meantime you know fuck you spider . damn fucking spider that's not you . killing him that's just him like going . in there yeah it's from hibernation . getting in defense maybe oh there's so . many squids now yeah based on based on . what i learned from the the top player . strategy apparently like that's the way. to do it. what's that it's like not kill the . squids oh fuck well you're doing a great . job of that . there's millions of them ah i'm not fast . enough. hey you did really well i got 70 for . those we have a scoreless time record so . that's cool how many people can say that . yeah i remember him i didn't convenient . truth for
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