Doki Doki Literature Club!: Tilted – PART 23 – Game Grumps

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I'm not welcome back it is many weeks . later yeah i have had time to think . about and process what happened in the . last doki-doki session and my full . credit to dan salvato and the rest of . his team for creating what i thought was . a stupid fucking dating simulator but in . reality was a brilliant horror game you . know i how badly did it affect you when . you first went through it i went through . it with you you had never seen monica . hang herself before or anything like . that . oh i say i did but it wasn't you know in . wasn't uh was it wasn't in a context . where i was like sitting down and like . taking it in it was like over somebody's . shoulder in a youtube video yeah okay. okay i get it cuz it definitely affected . me i thought i liked like like any good . horror thing it was like the first thing . i thought of the next day and like is . genuinely creepy so my compliments go . out to the makers of the game i have no . idea where the game is gonna go from. here i'm sure i'm sure it's all all bets . are off now i bet i'm it's a fucking . shit show. but wait did i hit a new game or wait . what did they load okay want to load the . game yes what was the last load game . though this one yeah the one with the . later time gotcha. you silly goose okay alright so we were . picking out uh we were picking out the . poems yeah the words for the poems which . i still don't fully understand how it . affects the plot but the unquestionably . does yeah well we'll see so let's do it . poof poof that's a good one massacre see . like that . oh oh yeah she liked that one um on . kitty . i'm gonna go with the death of all human . puppies fluffy yes . oh master a strawberry hmm . stars gay star escape that's cute . rath that's a good one anxiety hmm yeah . and ribbon ribbon yeah disaster that oh . yes cute. vivacious oh yeah pickle pickle hair i . like here love love heaven-sent . beautiful yeah yeah i was gonna go with . effulgence bow going bulls contamination . bubbles okay summer and summer and . clumsy clumsy yay there are some good . words . hi again friend aaron oh man it's like . an old friend glad to see you didn't run . away on us out not don't worry this . might be a little oh this might be a . little strange . i saw a friend aaron so i thought you . know right this might be a little . strange for me but i at least keep my . word. well i'm back at the literature club i . was the last to come in so everyone else . is already hanging out oh god . thanks for keeping your promise friend . aaron i hope this isn't too overwhelming . of a commitment for you making you dive . headfirst into literature when you're . not accustomed to it well go oh i do not . like this already . oh come on look he deserves any slack . you already had to be dragged here but . monica i don't know if you plan to just . come in and hang out of work but if you . don't take it seriously then you won't . see the end of it . what does that mean huh whoa yeah nuts . no jeez uh could you get out of the way . please yeah natsuki certain that but big . mouth for someone who keeps a manga . collection in the clubroom manga . natsuki finds herself stuck between . saying monica and manga swiftly defeated . natsuki plops back into your series is . different where they like red outlines . like that before. maybe they were and i just forgot i . don't know i'm sorry friend aaron will . make sure to put your comfort first okay . yari shoots natsuki with the . disappointed glance um anyway now that . you're in the club and all perhaps you . might have interest in picking up a book . to read sure also is they the room is . still room is tilted yeah i'm starting . to be like huh oh you know what it's . slowly zooming into yeah yeah something . something you're right oh it's fucking . with me it's making me a little sick . here hurry well i can't really say no . either way like you said i'm in this . club now only feels right for me to do . something like that if you ask work wait . i didn't mean it like that . if you don't really want to then forget . i said anything i guess no it's not that . you're a i mean i want to try to be a . part of this club you know so even if i . don't read often i'd be happy to pick up . a book if you wanted me to are you sure . i just felt like well that's . vice-president at all though they should . hope you could start on something you . might i'm gonna throw up right i am like . hard to starboard. y'all reaches into her bag and pulls out . a book some satanic rituals at this . point yeah i didn't want you to feel . left out so i picked out a book that i . thought you might enjoy it's sure read . so it should keep your attention even if . you don't usually read and we could you. know discuss it if you wanted yes i . would like that this is how was this . girl accidentally being so cute she even . picked out a book she thinks i like . despite me not reading much y'all right . thank you i'll definitely braid this i'm . not gonna be here throw it out the way . no i enthusiastically take the book and . immediately bury it in a box of potatoes. phew well you want some potato you can . read it at your own pace remember we . have potatoes everywhere let's say yeah . i look forward to hearing what you . think fucking thank god i expected . monica to kick off some scheduled. activities for the club but that doesn't . seem to be the case uris face is already . buried in a book i can't help but notice . your intense expression like she was . waiting for this chance . also it's glitching out a bunch . meanwhile natsuki is rummaging around in . the closet looking for potatoes . i hear not sookie utter and exasperated . sigh from within the closet. she seems to be annoyed by something i . approached her in case she needs a hand . can i use your hand yeah you looking for . something in there oh god is it also . zooming in is it i don't think so no . it's not okay she never puts my stuff . back at the right spot is that the first . curse i think so what's this just gonna . mess it up . natsuki slides a bunch of stacked books . and boxes across the shelf jamie's going . off the rails real fucking quick dude . maybe we should talk about that little . episode that you just had . matt manga manga you read manga great ah . sometimes manga is one of those things . where you can't admit you really into it . until you figure out where the pretty . other person stands oh my god she stands . in front of me how did you know anyway . aren't you bringing up at some point . besides kind of written in your face . where's the mirror what oh my god it . says parfait girls heard of my face . what's that supposed to mean oh i see . there's a lone volume of manga mr. stacks of various books on the side of . one of the shelves curious i pull it out . of the stack natsuki snatches it out of . my hand she then turns to a box of manga . and slips the volume right into the . middle. the rest much better take a box in with . one book myth expose the mistakes and . the world i know that feel also like . when your friend dies that's that's . weird too right hashtag i know that feel . okay i got a closer look at the box set . she's admiring the potatoes it's a . series i've never heard of in my life. that probably means it's either way out . of my demographic or it's simply . terrible so you are caught in a time . loop huh i see you are right because . like i mean you were talking about . parfait girls a length a before with her . was i yeah that's that's the manga you . guys were reading together oh yeah . little boy if you're gonna judge you . could do it to the glass on the door she . points to the classroom door you can . talk to the booty cuz the hands off duty . hey i wasn't judging anything i didn't . even say anything it was a tiny advice . but i tell you one thing food consider . let's extreme federal judge a book rock . oh my god it's sad that sookie pulls out . the first volume of parfait girls from . the box i'm gonna show you exactly why . she shoves the book right into my hands . i stare at the cover it features four . girls at colorful attire striking . animated feminine poses it's exceedingly . moay i don't understand what that means . mo it means like really cute okay like . overly cute got it yeah don't just stand . there dance oh i just pulls out a gun . and start shooting your feet that sookie . grabs my arm and pulls me out of the . closet and they were that easy she then . takes a seat against the wall beneath . the windowsills . she pat's on the ground next to her . signaling me to sit there it creates a . giant crevice in the ground she's much . more powerful than i thought she was. wooden chairs be more comfortable i take . my seat chairs wouldn't work i just want . to grab everyone by the shoulders in . this game and shake we can't read at the . same time like that oh why is that i . guess it's easy to be close together . like this did you see they feel weird . about it that sookie crosses her arms . and scoot just an inch away from me no . don't scooch away sorry . scooch towards i didn't exactly expect . to be sitting this close to her either . not that i could say it's a particularly . bad thing i open the book it's only a . few seconds before not sookie once again . inches closer. we're claiming the additional space . while she hopes i won't notice i whip . out my scooch and then i scooch it . closer to her god the rooms turning . again i could feel her appearing oh is . it. yeah i think so i think so i don't know . now i'm all fucked up no it's not no . it's not oh boy this i can feel her . fearing over my shoulder much more eager . to begin reading than i am the beginning . you don't go back and flip through the . older volumes every now and then not . really maybe sometimes have to have . already finished the series she like . talking about like what's happening . right now i'm fucking now there's a lot . of that shit actually because watching . the episodes back after knowing what . happens is such a different experience . than playing it blind the first time lee . oh they dropped tons of like little . weird hints i also noticed that fucking . yuri is really into knives which you . know seemed cute and innocent kind of . like a oh that she's the goth girl and . she's in the knives and chip and now i'm . like i don't know i don't know about all . this hey i am but nothing really . nothing's really happened yet so i can't . talk at the same time looks like it's . about a bunch of friends in high school . typical slice of life affair i think i . grew out of these since it's rare for . the variety to be entertaining enough to . make up for the lack of plot geez just . damn terror down are you sure this isn't . boring for you it's not even though . you're just watching me read you say so . good talk how did you get your hair band . to do that in your bangs how did you do. that like we've discussed this before it . looks like three different sedimentary. layers of a photograph that we're like . turned in different ways like her hair . is just a just like three different . hairstyles pasted it on top of each . other oh i see . you know what i mean i know exactly we . can see very weird i guess it's not it's . fun sharing something you like with . someone else i always get excited when i . convinced my friends to pick up a series . i enjoy you know what i mean not like . this one hmm you don't really know what . do you mean don't you share your mango . with your friends could you not rub it . in oh you don't have any mango that's a . shame why don't you borrow some from all . the friends you have . next time i gave or doki-doki . yeah yeah i mean i think i think we're . probably pretty damn far in the game so . we'll probably just cruise to the end . [music]. yeah i don't know for a fact but i'm . just judging by that feel i'm getting . judging a book by it's covered in that's. what that's what creepy glitched out and . natsuki told you not to do is that right . yeah well i can't wait till you're like . married i get to see like like like a. disagreement between you and your wife . it's just like well. .
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