DOG TOY COMES TO LIFE! (Giant 6ft Teddy Bear)

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What's up guys and welcome back to . another episode of super cooper sunday . what's up kkona cooper you whack the boy . go boy girl boy girl boy oh my goodness . today is gonna be such an exciting day . and whoa who is this lovely lady over . here miss brown haired beauty oh my . goodness are you done melting down yet . so i'm gonna be real with you guys we . were gonna record this episode yesterday . but somebody had a meltdown because she . went to get her hair did you guys know . she's normally really really blond and . she went she wanted to get kind of like . the roots the top of her head a little . bit more blonde so she went in . she showed this dude a bunch of pictures . of what she wanted and she came out with . i mean it's it's not brown it's great . but and this camera is gonna make it . look a little bit lighter than it is . just because it brings in a lot of light . but it's kind of like it's a little a . little like dishwater ii i don't know . like the coupie come here cooper come we . need to show it next to cooper cuz you . used to match cooper could be canadians . and now look look at how how much more . brown that is i don't know again it's . not quite brown but it's like a . dishwater brown i don't really like it . as much she absolutely hates it i still . think you're beautiful girl i honestly . did i woke up and looked over and i saw . the hair and i was like oh no i'm gonna . be in trouble . where where am i who drugged me last . night but no yeah i don't know it's just . it's kind of funny in case you guys were . wondering why our hair looks a little . bit different it's not awful but it's . just not what you wanted so we're gonna . try to get that fixed this week but . anyway this week we have a very good . episode and it's actually convenient . that we're doing this episode this week . because i'm just gonna throw you in a . bear and we don't even have to look at . you won't even have to see your hair . this week we are gonna be bringing at . the bear to life so you guys know a. couple of weeks ago we got this giant . guy who's been hanging out in the . lovesac ever since i think we're kind of . tired of having him on the lovesac so we . wanted a reason to get rid of him and . what we're going to be doing throw him . down there what we're going to be doing . is we are going to be . the back open and we are gonna be . turning this into a giant bear costume. for chelsea so you guys could see cooper . still loves this thing coat is still not . really all that sure about it but i . can't even imagine what its gonna be . like what kind of chaos we're gonna have . in this house when this bear is laying . there like that and then stands up and . comes to life it's gonna be pretty crazy . what do you think coop i don't think . he's gonna be able to drag you like that . i think it's gonna be a little bit . heavier bud i think the first thing we . want to do is just really emphasize the . bear i think we wanted to play with it . get used to it maybe kind of get koda . used to it a little bit and then that's . when we're gonna make the magic happen. so kota come here koda look look at this . big bear isn't it so nice don't you like . it. he wanted nothing to do with this thing . before he started taking his meds and . now he actually kind of wants to . interact with it a little bit kota look . it's a big bear he could give you a nice . hug do you like that bear he smells kind . of funny huh huh coopie what do you . think about the bear do you love the . bear - oh are you gonna cuddle with the . bear wow i'm so proud kota bear with the . brown bear just lounging loving it good . boy look he might even patch you a . little bit good boy . here come here come on him come here get . on the bear yeah good boy get on the. bear isn't he so nice you guys are so . cute there's two different things one . just wants to sleep the other one is . doing everything in his power to rip the. arm up you like that very kota i could . even see your face. oh cody's getting in there - there you . go kota. there you go get it . get it gonna get it get it boys get it . get that man we don't like that bear get . that bear whoa yeah get it boys . good boy work together are we playing. tug of war with a 6-foot there right now . like there on each edge of the table . just tugging this thing are you playing . tug of war buddy you don't really seem . to be tugging you're just this is this . is called plant sabor oh he just plants . himself he just grabs it and it just . stays cooper's trying his hardest but . he's not going anywhere you guys are . moving the table chelsea just went and . bought a brand new vase or vaz . as she likes to call it a little little . house decoration going on she's. protecting it all right mr. bear is . gonna go up on the surgery table right . there and you boys are gonna have to be . put up because we cannot have you guys . knowing what's happening in the bedroom . you go there's no balloons in there this . time kota come here come on bud . and here you go good boy all right . you guys be good boys don't eat the fan . mail over in the corner don't eat the . clothes on the bed we're gonna see you . in a minute we gotta get this bear suit . ready oh wow all right so i think so you . know what the creepiest things gonna be . though we're gonna have to cut out the . eyes so you can see otherwise you . wouldn't be able to see so that's gonna . be a little morbid cutting open his back . is all right but cutting open a cute . teddy bears eyes is gonna be a little . bit weird seems wrong yeah but all right . here we go you want to go for it i'm in . the seam all right here we go poor bear . i always wonder what happens what . happens to these things on valentine's . day have you ever gotten one before . this is the biggest well actually. technically this one wasn't even for you . that's you still haven't gotten one but . i'm just wondering what girls do with . these after they get them like it takes . up so much space that is not convenient . whatsoever they sit there and wish they . would have gotten chocolate-covered . strawberries instead ooh there you go . see i got those i got you covered your . hair kind of matches the very color ha . ha well dishwater gray and i go up next . ok oh wow if we really wanted to we . could just restock this with koda hair i . mean this is probably about three days . worth so we're gonna see how many days . worth of stuffing is in this thing . that's about right the bear doesn't have . a zipper yes why would you ever have a . secret pocket inside the bear i don't . know. we got a lot out of the middle here we . probably need a little bit more we also . have to take some of the legs and some . out of the head if you plan on breathing . i mean that's it's probably kind of a . morning . breathing is important so go ahead and . dig in there girl oh yeah look at that . you're doing a great job poor guy i . think we need to do a test run of . putting you in there first before we cut . the eye holes because we need to figure . out where we want the eye hole you know . what i mean i don't know how high up . your heads gonna be so what's so let me . be honest when you started dating me . three years ago did you did you expect . to be doing this should i put this in my . tinder profile like hey you might have . to wear a bear suit you got this you got . this . [music]. okay let's take all the stuffing out of . the head cuz we gonna get your face up . towards the front of it what do a little . twerk do a little dance come on do like . a little fortnight dance or something . okay i have to take my shirt off this is . the top of your who i like the sound of . that is that your eye yes right there . yeah don't poke it how this kind of . works a little bit is that your eye yes . you're being a good sport girl i know . it's high we have a couple of different . eye holes cut out because we can't . really tell where the head's gonna end . up being once we put the stuffing in . there but i think it's time i think it's . time to put it on for the final time . we're gonna stuff you up we're to give . you a little kim k action put a little . extra stuff in back here give give me . something to grab on to . and i don't know are you ready are you . okay with that can we put some like . stuffing around your head and stuff all . right well let's get this stuff and good . here we go. go ahead and get this booty all right . voila it is a masterpiece it looks great . i don't even want to know what it smells . like in there holy cow . alright so i say if you're right with it . do you want to lay down and completely . act like there's no human in here here . hold on i'll get you oh you are 100% . gonna get better and that's what he . likes to go for is the hand put your . hands in a fist and you should be fine . oh my goodness i got to get a second . camera hold on to the b so good i love . you thank you for being such a trooper . hold on. oh give you look kiss i'm all right with . that all right i'm gonna let these crazy . boys out try not to move for as long as . you can we have this camera over here . setup and recording all right guys here . we go . oh i kind of want to bring cooper's out . so he's not crazy . here we go hey buddy come here come here . come here hey hold on hold on hold on . all right hold on hold on don't just . don't be crazy . i'll be crazy yeah look at all the . stuffing i don't think he knows you're . in there sit up here give me your hand . stop biting her hand. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. kotas not nearly as scared of this. things i thought he was gonna be you . remember what he was like with the t-rex . costume i wonder if it's because you can . smell you i think koda knew at first now . that you're dead i don't know if cooper . still understands immediately hit me . right there and i was like oh no he . could get it get it good boy get it oh . yeah get it get it yeah whoa good boy . good boy all right guys well that was . absolutely hysterical we hope you guys . enjoyed watching the only problem is is . these guys are both so wound up now . we're gonna have to. take them out for a walk just to kind of . calm them down so thank you guys so much . for watching this episode of super . cooper sunday we're gonna see you guys . next week peace out . [music]. .
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