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Top of the morning to you laddies my . name is jacksepticeye and welcome to do. which one you wanna do . um one die please in the trash pile of . life that is a very happy dance here i . know so this is a game it's a little . flash game and i think it's a lot like . they're the easiest game and those kind. of quizzes this thomas the tank engine. touch and dust forget with a flappy bird . going overhead oh god it's not just . gonna be memes is it do nothing i i did . it i pass okay what if what do we do . holy shit clear the eye oh my god oh i . get it. this is a weird game flip the table . maximum flip we smashed abajo can only . have one life left this is difficult got . him. wait that was a bug on top of an atom . bomb and i hit him with a hammer . joke's on you atom bombs wouldn't blow . up like that what do we do oh i can drag . okay i don't know the buttons okay . thomas you're dead thomas that's hot . that's what's gonna happen the birds . flying away you're dead you ran out of. fuel . oh god that must be horrible for a . thomas the tank engine okay i'm gonna . try this again this is different . yes whatever's happening what i'll hide . your fart okay there we go . whatever is happening in this game . whatever's going on just yes that's not . hiding your fire that's just being out . of wind the air of like direction i know . shut up i'm not doing anything i'm not . doing anything. last time his head exploded flip the . table i got this one this one i'm good . at watch me do dude should the annoying . guy up. but i'm record hey you're not gonna . shoot this annoying guy up though smash . the book i did this one for lawlessly . got him oh i'm a priest at this game now . i got this eat oh it's everything i love . to do wow. who's that a cow sob win the show no . problem at all what is the square root . of oh no rar . what would any of those answers will . have worked okay . shoot the kite this life comes at you . fast man i didn't realize i was gonna . have a sniper scope i didn't know what . was happening . chalk hook it's a bicep mushroom clown . life comes at you fast get that rhino . out of that eye what is that rhino tuna . that i look at you guys you finally . caught up and now you love new games . unlocked free the chupacabra and hi . fight the pirate yes we fight the pirate . that's what a lot of people think my . life is endless mode no story okay just . do the story again. oh sweet jesus to iron giant . hide your fart got it am i just doing . the same things again i thought i got . new missions no stay there stay i . clicked you once i do not want to drag . you again free the chupacabra . ah so just new stuff inside these modes . what i don't know what's happening this. is like bringing a fucking warrior we're . game we should play a warrior we're game . smash the book got it i can do this nail . them turn into that squishy septic. liquid win the show with these beautiful . good looks how could i not i'm just . saying roar every time because i don't . know what else is there are those popped . heads . oh it said do nothing . oh i thought it's do nothing yeah now i . get it now that i get how the game works . i know where it was saying because i . thought i said do nothing for this . section i was like oh i did it but it's . it's prepping me for the next stage . that's weird . that might be the weirdest one shoot the . kite this one they can do this time are. you gonna give me that there we go boom . shut the annoying guy up i told you you . can't like five minutes into this video . and i'm still talking . clear the i i'm that septic guy i know . how to clear the i and you're brian get . outta there we did it we did it we got . new ones though new games enough don't . get crushed and pet the cat why didn't . you get one of the new ones last time . the free that chupacabra what was the . other one. i know go thomas get the bird wait . what's your story what are you guys . trying to do with each other i don't . know but i am going to hide eifert if . thank you very much one of those happy . smiley boys i like those happy smiley . boys i'm a happy smiley boy pet cat this . is a new one you gotta be careful cats . don't like me though hey bernie all cats . are that easy to please that was a real . life cat he would have scratched the . shit out of me by now. whoa sorry mr. alien don't get crushed . also a new one i will not try i will try . not to crush he's a leprechaun tap in . the morning taya that's gonna be from . now on . hey do nothing it's gonna hang back . relax hey yo you guys do it that's great . oh sorry . can't talk i'm busy winning who has two . thumbs in his awesome at this game . alright free to chupacabra this one i . can do bow i don't know why he punches a . dude. i guess the chupacabra is a fighter . boom record speeds do or die i think . i'll do please all i've been doing is . doing right now . [music]. you . well then we broke the game the game. froze i don't want to do come on i was . doing so well hello hello hello hello. hello . what is my life alright celebrity pet . the cat so i think it's safe from my . progress somehow hey your kitty . unless it's changing them an hour that i . restarted pet the cat was just a game . mode that was in the base level i don't . know guys this is the one that broke it . last time yes . ain't breaking nothing today three the . chupacabra okay did you see my sniper . shot a second ago boom look at that . [music]. choke hook . so i'm actually hooking chalk on to the . ninja he jumps onto the ninja and he's . just a stupidly big bicep trying to kill. him whoosh what movie you guys watching . that black panther then have you guys . heard of a small movie called black . panther i don't know it's an . up-and-coming movie by a startup company. called disney hide your fur no problem . can do i've been doing it my entire life . i've hidden for since this video started . and no one had on any idea okay why is . my monitor a little a little gone down . no come on please there you go high . fright bird this is the what i didn't do . hey i'm gonna have to do a sulfide for . that one win the show roar roar loll xd . just dress the cupcake trim the nose . hairs two things that i kinda need to do . i still wanna figure out at the end at . the thomas the tank engine one is. i've done the robot i've done the goat. bear i still haven't done thomas and . they the flappy bird very damn ninja . this is a new one dress the cupcake here . we go. oh god boys this person eaten all these . things we're not sharing with me don't . get crushed okay little eppie boy here . we go. oh yes god i look be the best easi flash . games trim the nose hairs oh god oh god . i don't know if you trim the dozers or . potentially murdered that man but i'm . good with either. oh god this is quick okay as long as it . keeps alternating i can do it win the . show no problem give me that roar doll . xd ah yes my dudes right that's another . one down i need to get that a thomas the . tank engine one film the part and . protect the cheese yes okay we're . getting to the end of this one if this . breaks again if i lose or the game. breaks it's all over i'm gonna have to . flip this table do nothing my favorite . one my favorite state of being actually . that's not true cuz i can't do nothing i . need to always be working on something i . need to be playing something or watching . something or they're bouncing around or . something like that i can't sit still . oh ever thank god that worked . technically wouldn't work anywhere it's . a nuke going off shut the annoying guy . up there we go these are what's in the . terminator. i'd like to think they're watching the . terminator filled the pot hey it's the . same type of game i was looking at the . meter that i did not see any of what was . there okay don't get crushed that's hard . the hitboxes in that one sucked protect . the cheese everyday okay i shut a rat . that was dressed as something else . shoot the rat pet the cat scritch . scritch scritch there you go give me all. that macaroni and pop-tarts . i guess what okay i need to get to the . end of this one i need to get to the end . of it i need to i need to figure out . what happens between thomas at the bird . i want to know if thomas fucks the bird. that's all i need to know . free the chupacabra okay easy one these . are the ones i can do watch at the end . yes it's even greater than i ever could . have thought it was going to be they . didn't make out they didn't make love he . just grew wings and flew off as a viking . breathing fired train that's incredible . escape the bathroom and hide well you . know what game i played a lot of your . dues or dies i did a lot more doing that . i did dying which i'm very very happy. about it's just me pro elite gamer . professional let's player jacks but i . see no problem at all i got this under . control but for now i am going to leave . this video here from the game i like . that again the warrior where feed to it . is a cold warrior where you have a bunch . of random minigames i like that i like . random minigame games at least have one . from a game boy years and years and . years ago but that one kind of sucked it . was very hard and the games aren't even . that fun i just like the random. fast-paced style of it so i want to try . and find more games like this if you if . you guys have any suggestions for games . like this flash or non nerf it's like a . wii game or whatever just let me know i . i might try and hook up a warrior where . a game at some point as well because . are super fun but for now thank you guys . so much for not dying with me this time . if you liked it punch that like button. in the face pulling apart and oh you . think i wrote i wish thank you guys . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. did you do or did you die hopefully not . one of those . .
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