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Hello everybody my name is markiplier . and welcome to death like awakening oh . god i'm in a book o demon senses your . moves okay flutes this button to start . the game i don't know if i want a flute . shit anyway i wait where's my hands . man's here my hands on no my hands are. not on where's my hands okay oh there i . am okay but touch it looch oh alright so . this game promises demons that sense my . movement which is oh i hate it already . oh i hate this wise one a controller . still oh okay oh it's a naruto run . scooch just got a row row row the boat . here alright i gotta find seven sigils . so it's a very slender man ask . i love the rowing of the boat kind of . like what oh to hold up oh it's all oh i . get it. oh ha ha ha ha oh that's a clever . mechanic oh i'm not moving i'm not move . i'm not moving oh god ok all right don't . move i get it alright i need to not move . i get it when you tell me to not move . you know i don't move that's what i do. wow that was not fun dupa dupa do know . am i good dudududududud is it up . oh i hate this i'm not moving okay bye . ha ha oh we did it a little birthday oh . hi oh hi hello hmm okay bye see ya . okay i'm gonna go this way then aleut . doterra up out of it nope i'm swinging . my arms i'm gonna swing this one cuz . don't wanna. oh cause ruckus okay all right . all right i see artists okay all right i . see oh whoo i think i recognize this . area from pub g any sigils in here any . sigils i should know about. ouki alright continuing on my way just . old swingarm over here that's that's me . oh heard something but i don't know what . so i'm just gonna keep swinging swung in . until the day is done new pretty . architecture i like oh the sistine . chapel okay all right that makes sense . all right here you hear a clang clang . clang i have this weird device from the . future here watch a shadow puppet see . this is jesus and this is also jesus so . jesus and jesus too came in anyway i'm . gonna move on now before i cause more . sacrilege and make the ghost angry huh . okay i didn't see a schedule so i'm just . gonna head out no no no wait no don't do . a little i'm going through the woods. daughter d hope i'm facing the right way . cause i can't see bloody shithole . dex lupo nothing it was just my . imagination walking through the woods . and getting really disoriented mmm . that's not good . oh my things is vibrating real good . hello hello okay all right . oh yeah i don't like that where am i . where am i facing by the way where am i . oh i'm completely wrong skewed you're . over there okay you're this tree okay go . hi. tree maybe if i just dance like that'd . be enough to suggest like some movement . cool all right that'll dots doing it . okay get a little dance this way do the . third love to do the be alone dun da da . da dee this is terrifying this is awful . i hate this a lot mmm yeah this is . unpleasant. paul boy yeah this is what i would call . very scary oh yeah yeah yeah i don't see . no god damn said jules i don't even know . the frick frack and sizzles look like a . wheat field nothing good ever happened . in a wheat field okay all right well . this is a change of pace not only in my . walking style but in the wheat field. i'm going through whoa wheat field cuz . that's what i wanted to do ooh the fuck . was that someone talking to me about my . wheat field stroll huh . someone got a problem with it okay i'm . really gonna go for it everybody close . your eyes for a bit it's about gonna get . real weird no ice no faster . row row row your boat gently down the . trib there ain't no oh well oh there . ain't no i was about to say there ain't . a sigil to be found but i think i found . a sigil hang on let's see what's in here . sure it'll be a warm and welcoming and . make me feel good about myself . hello ah . that looks bad okay i'll just go in i'll . just turn on a duel nope well you know . i'm a i'm on . oh hey essential whoa i i blacked out . for a second there apparently i got a . sigil though what's in here what's in . this bloody box of despair huh. nothing hopefully okay well there okay . it does not want me to look at that . sigil ha . said y'all okay i got one alright good . for me . okay on to the next one oh hi okay hi oh . this is a bad thing ah okay . oh hi hi hole i'm not moving i'm not . moving i'm not moving i'm not moving . oh god i almost okay all right everybody . hold on i'm feeling some vibrations . every time i know it's closed my . controllers vibrating that's bad my . vibrant the vibrations have stopped . gonna move now hmm that's me okay . oh hi hello oh you like to scamper don't . you oh you like this go oh you're real . scamper ii oh look a truck reminds me a . slender man hmm. oh it's getting real shaky . oh no it's as simple as that it's just a . stroll in the woods that's all it is . that's all it'll ever be as our sigil i . think i see oh yeah i bet it is . no god damn matt oh my god that is . terrifying that is fric frakking . terrifying all right i'm gonna go one . more time i'm gonna go one more time i . think i can do this a little better you . gotta follow the road is the thing you . have to follow the road if you follow . the road you'll have the moat whoa hey . controller you have a much better chance . of surviving where am i . i am in know where i am i'm in the void . apparently i broke the game i think okay . oh there i am okay there i am okay so . there's the road and i'm gonna go to the . road and i'm just gonna stick on that . road like glue no reason to go off the . road. and no reason to get scared it's just a . simple creature that's stupid and dumb . and probably extremely ugly yep that's . it that's all there is . okay all right . just me alone in the woods alone nobody . beside me just me all alone here alone . that's me all right . okay ooh what are you i can't read that . but it looks like something from pub g . as well hi hello where'd you go . okay . okay all right gonna go up the stairs . into the building where i don't think . you can follow me i learned a central . hmm oh my controllers are shaking up a . storm. get that rope i'm looking at you i'm . looking at you so good mmm . bonk okay whoa six more to go . son of a bitch you don't scare me . you scare me okay all right that's . that's the offices are good oh no . okay bye . yeah oh oh i went blind oh okay just . gonna skedaddle away skedaddling away i . miss good darlin oi that's what i do and . that's what i say i'm asked a dog went . away. whoo-hoo oh wah foo . ah yes i've entered the area of the dead . trees that's awfully pleasant for me . i'm super happy about how they're all . dead or reminds me of what i wanted to . be in a few seconds oh is that a . graveyard i hope oh i pray oh i wish . upon a star that it's a graveyard oh all . my prayers have been answered it's a . graveyard oh frabjous day . callooh callay well i don't like those . sounds but you know it's all right can i . get in there sir said the winner . anybody know sigil really really no sit . oh there she blows. job are you gah come to papa . hey i was going you're doing great okay . - i got to go okay you know you can stop . any moment now the moaning is really not . becoming of you i really swing strong in . it now whoo this feels natural it feels . like natural movement okay ah nice horse . how's your dick nice balls on you oh . nothing okay never mind then i was lying . about all that i just compliment people. oh harlan oh okay . all right nothing here uh on my way out . the door with more i'm gonna go around . the perimeter until i loop fact this . wanna do oh it's the truck the one i . died at before remember that one guys oh . yeah i was fun dying here look no said . july there huh you know what that's fine . didn't really want one anyway . i'm gonna check the truck maybe it's in . whoa there she blows . i see you hang on got a really skadoodle . around this thing and swamp oh ah it . looks like a truck odometer i like that . okay scoot lead ooh ha no i am moving no . oh it's gonna go this way. oh boy oh i love this . damnit . oh fuck you ah shit anyway that is death . like awakening that is really fun good . mechanics they're very scary the whole . not moving thing that's really nice so . thank you everybody so much for watching . let me know what you thought of this one . down the comments below i might finish . this one but it is a little disorienting . it's a little nauseating not something. that you could play for super extended . periods of time but still very scary so . thank you everybody so much for watching . and as always i will see you in the next . video bye . 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