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James, Aleks, Asher and Jakob face off in an electrifying round of Jenga.
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Qué juego tan picante.
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What's going on ladies and gentlemen of . the youtube universe we are here as . friends as teammates playing a nice . friendly game with jenga beam i notice . that we're all wearing some devices. attached to our forearms here they're . not i ii d is no one's getting blown out . as you form your bicep okay your biceps . sorry so i think it the right muscular . group these are shock collars used to . train dogs small animals teach them a . stop barking but students . scooter stop it scooter and obscures and . stop eating them with a nice little ol . vibration now scooter gets triggered by. the vibration because screw knows what . this does screwing your teaching . students yeah i'm teaching scooter to . stop barking oh squirty right i won't . fuck this quarter gets here with us zap . now officially dude i don't really know . what the rule is for ginga have been . over the years you take a block out you . put it on the top right that's it. that is the truth that is you're gonna . punch the tower no here's the other . thing. i'm just really have the most terrified. person of this controlling you ran out . of the gate yeah yeah i know dude the . fact that you're not doing it already is . kind of like triggering me a little bit . i can do that the vibration thing is . fine it's just got a go for you that was . waiting for you to touch it whoo i don't . actually kind of stung a bit dude that's . hard to do i fuck shit dude this is our . start gotta take the pee just go for it . dude i tried to and he already hit me . with a nice sap fuck i'm worried i'm . gonna knock the whole thing over like . the first thing i that's all really . stacked let me see if i do in my left . hand that you guys were doing you're . overthinking this now you're gonna chuck . one time no i know through this already . you're much shaking i haven't gone yet . my man all right take it easy first . why don't you just put it down and then . i'll go and then you know i'll do the . same for you okay just do it i can't do . it now ow oh shit . do that actually fucking hurts jesus . christ fuck i can't even grab this one . it's fucking stuck go for a different . one okay i think so you you can't be . doing that that's nice if you just logs . this whole thing in your bone for one . jump to james you said fucking dude just . talk to me . you're doing a height thing don't . fucking talk to me we can't go diagonal . in there like a fucking starts you said . you were next remember okay i didn't . have you nearly as much as like all the . way in oh deep your double tapping it . your why why you like what do you mean . okay this is what happens happens . four times you just fucking hit it i . just tapped it look yeah i fucked up i . fucked up i shouldn't have done that . i think we forget that the other person . has the device i think it's easy the . person you're not zapping has it yeah. because there's like a weird system here . i think that minecraft money's gonna . save you stupid bitch all right sorry . ah that was more scared than i think . pain you know i mean it was just it . wasn't the pain was just out of fear . sorry . oh it's funny now it's funny whenever. i'm not these aren't laughing i'm having . fun it's funny when i'm the one that's . you know like his leg kicks up do it i . did both the both thing i was trying to . me more of the my right hands my have . shocked but disgust fucking sitting here . explaining what the rules are that was . just a little that was a little bit up i . that was your fault. you try to do the same shit what try to . do it when i'm distracted. who was distracted i was distracted well . this. who did that i felt that it was a . mistake here's the thing i need to . explain this to you just before we go . before we go real quick just before you . start stop doing that because i'm . talking to you as a man there's a thing . i don't know if it's loose or not so . when i go for it i don't want to don't . mess it see this is what i was talking . about i don't know if this one's loose . it's not loose it's not loose i'm not . going for it now do you have to go for . that you can't do that right it's not . loose i could hear you so what i. couldn't i can move it and do whatever i . don't have to go to move that one out . and put it on top that's what you can do . this fucking bullshit dude and you . fucking know it . how do you get the tower i wasn't trying. to just for time all for time so you can . sit now and do tower photoshop but i . can't fucking time told me dude i'm . moving the whole tower bro dude i can't . get it like what do you want me to do i . [applause]. was trying it was like i'm being fucking. hurt doing this up just let me fucking . get it away dude no you won't your bitch . you think you had a better technique . from the other side when your punch . although it was a technique what was it . technique cool punched it through more . that way. what miles gets i guess got to pick a . different one dude i can't get it i'm . not gonna compromise the whole thing cuz . i can't get it should've picked it how . would i know you would have felt it out . if you tap on you know i did. taking you dislodged it when you tap. that you punched it with your knuckles . you just do saying this because you're . what do you think what do you what do . you think cuz i feel like he's just . saying this because he wants me to lose . amen stop stop stop stop . fine fine i don't like talking to i want . to say anything new . why so you not figured um on it just you . and me ma'am i'm sweating . [music]. well survey the area here i don't have . to let you do anything you're right you . don't give me a chance. what's with the countdown are the . vibrations that might make you a little . nervous . oh oh oh my god you fucking tap it so . many times i'm fucking i can't wait can . you can't wait . copy my strategy that's cool dude . real original what are you doing what. are you doing why are you fighting as . it's happening . i thought if we commit we have to commit . i mean are you committing go for it if . you're committing right things going . down what are you doing dude can i like . do this what is this what is how are you . doing. what are you doing you still hit me but . i'm like are you doing his arm is so . tensed up like from just like my led to . give up ice i personally i gave up . fighting in the tower wait what so i so . you gave up on that one that you . completely fucked up should i do . am i allowed to do that i think i did do . it i did yeah if i did i feel like . you're allowed to you could see him . struggle with i think it's difficult do . relax chill out a bit . [music]. these are all hard did you know that 100 . all right my hand i didn't do it i . didn't even hit it at all wrong hand . again what the fuck you cheaters all of . you fuck you how do you not know how to . play jenga you piece of shit hey so look . has it been 10 minutes yet 10 minutes . hey so check this out i'm gonna go for . one don't hit me because you already . have enough of my reactions i feel it's . not war getting more if i think we can . just cut them back hip and we can patch . it so you just let me go and then what . was that what's going on stop do you . already have it just fucking stop i'll . let you okay what . wait that's wait that's your own oh yeah. give me mine ok same thing ok here . there's so much sweat forming. under my shirt right now stop stop i . didn't sign anything i could get into . legal trouble right now bones that . beautif if teen minutes are legally . allowed to leave look i'll let you hear . do you have it out and then when you put . a bet i'm stopping this tower what . though i'm amazed it still it's so . fucked up go get something oh oh you . turn it up your piece of shit you turn . it up that's way worse than was further . back down oh you turned it up to about . 50 well thanks for watching this episode . of electric jenga. make sure to leave a like and don't do . i'm in the middle of an outro you . fucking piece of shit dude don't fucking . do anything stupid at shirt thanks for . watching this episode of electric jig . and make sure to watch more in the . future if we do ever again which we . probably won't do cuz it's fucking sucks . so much dick let's fucking hit you at g . ah stop stop . .

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