Dream Daddy but I’m a nightmare daddy

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Caption: Hey the friends how's it going my name . is kevin and i'll tell you the same . thing i told my mugger my wallet is . gross. and also this mugging slash video is . sponsored by ridge wallet you see this i . don't even know what's in here anymore . and at this point i'm too afraid to . check oh what do you know that guy . actually wasn't lying i did drop my cake . head i think you should be gay to have . one of those anyway it was just kind of . one of those emergency things you know . better be safe than sorry . aha yes good thing i kept this a . t-mobile sim holder that's from the . states i was there for a week almost a . year ago i better keep that back in . there just to be safe who knows they . might call me and ask for a fact but how . about instead of all of that i get a . ridge wallet available in a few . different styles titanium aluminium or . carbon fiber you got a metal plate . either side and a strong band at the . back holding them together you want your . carriage to simply pop them out easy as . that and plus i would be happy to hand . this over to a mugger i think they'd . really like it . hand that over oh oh yeah sure there you . go but be aware muggers they also sent. me this knife so you might want to take . that - that might be handy in your . profession actually also the wallet is . rfid-blocking that'll keep you safe from . the cyber bullies you can get 10% off . today with worldwide free shipping by . going to ridge wallet dot-com slash call. me kevin and the link for that is in the . description thanks for watching folks . and enjoy the video today we're playing . dream daddy oh god that song it's . already making me regret playing this . this is the kind of thing that would. make my parents question me even more i . think it's the only thing i just want to . be very clear i had no desire to play . this people keep asking me to and hey . i'm a man of the people . hey let's let's go oh and don't forget . to floss every day got the next tip . trust no one that's a bit more grim than . just reminding it of floss . who hurt you dream daddy who hurt you is . this my kid build that dad haha dot . alright here we are building our dad all . right what's his dad bod gonna be oh i'm . already kind of concerned what i've made . i like some of these options i like that . i like that he just seems to be in a . permanent state of shock oh i'm not sure . which is better they're all pretty great . i kind of like that but i think this one . really suits him oh you put lipstick on . nice i'll . she's outfit oh my god it looks like an . owl yeah just a bit of facial hair there . that should be good i kind of prefer . just the the casual underwear here our . sportswear i'm not sure what this is i . mean they're lovely outfits i just think. this really suits him and with the . lipstick and all he's looking good daddy . picture of the top right oh it's perfect . all right name that dad i'm gonna name . him man . dad creative genius everyone it's no . wonder i got to where i am that dad . keeps telling me to trust no one it's . worrying me that means her name is . amanda dad by the way you string it . together it all kind of flows quite well . amanda dad no it's amanda dead a man dad . dad . amanda dad yeah i like that this pops up . on the screen why is she smiling i guess . she's used to it only one of the dusty . albums from the top of that pile and we . begin looking through it god i really . tried to force my fashion sense on her . didn't i i probably wear diapers to . looking at my guy what oh okay i get to . choose the only way your father and i . could get you to stop crying was to put . the sunglasses on yeah sure you probably . just makes noises at me i probably . didn't even teach you how to talk . they're just communicating this all . through body language emma p was the one . who pooped her pants train asleep over . here dad that was me i did that well . fair play for owning up to it. you own that girl come on you own it why . are they even talking about this they . keep talking about all this shit aren't . they a normal family they just don't . talk to each other let's skip one skip . all this meaningful conversation all . right we're leaving now . oh yes i get to drive i don't look like . who should be allowed walk never mind . drive he just constantly has his tongue . hair i assume he's talking like this . mary to making stuff to break let's get . going let's get moving come on there's . traffic this cares behind us looking at . mirror traffic backed up for miles . because i'm having this long . conversation with my daughter . we pull up to the new house and step . outside . the loan is freshly mown and the for . sale sign is still in the okay you know . i think this thing is lying to me . there's no for sale sign and that . doesn't look freshly mown maybe that's . what the trust know one thing was . warning me about what i shouldn't be . trusting the game i think we passed a . coffee shop on the way here maybe we . could check that out . let's do it a lot of voice it just has . to be with the tongue out constantly . who's this guy . and why are you looking at me like that . he's probably like i think that other . dad is coming under me here's his tongue . pointed right at me i scanned the . chalkboard menu and him immediately. overwhelmed i'm relating to the stat a . little bit more than i'd like to i mean . look at him i'd like to say i don't . relate it all to that man godspeed you . black coffee. oh he's smooth but then when you realize . his voice is like godspeed black coffee . what's his deal . but the man make his puns yeah exactly . let's let's go come on let's go come on . move along we gotta get home we got to . move in we gotta unpack our boxes he's . like hey hey he wants me to name his . banana bread. he said that great to be honest right. said banana bread yeah go for it . like right said fred but now it's about . banana bread oh my god i think the young . stones would like it that's why not yeah . yeah that actually says ring to it no it . doesn't this guy must really want me he . just called me baby i wanted to say baby . because i thought it would sound cool . but once they said it i realized that it . just doesn't sound good coming out of my . mouth and maybe i should just leave . saint baby to the professionals . damn straight baby across the way and . then catches my eye he sits by himself . brooding over a cup of coffee our eyes . meet just for a moment that's always . inner voice sounds cuz you know your . voice sounds different like when you . record it to what you actually hear . funny thing with that mine is kind of . molded now yeah i hear the same that i . hear when i record an x i listen to it . so much no of her videos i'm just really . narcissistic. anyway let's go talk to this moody dad. over here oh no we're not gonna approach . you take care kids are playing in the . street i better be careful i'm sure i'm . not allowed near them the flowers are in . bloom and the faint smell of a nearby . barbeque drift through the air i hate . that i hate when i smell barbecue it . just makes me want food . i hardly even like barbecue food we're. at a park now she's gonna sit on a bench . and watch the play / what the hell was . that. frisbee is suddenly hit me in the face i . probably bit my tongue. what's a corgi let me guess he's gonna . start hitting on me - oh my god a guy in . a hawaiian shirt jogs over to us and . takes the frisbee from me what an . absolute unit i think his skin is . leaking right there though just wanted . to point that out it's just in case it's . like a medical emergency or anything i'm . man this is my daughter a man that just . clicked with me his name was man and he . called his daughter a man dad he got . both his names basically in her name . it's great to see another father and . daughter out here on a sunny is that . your daughter. how did she i'm not gonna ask anymore it . has your hair color which is nice this. is daisy oh oh okay all right that's . good that's good i worried there for a . minute. what the hell my natural dad instinct . kicks in i must brag about my child's. accomplishments oh no it's happening . [music]. tell about yourself . um i that's my girl good girl . man amanda get in there daughter maybe . can switch daughters amanda's your only . daughter wow congratulations . his voice keeps changing and he keeps . losing more hp because her name is daisy . i'm gonna go a cowboy at least then i. can get his voice consistent daisy . actually just want a statewide poetry . contest oh my god that hit me hard last . week unprompted a man helped an old . woman with her growth three bags it's . extra powerful brian loses 20 hp what is . this conversation it's so disjointed . yeah daisy sold enough candy bars this . year to get the top prize a canoe we're . taking it out next weekend these. characters okay i still have the upper . hand here let's . i don't want to switch daughter use a . great card if you pull her wrinkled copy . of amanda's last grade cat out of your . back pocket why do i bring this around . with me go hawk root that girl looks . poor daisy you really carry that around . everywhere. ouch maybe it is kind of weird you lose . 5 hp did i mention daisy said her first . word at 10 months daddy are you saying . that her word was daddy or you just . calling me daddy . either way i'm unhappy he's only got . hit him with a band-aid for some reason . with a flourish she produced a band-aid . from your pocket take a knee and start . to apply to him in his arm what are you . doing there . she's probably doesn't even ever cut . this is just to protect your weenus the . weenus is the the back of the elbow if . he didn't know welcome to call me . kevin's entertainment class oh god . anyone would agree it is an unusual . gesture you lose 10 hp on oh boy it's . been such treat getting to meet you too . that's just cuz you won . oh

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