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[music]. what's happening. you know what your day is it you special . day ku what's up guys and welcome back . to another episode of the supercar . sunday . what's up kota you trying to go out back . we are going out back but not for the . reason you want we are we are not going . to be drinking out of the pool or the . lake or anything else today we are going . to be doing a slip inside so i'm excited . about this this was chelsea's call a few . weeks ago were you at target or . something he just randomly saw it you're . like hey that looks fun so here we go . guys the banzai triple racer it actually. oh wow it comes with body boards yeah. that sounds pretty cool so we've got . that chelsea was joking with coupe as i . was walking out here that she sees a few . things that might interest him in the . future you guys really liked that video . too so we'll see if we can make that . happen maybe one day but it's a . beautiful day you guys know we've been . complaining that it's been raining a lot . and it hasn't really lit up really what . florida is doing now is it'll be a super . nice day till like 2 o'clock and then . the clouds come in and it starts raining . all night so we've got to be quick about . this take advantage of the sunshine get . outside it's gonna be fun little buddy . and we'll see what cota thinks of the . slip inside as well but this could be an . awesome episode we're excited this is . like the smallest water-based thing that . we've ever opened before this is tiny . this is even smaller than the soccer . ball last week those are the board's and . we've got this thing so it's it's meant . to be like you've got like three lanes . there which is kind of cool i'm sure . we're gonna end up using all the lanes . but oh okay yeah this thing this thing . uh it doesn't show that well but it . definitely grows you know what i'm . talking about. kota come here hey buddy . dakota dakota dude i'm trying to let you . sniff it so you aren't intimidated by it . come here dakota come. good boy good boy come here dakota come . good boy. you want to smell it it smells honestly . it smells pretty good it smells like a . new cool toy i mean we got to blow these . things up. you guys know coop doesn't like balloons . or anything that is even close to a . balloon so we'll see what happens here . poopy you're supposed to write on it not . bite it okay he wants it so bad don't be . so mean here we go let's go for a fun a . fun day in the sun in swimming in water . and all kinds of fun stuff right coop . code are you are you ready come here . gotta come so i didn't have the camera . but he just pooped right in the middle . of the yard right we literally spent . like 15 minutes cleaning out the entire . yard of all the poop to make sure we. could do this episode right where we . were gonna put it think we're good coop . what do you think looks good looks good . choices on hose duty she's about to turn . it on we're gonna put these stakes in . the end up here first make sure this . thing stays as secure as can be code are. you ready for this buddy this is gonna . be awesome. push these in alright looks good we've . got a nice little downhill area that . goes down into that corner hopefully . don't get going too fast . kota don't drink the lake water i know . you're thinking about it he's still . thinking about it . nope will do spoon i know you're . thinking about it all right chelsey want . to hit it here we go let's see how well. this works . so i'm pretty sure this entire things . should be lined with like sprinklers and . stuff does it just happen on one side . goofy what you doing buddy well this is . all he needs one week late el so i guess . there was a reason why that thing was in . the bargain bin at target huh oh my . goodness. so we sat there and messed around with . this thing for like 20 30 minutes and it . just it wasn't working cooper had like . already popped a tiny hole in it so the . water pressure wasn't good and overall . it just it wasn't a very good product so . that was last week actually now this . week one week later we have come up with . an even better idea we are going to be . making our own puppy slip inside and . we're going to make sure that it works . this time so we have a few different . things that we're going to be building . this with starting off with some . heavy-duty plastic sheeting even if they . poke holes in this it should still be ok . so that's good we've also got ways to . get water onto the slip and slide a . giant unicorn which i bought with koda . in mind where you at kota what's up dude . you like this thing when you think - . giant unicorn just for you oh you're . scared of it okay yep that's what i . thought so you've got a giant unicorn . that's for kota . we've got a giant dinosaur that's for . coop and these things are like a giant . inflatable sprinklers so they're gonna . spray water everywhere and that's what's . going to get it wet and then finally to . make things nice and slippery we have . got some a low advantage concentrated . shampoo so this is like animal friendly. shampoo you can use it for dogs horses . is that a llama on there sheep goats . cats interesting yeah it's it's got aloe . in it so it's gonna be good for their . hair and their skin and it's gonna make. for a really good time so let's go ahead . and go get this stuff set up . that's a slip and slide . am i right coop you agree it looks good . he really wants to know what's going on . out here . i don't think what can he so he can see . right here well he can see the corner of . the tart but he can't tell what else is . going on you boys just be ready my . goodness. plug it up girl this is insane this is . gonna be so cool alright the t-rex is . done oh my goodness this is so close so . here's the nozzle where the water comes . out of right out of the tip of his head . oh my goodness that is so vague look i'm . a hug are you supposed to wrap his . little t-rex arms around you oh hey . neighbors man this is so that's number . one done next up we've got the unicorn . we got to go inside i think there's a . cooper cooper come here cooper come here . hey good burn okay come here . no no the dinosaur is not for you yet. cooper come here go home you're in . trouble i don't know we might just have . to cancel this episode so these this is . the first time it hasn't been boat . related this happened if i forget to . close my office door any time we take . the boat out . this happens 100% of the time this is . the first time it's happened since we're . without the bow he comes in and he just . leaves he leaves me again yeah that's . kooky sighs it's scooby smell . who did it i think he peed too coupie . come here who did it . cooper who did that who did that who's a . naughty boy cooper look at me look at . the camera who did that okay but what . happened look who's in the kennel . look who kindled himself up without ever . being asked are you seeing this right . now you're so guilty mister he's like . shaking come here buddy . it's okay it's okay things happen i know . it was a revenge poo we're gonna have to . work on that but we didn't catch you in . the act so we can't be mad at you now i . can't tell which one i like more i . thought i thought the t-rex is gonna be . the better one. yeah she's a little thick i'm not gonna . lie that is so insane oh my goodness . kotas gonna be so terrified i'm excited . for this so we were trying to talk about . how we were gonna do this i think we're . gonna get these things set up and we'll . bring the boys out before we start . putting water on it and all that stuff . just to kind of get them used to it and . then we'll turn it on and you guys know . coops gonna go nuts we're gonna have . this guy here getting this section. unicorn they're getting that section and . then obviously you run and you slide . this way so this should be good . let's um let's get kota out first just . so cooper doesn't spook him with being . too crazy here we go here we go . get in there bud just in inside the bush . kota look what is this . what is this buddy look at this where . you going kota dakota dakota kota come. [laughter]. we're gonna get coop are you ready crazy . boy oh . takes no time to check everything out . good boy going out no no no no no no no. look at the unicorns good boy hey cooper . come on oh good we stopped this dog is . too much stay stay . good boy calm down good boy nope no it's . a nice unicorn we like him we don't want. to pop in we like the unicorn it's nice . you see we pet it it's nice we like the . unicorn see come here come on be nice to . it there you go oh no nope nope okay so . i think it's quite clear that between . the two of them one that's gonna be . terrified and a second one is gonna be . crazy we we put cooper inside and we're . gonna test out kota with the water first . now the thing is is kotas not going to . go anywhere near this thing once the . waters turned on so i don't i don't know . how how mean it is should we should we . play a little trick on him so we have . him lay in the middle of it and then . turn the hoses on at the same time and . get a reaction it's not gonna kill him . it's just water the only way we'll ever . get him to try all this up inside i . think yeah well we'll see how it works . dakota come on could've come here . good boy all right so the question is . where do you hook a hose on a t-rex . where does it go . the water comes out here chelse t see it . oh down here oh i'm gonna get real . friendly with this t-rex we're just . gonna crawl right down in here now for a . unicorn. i mean shells can attest i was more of a . gentleman than this on our first date . but what was gonna happen . no way. how are you that smart oh my goodness he . got out of there right away he heard it . come in he heard it coming . oh - come here wow these things yeah . they work way better than i expected . kota i always feel bad because we didn't . give you enough of a chance and the the . the personal waterpark episode like i . feel like we kind of snubbed you away . pretty quickly just because we know that . he doesn't like it but i want to give . him a fair shot kota come here come on . buddy let's go let's have fun in the . water it's hot outside it's really humid . today right you i remember seeing a ton . of comments on the last one that like . kota was looking out the window like he . wanted to be out there no he wants . nothing to do with it he does this he . all right. he hates the water so kota you can go . inside and coop you can come out . [music]. all right . [music]. [music]. come here this is so it feels honestly . feels so good girl you aren't doing it . well but you look good doing it that's . all i'm gonna say this is so much fun oh . my goodness i am covered from a head to . toe and soaked but it's so good . come here coughs got a new toy for you . oh my goodness this is gonna be a good . one i like this one the phrase be oh man . here we go let's see if we can get a . good day the first try good boy good boy . all right now we're gonna eat eat the . frisbee okay good boy. look at that he's so good at this now . good boy but proud of your poop are you . happy are you happy bring us the frisbee . up why are we eating the grass hey coop . kok cooper the long does need to be . mowed we chose a good time it's super . like plush and really soft but we don't . need our dog tomorrow grass for us oh i . think we have some secrecy going on it . oh i'm bringing him oh no he sees it . we've got some secret projects going on . over here what's this some soccer balls . we could try these things out too but . honestly i'm thinking you know really . yeah. keep in the door and see what code is . doing guarding the house . that's one down up the second one the . second one's down - they're both down . they're both down he's trying to bring . them both back at the same time let's . see if you can slide on it let's see you . girl. there we go good we come here could we . come come goober come here. did he really. we're gonna little nip slip or what he's . so proud. he loves toys because he wants to kill . them he took it out of your hand before . you hit the ground one left this is the . last one we have here we go . you can't even see you uh he has no . listening ears today . cooper come here though good boy you . stay right there okay you stay stay he . just wants to be involved in all the fun . i kind of feel bad stay cooper stay all . right go when you're ready to stay look . at him over there just peeking around . the corner okay cool . i i really i i wish i knew what goes on . in his head and why he has to kill every . toy that he ever sees but there we go . three four three i'll take him down he's . trying to fill up a super soaker cooper . thinks he likes it but he doesn't really . know what what's gonna happen you got it . all right you ready for this girl i need . more water he's never seen one of these . things before i don't think has he . nobody no one i knew him before me . really yeah oh man oh we're full full . maximum power got her you ready . get it koopa get him get him cookie get . him super soakers i think it's gonna . have to be a few travis oh - super . nervous tonight this this belly is . starting to get a little bit cuz i think . he's inhaling a lot of the water which . is not good so what do you say girl is . that a good episode. i think that's nap time i think it was . pretty good i think we need to relax . right we're gonna go relax . i think coupie winning cookie got a . little drop of water maybe man yeah . cooper come come eric good boy did you . enjoy this are we gonna have to do this . again. no we got some bigger sprinklers do some . crazier stuff get some super soakers and. stuff we have a lot of cool stuff . planned for this summer so there you . guys have it hope you guys enjoyed this . episode of super cooper sunday we had a . lot of fun look guys enjoyed watching it . thanks to chelsea for being an awesome . camera group getting water every time i . try the camera off you bring in water . and me. alright so hope you guys enjoyed we were . gonna see you guys in next week's . episode thank you guys so much for . watching drop a like if you guys enjoyed . peace out . .
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