Dog tries watermelon for the first time.. (Hilarious)

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Hmm weird you see all that hair in the . pool why why would that hair pee in the . pool koda . what are you doing swim in what did you . go swimming . no it wasn't kota do you have any idea . who it could have been that jumped in . the pool without being told to i think i . know one guy who's pretty guilty and he . has no shame at all what's up guys and . welcome back to another episode of super . cooper sunday it's like 7 o'clock in the . morning i don't really wanna wake our . neighbors up with the intro yesterday it . was a super nice day all the neighbors . are out in the lake that sort of thing . so we had some people over we were . swimming and stuff like that one of our . neighbors jumped in the pool and cooper . jumped in right after and now there is . so much dog hair everywhere yeah off the . sun it's casting shadows on the bottom . of the pool so i'm gonna have to work on . that chelsea's getting ready to go to . work i'm gonna clean up the pool a . little bit stay and stuff but we wanted . to do a super cooper sunday for you guys . and make sure we didn't miss this week . now the thing is we were planning on . this week being the world pup episode . we're gonna do one on the world cup it's . gonna be really cool we have a lot of . cool ideas and things that we bought but . right when we got back from puerto rico . i had a very minor operation on my foot . and i was supposed to be good to go and . be able to walk on it and stuff like a . couple of days after it and it took all . the way until yesterday was the first . day that i could really walk on it and . then now today it feels normal but . obviously that doesn't leave us enough . time to be able to record a whole . episode so the world pup episode is . coming next week but today we've got a . very exciting episode it's when we . actually randomly came across and. thought of earlier this week we're. enjoying a nice watermelon and cooper . absolutely freaked out when cooper goes . swimming he goes back to getting his old . like curly puppy hair here you guys . could see this is what he looked like . when he was a puppy . you got your puppy hair back from . swimmin it was fun well we're not . swimming today but you are gonna be able . to get your water melanie's army calling . towards the pool you want to go swimming . it's not happening today not today i . know swimmin but you are gonna get your . watermelons that you've been begging for . all week so you guys know cooper . absolutely loves balls or really. anything around and he gets these weird . obsessions with even like last time it . was coconuts was it why do you want the . coconuts was so bad never in his life . has he ever seen a coconut before but . for whatever reason he just thinks he . absolutely loves them why do you want it . so bad i don't think he's ever eaten a . watermelon i don't think he's really . ever seen one until earlier this week i . mean it's summertime now so watermelons . a great summertime snack chelsea got a . watermelon for us she was cutting it up . and he was freaking out he wanted the . things so bad so let's show you guys . what the what the obsession is looking . like so she went back and just for this . episode yesterday she got two tiny . watermelons and then a big one and i . think we're just gonna let him check the . melons out let kota 2 and then we'll . also see what they do about like eating . the watermelon and see if they can do it . and stop i don't know we'll see this . should be fun watermelons safe for dogs . it's a good snack for them and let's go . ahead and grab this cooper look what . i've got and i smell and what do you . think do you like it . come here come check it out what is it . is it anything to be that excited about . he's sniffing it really hard he doesn't . really like vegetables though does he or . like fruits or anything i feel like he's . very peculiar about what he eats what if . i was to put it on the floor whoa this . is like a preview of the world pub . episode. he was like this with the pumpkins too . now that i think about it on halloween . he's biting the bed . why is he buddy she's wetting the bed . instead of the villain that's my melon . i'm keeping the melon what do you think . about that looks like he got some pieces . of it there's some teeth marks in there . some scratches kota here goobers stay . koda luck you can have the nice melon . what do you think big boy this is get. that medal in oh wow he is green that's . weird yeah like look at this . it's like freshly cut grass except from . a melon huh weird so few minutes later . we're losing some of our crazies good . boy. he's kind of figured out that he can . chew it now so what we're gonna do is . we're gonna pick this thing up we're . gonna go cut it and we're gonna see if . these boys can actually eat the . watermelon like off of the rind or . whatever we'll see how they do this is . about the most appetizing watermelon . i've ever seen it's covered in dog . slobber and tooth marks and coda hair . it's beautiful he's like good work kota . look at him . i don't think otis had one of them . before has he i know this is literally a . brand new experience for both of them . and you guys can see they are both . equally excited hold on paws close your . eyes and listen of the video look at . that that is just summer time i love it . what do you think coop you can either . like that well the only thing is they're . not supposed to eat the rind out the . seedless each many in like block their . tummy okay spins for watermelons . how about brother first cuz he's not . being could be stay sit stay . oh my god we're gonna be here for so . long if that's all he does. it's not a popsicle you're supposed to . eat it yeah supposed to eat the rind . [music]. koda stranded on an island full of . watermelons literally all the food and . juices and water that you need all in . one nice little package and it's . delicious he's dead you have such a big . mouth such big teeth why did the bites . have to be so small i don't . oh there we go that's a good one oh yeah . oh there it is good boy koda . good boy all right mr. coups okay stay . on his feets okay stay awesome three two . one . dude it's squirting we got a squirter . here you'd like this . good boy oh my gosh cooper you are . insane he's got it down though did not . take him long at all. cooper would be surviving on watermelon. island that's for sure . kota i'm not so sure cooper's a savage . he's an animal. he's eating this entire thing he's even . like eating up to the rhine and then . leaving the rhine . what a smart boy this is gonna be even . more exciting look look at what i have . for you so big try to hold this and the . camera at the same time is not easy what . do you think. he has a lot to say this morning all . right we're gonna take this sit we're . gonna take this we're gonna open it up . so you can eat it i promise it's gonna . be worth the wait let's see what koda . can do you might have a little bit more . than what you oh my goodness look at . these little baby rights what a little . softy he truly is just a little teddy . bear. he wouldn't even dare her to water mine . meanwhile this savage over here is just . well he's being a lot nicer now now . these go maybe not and just like that . it's literally like a waterfall like . watermelon juice is falling everywhere. and meanwhile kotas over here getting a . second batch look cooper is still more . finished than kota and it took him four . bites anyway guys there you all have it . that's this week's episode of super . cooper sunday it was very exciting but i . think if we eat any more watermelon we . might have tummies explode they're going . crazy about it kodaka boy you are so . soft and so sweet you did a great job . thank you guys so much for watching i'm . sorry it was kind of an impromptu . episode i think it turned out pretty . good but obviously not the most exciting . in the world like i said literally all . week i hadn't been able to walk so . that's why we didn't do the world puff . episode but that's coming next sunday so . make sure you guys tune in for that so . thank you guys so much for watching . chelsea could have sliced up some . watermelon for us for snacks through the. day we wrapped up the other watermelon . we're gonna give it to him maybe . tomorrow or something as a treat and . we'll see you guys later . peace out . you. .
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