Evolution of Fortnite 2011-2018

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Evolution of Fortnite 2011-2018
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Put the camera down man it's show time . we got some good stuff back . [music]. [music]. this actually shows an example of what . that might be like to go out and . scavenge for materials and add them to . your inventory and then actually build . up a structure so this is day one our . character here is going out to find some . wood so she needs to really focus on . putting anything that she can up before . the end before the night comes so that . she can survive so you can see this is . our this is our framing mode as long as . you have the resources and you know how . to build the objects you're building you . can very quickly and easily frame up a . building i like that you can customize . but you don't have to agonize over every . little thing. exactly and you have you know you can do . it at your leisure as well you have . friends go away matt on the front i love . it yeah. in this beautifully stylized universe. you can destroy virtually any object you . wish gather resources and build a fort . let's destroy this car take its metal . and then continue our wanton destruction. by chopping down this tree to get some . wood for later did we mention there are . purple death storms take this one for . instance we should go luckily while we . were out exploring. we found a multitude of weapons and this . you just make it across the field our . friend has been busy building a fort for . us to hole up in we mentioned the storms . are made of monsters we're gonna need . something a bit better than this brew . nice. [music]. all right people let's search this dump . and get out of here asap dump . what's wrong with the dirt everything . garbage rats a structural damage some . people just can't appreciate fine dining . did you trust me i am so sorry hey hey . it's okay we're gonna get you out of . here oh thank you . we thought you were more of those things . looks like we're staying put right all . right you two stick with me . yes ma'am let's get to work . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. i guess meat is killing me man oh okay . that's up to the refer back almost died . i was amazing . hey don't mention it it's all night. all right guys who's up for pizza the . name of the game is survival . you may notice enemy's behaving . differently than normal. it should be safe to gather resources . and build defenses during the day . but at night it will be terrible . get ready to fight. your name. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. miss . since i make no parachute . [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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