DOCTOR HELLO NEIGHBOR!!! (Hello Neighbor Mods)

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i sold the neighbors things.. then he became homeless, but now he has a NEW JOB as a doctor.. what could go wrong!?
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Hey guys so last time we checked in with . the neighbor he was uh he was homeless . in a subway station but it's okay . because because today the doctor has got . a brand new job he's a doctor he's gone . from having a big house which i sold all . his things in to homeless to now having . a doctor's degree which is pretty insane . so welcome to doctor hello neighbor. which is another mod and is actually the . one that won the mod competition run by . the people who make hello neighbor so . i'm just gonna hit play and yeah things . gonna be starting off a little bit . freaky this is not what i was expecting . oh and while you're here and if you . haven't done so yeah what are you doing . here that subscribe button a for daily . videos by me let's see what the . neighbors up to today i'm scared for . these drawings of body parts what's . that's a that's a stomach or a spleen . and that's a human we have a baseball . i'm gonna grab the baseball which is . fine we've got pictures is that a pencil . yeah i'll take the pencil everything's . so dog why is there a bed here oh i hear . something . is he mad guy stole his pencil find . generator okay let's do that . ah that's why it's so dark there's no . power wait hold on this is an iv drip . what was i in this bed um okay not too . sure about this already there's a book . and also yeah i can take the syringe i'm . thinking that this is creeping me out . it's got the winds noises as well what . on earth is going on here what is this . it's a others underground or underwater . pocus in spiritual i have no idea what . that means . could i just get out of here please no i . was not expecting this this is crazy we . can't go through any of the doors we . can't see through any of the windows oh . geez okay yeah i am not i'm not feeling . this hopefully if things get too scary i. can just stab the syringe in my arm and . put myself to sleep that'll be navi . perfect well maybe this whole thing's a . dream who knows we can't open any of the . the cupboards or anything and oh my . goodness what's this is like all warning . signs for explosions electrocution and . fire . yeah things that things could get . dangerous today i thought we were just . coming to visit the neighbor it is . brand-new job it turns out his new job . it's crazy . we're gonna have to go down here as well . i thought this is a generator is a . periodic table it couldn't be more wrong . down here is this where we go i . literally can't fit down there what even . is this it's like a door to somewhere . with a massive light bulb in and i is . like the illuminati the illuminaty. you get it ha ha i can't open these . doors i can't read these books i can oh . what's that. is that oh no no no no no no it's so. dark i don't even know where to go can i . break something maybe this door a pencil . with this window yeah i didn't work the . baseball no oh wait look at this there's . a button i can't actually press it . though i can't put a pencil on it either . so we can open that but it won't . actually let me press the button yet and . now i can't pick up the pencil that's . that's a shame what if i throw this at . it come on no can i just push this out . of the way i can why did i think of this . before. let's even go down yes we can i really . wish i had a flashlight right now all i . have is a syringe and a baseball oh my . goodness this is terrifying where am i . supposed to go neighbor . are you um oh jeez what's this there's a . flashlight can i grab it i'm gonna grab . it i'm gonna grab it i'm gonna grab it . grab this turn it on it doesn't even . work why why is this happening i . literally cannot see a thing it says 1 . ok there's a big leaver here let's press . this there we go okay no noise oh you . released him what. at least it's bright now what does it . mean you released him find and use for . fuses to get out of here what but my. flashlight doesn't even work ok this is . this is gonna be more scary isn't it . we've released the neighbor into the . wilds i thought i thought i was just . gonna join him for a day of work it . turns out he's got . bigger plans article this stuff born to . kill okay uh man you know what i'm gonna . take wait what is that that's scary no . no why is that even there you know what . at least we have power now so we can see . where we're going. the only problem is i'm a little bit . worried as to one earth where on earth . the neighbor is oh what is this this is . insane actually insane there's fish on . the wall a bug a stingray and a frog and . a bird excuse me sir do you know where . the fuses are i desperately need one. what's up dude. does it start me again is he gonna start . me again every single time please no . yeah it's gonna it's gonna make me start . again every time fantastic. i really wish this worked right so the . fuses look like they're kind of they're. big they're like big orange and long . could there be any in here i literally . can't see anything i can't move these . boxes either prometheus opening switch . that actually did something oh we're . here i see okay that's pretty cool so . we've opened up the the floor basically . oh is this unlocked as well dude did . this did this unlock before . there he is oh my goodness he's actually . in there he's just i don't even know . what he's doing he's got blood-stained . t-shirt ah no it wasn't me it wasn't me . it wasn't me i don't even know if this . is the right way it is the right way how . do i leave how do i run away from you no . i don't want to start again no no no i . thought you give me chills it's giving . me chills it's giving me chills how do i . run away from this dude i'm going . what are you talking about no no no no . no ah . this guy's tough really tough okay so . blue doors are ones we can actually go . through now we just need to be super . careful that he's not behind them wait . can we open this yes okay so this should . allow us to access everything a little . bit easier right do i go this way no ah . yes . yeah make like a loop okay that's good . because now we should be able to get . away from a little bit easier ah why is . he such a pain in the butt where do i go . where do i go where do i go let's go. through here i don't think he's . following us anymore i don't want to . jinx it though oh okay what is this this . must be his office this is creepy it's . got beeping medication a tiny doll . called maria okay her name might not be . maria always a fuse yes i've got a fuse . does this flashlight work yeah did i . just kill someone and someone died maria . are you okay you doing good yeah we have . a single fuse which is good we also have . a flashlight that works no no no i just . walked into another room let's know oh . escaped oh that was such a close call i . don't even know how i did that there was . another room there though we need to go . down here and there's a batman symbol on . the torch for some reason i think he's . gone i actually think he's gone okay . this is actually terrifying even more so . than the normal game how do we get to . the other room this is the one we were . in before then the other one was . opposite yeah look at this is there. another fuse in here he draws anime on . our way is this where we started off it . is we just didn't realize so it's a sun . bed and a moon beds the chars with a . body parts in gross there's definitely . no fuse here though and the fuses don't . actually show up in your inventory so we . need to remember how much we've got good . this. it's like slenderman right let's be . super careful and explore every single . room ah gokula . he's so sneaky so sneaky now i have to . start again yeah . daphne doesn't let you keep the fuses . that would be good one there we do need . to make sure that both of these are open . because then that gives us a big loop . that we can run away from him there we . go that should be done now right yes . right neighbor i'm coming for you . actually no i'm not that's a complete . lie i'm running the opposite way to you . what jesus right there he's right there . i'm out i'm out i'm out i'm going round . the other way i really could do if that . flashlight right about now just because . it makes everything so much easier . running through the corridors there he . is i see him okay i don't know where . he's gone ah there is why no i brought . it to the wrong room get away from me . he's got me look at his beautiful specs . okay think i'm starting to learn the . layout of this i'm just worried that . he's gonna be near me oh i always jinxed . it right let's go around this way . underneath and then he should get lost . in the whole labyrinth of the maze right . i think so i think he's gone i'm a . little bit worried he's not though no . he's not he's right there how do i avoid. you and what is that noise right i need . to grab this real quick let's go and put . that downstairs so i think my theory is . that the new ones appear when you put . them in the in the lab i'm not too sure . though there's only one way to find out . let's put one in here yes haha shiny . brands new only only three to go should . have grabbed that flashlight though . shouldn't i okay i'm pretty sure he's . outside that door so i might be a little . bit done here maria how's it going i . think that's what i called you i need . you as a lucky charm is he buying door . number one no i don't know where he's . gone right let's try in here i have no . idea what's in here this is the lab okay . let's go out of here what's in this door . that's the fish room fish room . this room where on earth is the next one . i swear i checked all the rooms so far . maybe new ones unlock when you put the . fuses in okay that would make sense no . no nobody's going this way it's going . this way no i've got it to a room why i . hate you oh okay so i just realized we . have switches but i can't i can't . actually activate them . you reckon they're activated by yeah . they're definitely activated by this . aren't they . there's cables coming off okay i know . what to do now i need to go ahead and . open these doors grab the fuse and the . flashlight and then come back and switch . a switch on that's what i didn't do last. time okay neighbor doctor i was happy . for you but now you're just you're just . annoying me and i'm gonna take your . things. oh jeez jeez jeez jeez jeez he was right . behind the door . haha i think the original room is . opposite the bedroom that you start in i. think it's like his room and your room . so grab the fuse grab the flashlights . grab it oh my goodness that was . stressful and now we need to go back . under so that we can do nothing . absolutely nothing it's gonna be fine. right let's go down this way and we . should be able to put the fuse in then . turn the switch on right fuse and then . switch yes okay right i have no idea . what that does but i'm guessing it's . gonna open a door somewhere this one was . this open before it was which one wasn't . open before they all look exactly the . same. what are you kidding me he was behind . the door that's just unlucky right so . the two the two bits near the ends don't . do anything these are just the two . bedrooms this is the like research fish . kind of bit put the fuse in again pull . the lever again and i'm guessing it . opened the door like what else would . happen and where are we underneath . that's weird okay so i don't know i just . did differently but a moment ago i . unlocked a different door it actually . works. but it wasn't in this room it was in the . other room and then i got caught before . i could actually record it properly yeah . look this doors open check it out okay i . am gonna get caught i'm definitely gonna . get caught. ah fuse perfect i need to lay low and . this is extremely creepy it's like . there's iv drips. there's just bottles of reds books . medicine what is going on here this is . weird i'm glad i actually managed to get . it working i don't know how but i did . alright don't catch me now i swear if . you catch me now i will throw this . flashlight square in your heads . no they away from me stay away let's put . this in number two and this should . activate a second door hopefully anyway . i don't know what i did differently but . i've managed to actually open a door so . let's see if it's one of the red doors . has changed yes this one this one here . what what is this oh my goodness got all . the pictures and stuff in it as a fuse . and some very very weird noises did the . lights just go out they did look that's . the guy from like the end of the hello . neighbor games originally there's a bear. trap as well a shoe which is a little . bit strange this is creepy a tire swing . i'm out i'm out of here i want to leave . oh my goodness right that was actually . pretty easy to find that one okay we . need to go to number three there we go . and then open this perfect now we need . to find a wait these are opens what's in . here there's a fuse here is that a . toilet what why is this toilet got a . webcam on it . i don't really know oh this is weird . there's tarot cards which are like oh . jesus keys as well there's a lot of . weird stuff in here so tarot cards might . not mind reading future reading cards so. kind of predict your future there's that. creepy bear that we've seen in the main. game before i want to look in the other . door before we put the final fusing . there's one here - hello . i remember you guys how's it going jumps . there's another hole mcginnis there's . another power slots rockets oh what are . you guys doing playing in here this is . this is where i'm going to turn this off . yeah i should have done that should i . turn that back on ha ha right let's put . the final fuse in and see what happens . run oh yeah what how do i get out how do . i leave how do i leave this place what . is happening i'm so cookies yes yes yes . yes we did it oh that was sweet that was . so cool it was really cool oh man well . after that door actually worked . we were sorted that was so good like . that was i i can see why that one cuz . that was a whole new game whole new . neighbor in his brand-new profession you . definitely shouldn't give the neighbor a . job because he's gonna turn it into some . kind of freaky hobby isn't he mannequins . medication iv drips all the weirdness . that the story of the neighbor gets even . creepier the creepiness intensifies guys . i hope you enjoyed this this is another . hello neighbor martha there's still tons . more of these mods so if you want to see. some more and you enjoyed this video . please leave a fat like i'll be greatly . appreciated and if happens to be the . first but you see my me please do . consider subscribing - yeah i'd seem tdn . today a full daily video is part from . that guys thank you so so much for . watching an amazing day and i'll see you . all next time goodbye . 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