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Ladies and gentlemen today we're. escaping from floods a lot of fun oh my. gosh i didn't know you were there i . actually thought you somewhere else yeah . we have to well we're actually escaping . this facility because it's about to . flood shark this is all made by i wacky . and yeah so we can actually control the . flood before yeah what's gonna come no . matter what but roland what do you want . to start out with charley let's start . out on an easy level here because well . we don't know no we can start normal we . don't have to go slow normal but . definitely not bad super fast . you have done slow now right oh what . yeah take one second real quick to just . appreciate this i appreciate the beauty . look at this bro there's water on the . ground but look it's like slippery it's . ice is it actually mine . yeah it's like minecraft ice it's so . cool man i don't see myself floating but . you're floating so i will give you a . little bit of a warning i have played . this map with preston boy okay my video . got corrupted so i wasn't able to post . yet so now i'm stuck recording this . video with you you know hopefully i . don't die follow my lead buddy i got ya . before we did start recording we did . happen to just take a look at this map . and i just want to say holy cow yeah . we're gonna be doing this for a very . long time it's a long map so sure look . below us you see that green water down. there that's what buddy so you got a run . okay yeah keep running yeah for sure . okay come on buddy you got this and then . would we change the difficulty the flood . is actually gonna get fast . oh gosh okay this is actually really . intense - okay what do again um now what . happens if we escape this do we just . like continue on 30-win yeah yeah what . bro we as you aped i mean we're not eggs . we can celebrate that right and it's . very true chuck you got it we're trying . here i'm gonna keep on buddy you know . pedestals you grow a little a little oh . yeah yeah okay now i'm with you i did . not mean to do that at all . oh okay start following i let you go i'm . gonna let you go okay go ahead this is . like a team effort here we both know to . survive you know yeah okay good luck . catching up boy i got this map memorized . oh my eyeballs alright so then you go . this way and then i go up here then you . have over here then you hop off this and . then you run around here then you have . all this yeah i'll teach you guys how to . do flood except for the one in your . toilet cuz that needs a plug yeah you . can't really save that yeah no it's not . okay how did i lose you again i don't . know oh there you are . oh what cielo bro i'm sorry . i'll wait i'll wait oh we get faster or . so it actually does so there's a setting . in this that we have enabled so the. movie arthur okay the farther the flood . is away from us the faster if at lowe's . yeah okay i was actually supposed to . jump up one yeah yep i found the way all . right . now nathan you can follow me man oh yeah . you know far down is the flood oh nathan . weakened it's probably really far we . could literally stop and go it make us . are ourselves some food and kyle still . not be you actually want to do that cuz . i'm so down you know i feel like that . floods gonna get so much faster you just . come over and . yeah all right regret speaking up what i . did good luck buddy. i wish you luck that's okay i'm making . progress here i'm not gonna lie i forgot . the rest of the map i don't know where . no i totally forgot i mean it's like a . weaker show since i last played it but . um i'm actually shocked actually this . actually reminds me so much of like the . roblox game version of yeah it's what . it's based off of oh flip i fell again . oh no no oh no where do i go to i get . that i have to really jump around oh . that's hard there's a there's a . difficult job okay there's really no. other way flood is at okay we still i . don't know but i just figured out . there's two different ways to go as well . really okay yeah there's like maybe once . a or the other . who knows seems like it is i could yeah . yeah oh my goodness dude we're we are . okay we're already four minutes almost . warming on thirty seconds into this i . know in this long it's a long mad bro it . feels like it never ends i can't even . see the top yet like seriously . yeah i know i can't even see the top . okay but after this bro we're gonna have . to speed it up 800 yeah like the flood . it needs to be sped up which route did . you take i'm trying to figure out a way . back up oh my gosh i can't believe it . i'm coming i'm coming i'll pass you up . in a second give me a yeah okay nathan . the flood that actually getting up here . man i i can actually see it now yeah . it's i think it's starting to get up . here i think so far yeah let's take it . let's let's take a break bro let's talk . about some things so what are some . things that annoy you . minecraft's huh you should part no i . i was drinking coffee i can do it again . for you i'm science i'm sorry i'm sorry . gasp just i had to remove them how are . you. just turned into it wait wait a second. wait a second i think i just figured . something out shark what you're not a. shark you're a guy in a shark costume . that's what you are no . you just took off you oh my gosh ladies . gentlemen we're solving mysteries today . we are solving some misses all sharks . follow me floods this next jump is. really hard this is the one that i died . on yeah that's i just fell again back . down here bro . oh no nathan i don't know where i'm . supposed to go when i'm all the way up . here yeah again okay but i definitely . see where you're coming from from there . i'll wait for you in our meeting spot . this is what you're having before so . pull out his favorite piece make yeah i . was about to say make some cod where did . my buddy i am i'm coming but the flood . is still way down there bro that thing . is so did you actually i'm going thanks. for waiting . yeah i don't really have to wait shot . that's very true okay okay oh my gosh . i'm so sorry i'm so sorry i'm normally . not this bad i don't know what's up with . me bro i think because it's honestly bro . i think it's because the flood is - it's . - you only just not should just tp to me . no no i need practice i need practice . bro we've been doing this for eight . minutes so far i wonder if there's like . a maximum . like time or is it just like unlimited . okay how we do this i need to do this . jump a lot . nathan what is 100 percent faster yeah . don't fall again but okay no more . falling this is that okay we cannot fall . anymore yeah i was following on like . some of the dumbest things like yeah no . it goes alright so you hop in here you . run around here than yeah on this map i . beam it once yes okay i have i have and . we're both gonna beat it today this is . well i'm gonna be not if i make a . diversion i know i know yeah i'll give . you a heads up oh wait okay but to be . completely honest however of us falling. into that yet with it being ten minutes . in i don't know it's a good good . question oh my gosh dude this is so . confusing i know there's so many things . to jump on i'm just oh sorry okay i made . it to the top i made it actually yeah so . this is the top there's no time for this . you go ahead and step on that and we did . ten minutes but we did it alright okay . we gotta put this on hard . we definitely yeah 100% nice yeah super . fast super fast okay shark let me warn . you something about super fast so i've . done the super fast mode you cannot miss. a single jump or you okay i'm not even . kidding you have to do the whole entire . course without missing a you missed a . jump you're gone you're gonna fall you . know what oh let's do this man let's do . this let's do it lets yeah i mean we can. try it we can try i'm gonna get my gonna . get my fingers ready for this yeah right . when it goes bro get ready i'm gonna. stay right behind you this whole time . oh my gosh dude i'm already so nervous . yeah dude it watch watch the flood it's . so quick i don't want to watch the flood . i really don't want to wait down so . quick it moves so fast no strike you . gotta be going faster faster okay . okay i'm going i'm going i'm going . cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo dude i'm so nervous . you can't miss a single jump bro again . now just to warn you it's like literally . five feet under you right yeah thanks . for the tip whatever you don't fall . yeah i'm trying i'm trying bro you're . getting close to it oh it's glitching . out i can't see it anymore okay there it . is oh my gosh this is nuts every has it . been this focus oh i saw the water . barely missed one jump and that was ozzy . does i get so close to you dude that's . crazy that round only lasted forty two . point nine seconds in the last minutes . you want to try super fast if you want . it out for super fast what you do super . fast here let's do let's do fast walk . eyes you know and then the rest of the . video will just do super fast so fast . isn't too hard . i mean it's not too hard you can miss . you can probably miss like five six . seven jumps and you'll still be good . okay okay good to know good to know up . oh my gosh i don't really know i don't . really know what to say about that one . bro you better come on hurry up it's . rising quick i'll wait for you i'll wait . for you come on thank you thank you okay . there we go i'm here i'm here i'm here . we're good right go go go shark we get . we got to make you know it's coming up . fast. let's go let's go let's go yeah we got . to be quick about this man yeah this is . if anything this is just practice for . super fast you know i agree okay there . we go let's see these fence posts is . what mess me up a little bit okay . yeah good just bad go 100% no shock you . are uh-oh body it's okay dude it's okay . it's okay you get nervous . it's our first it's your

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