Do Not DEEP FRY Furby Connect!

What happens when you deep fry Furby Connect?
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Caption: Oh my gosh to fear all with some you today we are going to deep fry furby connect students i know you're thinking roy why gonna be for this furby because i want to i want to see what happens but before we do that let's figure out what this fur be connected so here we go i want to know what makes it so popular sorry anyways apparently you need for double-a batteries in order for this dana become alive so here we go here's a fourth one and then let me just close up this big boy and wow that's a lot hello mr. for older his eyes they're like very digital whoa what's up boy are you happy oh why what does this do wow look at his forehead what kind of the hole in his forehead whoa whoa here's a plate on bob dude was i do ok alright cool can you survive a 20-foot drop know about to find out here we go are you alive i this guy it's very durable too wow that's great honey by swinging around like this could you survive that haha could you survive this you know hey mr. ferrari i'm i'm not trying to be mean or anything but you've kind of scary you kind of scared i killed him oh you're a lot hello ok so it comes with this sweet mask it's a supposed to put them to sleep so let's put you to sleep there you go mr. hervey goodnight okay well his sleeping let's set up the deep fryer with through this all right mr. furby i don't think you understand what's about to happen because you're sleeping so that's a put you right here good let's get the deep fryer add some canola oil oh yeah furby you are going to love your first bath kids if you're watching this don't try this at home i'm doing this because i really want to see what happens when you deep fry a furby that's all okay mister furby let's tear this deep fryer on and now we wait a moment of truth has been heating up for the last 15 minutes and let's let's see what happens here we go hopefully the batteries will not explode yeah here we go 30 hope what guys down just a little bit more oil you can wake up now is does not wake it up you know i all you want to do is pretend the furby is taking a really nice jacuzzi hot tub shower so on yeah let's cover this up and come check back in like five minutes all right after deep-frying it for 10 minutes let's uh let's get out and see how this little fur babies doing oh wow good i thought you were pink what have to come here freddie look at sidewall of your life what i hope the batteries are ok let's a pretty here safely for barbie oh kind of sticks meant no jeez well look at his feet look at his feet oh my gosh to fear all but oh did capitated the kirby but oh dear oh looks like jello oh my gosh oh look at the here oh here's came up about our local let's let's let's take some time to look at how orange this oil is that's kind of gross man is kind of gross anyways but some might as well get the odds so all that is weird it's just so flappy it's like bubblegum remember the thing on top i was pushing that is literally i can just take it r44 be hey let's let's um let's take this time to remember pink for be alright cool anyways um this is what happens when you deep fry a furby it just turns into a splattered non pink the color is gone forever furby so yeah anyways if you want me to deep-fry more things let's get this video to mono like six likes and i'll do our until that i'll see you next time stay juicy where

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