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We're all gonna die hey welcome back to . another minecraft video today me and . shark are back on the back way what is. that what's it what's wrong oh nathan my . yo no we got to get over there what the . heck flip what's that i'm margot i blame . our i blame margot yo we gotta talk to . margot man maybe walk so maybe market. maybe markets all that hot new bargains. been spawning some weird stuff recently. dude like you got you got the book emoji . like my did you do this i don't do that . is that is a lot of diamonds okay well . we got to get over there guys if you . didn't see last episode we basically . went out to the nether and did a lot of . stuff off-camera as well . we got a small little i built a small . little tree farm chardon got a little . farm over here it's so we got some farms . going and it's ready . don't fight you'll like it i wanted to . be sunny i'm only happy when it's sunny . thanks shark in your magical magical . superpowers oh yes well and do it need . to get a little more saplings also we . need a lot of build over there i have . two stacks of cobblestone because they . did mine up a lot but i don't know if . that's gonna make it over there that's . off that's so many trees well yeah okay . well i've already i'm working on the. mining up the tree farm order axing up. the tree thought how many blocks you . think we're gonna need in order to get . all the way over to that giant crew dude . honestly i need to be a lot required i . have no idea but what i do know is i'm . getting a lot of apples and they're . flipping fallen dude oh okay actually i . did see a giant tree over here where are . you are you talking on the street no i'm . up top i'm trying to get a lot of . saplings so we can so i can fully plant . the tree farm here's what i and i will . start a bridge all the way over to this . giant we're gonna start a bridge here i . can deal with my cobblestone i already . dropped it down right there that's next . to the chest there you go yep yep that's . what happens when you go through like . three pickaxes my day okay yo i'm gonna . start bridging over and you know what's . funny about this is the fact that market . and the creeper are almost lined up . perfectly with each other market i think . did do this man this is a little bit . creepy right . margit has been doing some weird things . they probably even like made the nether . world dude i don't even know you . probably spawned in this creeper you . know mike it probably spawned in this . creeper dude like the gods of markets . market go okay there we go. yeah yeah i got a lot of extra saplings . i'm gonna plant one right here oh . converging and bridging and bridging and . bridging and bridging and bridge closed . oh snap you are getting closer on . commerce did you or not don't come oh . wait wait how much cobblestone you have . left enough to get over here enough to . get over well how you gonna run through . all of it bro no i'll have a little bit . left. oh snap made where are you coming okay . you're not yeah you're not coming to the . space here oh yes let me just do come . over there we go right have fun . i'm gonna take i'm gonna take all this . stuff and just start mining all the way . no yeah i got just enough blocks to . craft the furnace right after i get my . iron pickaxe so i don't take all the . diamonds and i also got a ton of wood oh . [music]. you better keep inventory on i'm gonna. drug you don't have to keep in mind . marriage come on ah you're such a no-no . oh yeah sorry there's so many ors i . don't know why you being so greedy here. i guess so many orange just be okay but . i'm gonna i'm gonna stay over there hey . stay over there i just wanna hear nathan . you know i know it's like kind of . picking on you but do you have any out . wool that i can have yeah all right . sorry well what am i saying any iron . that you have like on you like right now . if i was a my own army oh why don't you . why don't you get some iron there's like . pretty hun below because you have it you . have a stone pickaxe you got you gotta . work your way up you gotta work your way . up buddy y'all . da vinci actually finger in this giant . creeper anyways here i have it could be . like a hundred that'd be pretty crazy a . hunter of diamonds in minecraft in five . seconds. yes nathan nathan far away all these . diamonds and i've never been so close . you shark alright the first one the . first one to get this many diamonds . diamonds how many diamonds don't worry . about it . nathan are you gonna basic i think i . think your boy shark just hit the . jackpot over here bro don't worry about . it what no you have two stacks of . diamonds oh my god dude alright well . we'll see we'll see we'll see i love how . we make everything a competition it's. fun friendly competition yeah it's a . move down i'm not even focusing on the . emeralds ain't nobody needs mm i mean . what are we gonna use the emerald for . there's no emerald armor there's no. villagers i mean what are they yeah . that's very true . right i'm not really sure where we use . them for but dude i'm gonna craft me up . do these all set a diamond armor diamond . tools do this is something that we . needed my dude from the original creeper . now luckily we have this one so and we . also got gold as well and you could make . golden apples dude what if we go to the . end and fight the integer joke that's . gonna do guys everyone yo like on . today's video right now into the next . episode nathan and myself could go to . the end and fight the ender dragon what . if the inner dragon is on like a creeper . as well oh hey dude how . crazy would that be that would be insane . guys if you want to see us fight the . ender dragon definitely be sure to leave . a like the more likes we get the more . encouragement we will have to fight this . enterprise is i have no idea now what - . dude i don't need anymore i have over . two stacks how many i mean yeah i have . almost three stacks of diamonds how . about you you almost fall just like . eating this whole creeper like we saw it . we saw it right when we did the intro. we're like oh so wait are you going back . yeah i'm going back bro i got enough. diamonds man i don't need to get greedy . okay all right that's fair that's fair . it's just so satisfying like mining all . these diamonds i know man isn't it . alright i got a stack and a half so i'm . pretty yeah are you gonna do a bridge . it's all broken and i gotta go and fix . it are you kidding me man i'm gonna get . some more stuff more i'm gonna make get . some more gold and i'm gonna get some . more coal because okay okay more that . actually i got plenty cool i'd like a . stack achill if you want it really good . bro yeah bro would you get a stack of. cool i was mining a bunch of coal i . don't much gold i have four gold that's . about it my gosh alright i got ten . pieces of coal i don't really need that . much coal . yeah that's very true we can come back . here at literally any time absolutely . crazy i jumped and i still jump but hey . i got teleported it's about time - . creeper guys have treating us alright . with some blue diamond thomas this is . great dude what should we even work on . now i honestly think we should work on . enchanting and then next episode alright . for sure next episode we need to work on . like getting to the end i don't know how . we're gonna find it in portal i have no . idea i don't take on impossible how are . we gonna get to the end to fight the . ender dragon creeper mega 3000 monster . thingy up we should give margot some . diamonds . there you go let it rain i'm gonna give . you know i'm gonna be a true true friend . here you get a diamond block market it's . all for you i don't know if you spawned . in that creeper market but if you did it. yo you get a present my dude oh yes - . bro look at my chest yet well i already . know what you're doing you bye what am i . doing. lol lol nathan oh dude eat you got it . you gotta add some humor to it you know . oh you're right okay honestly i'm gonna . work on the inside of the bass a little . bit and see what else we can get shot . that time you well i destroyed your . heart in the chest anyway there's no . heart there anymore no no no no no no no. no no no we keep my dude it's okay . everything is going to be oh through the . gate okay okay figure out some other . cool like stuffing quests we can kind of . do within this series because we've . dominated almost everything man yeah. what's next is the end or yeah fighting . the wither put your stuff in this chest . why what just spawn a wither shed you're . about to spawn a wither just no just go . ahead i don't know what you're doing . okay i'm just going to you know i never . got you the best birthday gift man but . you know what today this is gonna make . up for it nathan i want to you oh i . gotta get an anvil for something what . are you nothing nothing nothing to . protect all my stuff for this lying . market there we go and welcome the . whizzer to this one oh it's davis flying . market oh snap nathan nathan nathan my . gosh sure coming inside jack . oh oh rib our whole entire world my . dating nathan worry amaro i'm i'm on top . i'm jude i'm at a it's fine for now but . i was about to turn into a diary . okay so in the water minecraft you know . we need a bow we need to flip though i . know if we had a vote would be so easy . gosh what do we do okay . think smart think smart thanks what are . we doing down it's coming down it's . coming down okay watch the ground watch . the ground oh my gosh dude we haven't . even got like ally any damage on this . guy dude with the flip bed no i sorry i . completely blame this for you this is . probably worse than filling our whole . entire world . joey's inside the creepers inside . where's my i'm a half our time dad okay . i'm bout to die i'm bout to die okay . oh oh oh i can't even see where he is i . can't hit him all he's doing is . regenerating i hope you know all he's . doing is regenerating i hope you know up. yep there i go there i go nathan i think . i made a big mistake spotting this . wither and you you spawned it in what . are you talking about you basically . destroying our whole entire world shark . nathan i do not do this oh wait he . always floating down to the void did he. get scared he's like maybe i'll throw . some stake in him conch right there that . didn't do it your throat diamond at him . yeah we could rain somewhere there yeah . but seriously how do you give me to come . back up he just floated all the way down . yeah i'll show you how to kill him ready . there we go i'm actually killing him . what are you doing gimme . i'll put him in something you trap him . in something that didn't work oh what . are you doing i spawned a bunch of tnt . down there so he's about to die yeah . he's dead man we killed the wither yeah . we know we didn't kill the wither he. almost completely wrecked us and then he . flew away because he's like these noobs. are so easy to kill dude he's almost . dead wait i think he's dead okay so we . kinda tsar that's the weather jar that . yeah yeah sorry come here what's up bro . hey you for all your all your diamonds. again nathan don't don't you ever don't . you ever don't you ever don't you know . why did you spot the weather or you flip . it cereal right now why would you spot . in the weather you completely destroyed . our world it's all i get it yes it is . everything dudes we're gonna have to . spin the gold another episode or a whole . like hour off camera repairing all this . yo . honestly man we should let the viewers . decide as to what we should do . especially for going to the end because . if we go to the end we should focus on . making a really strong and base because . i mean dude that's the end of dragon man . yo i'm sorry man i'm sorry dude no it's . okay nathan all's good man all his couch . is okay it's okay bro trust me it's . small good man mortgage then but i i'm . sorry okay look things happen a little . bit too fast and yeah markets dead i'm . sorry okay grip bar get in the comment . section below guys we lost someone great . today i'm gonna need you guys support in . the conversation you guys don't spam rib . market and then the market will never. come back we'll never come back man . nothing will make it better you know how . did you think spawning in the weather . was a good idea completely destroyed the . poop emoji it destroyed the creeper it . made me throw away your diamonds and . lava cuz i'm so mad at you and you even . killed morgan's you completely destroyed . our world what market would appreciate . this but market would also like it even. more if we killed the ender dragon so . that's exactly that's true that's what . we need to do we need to put an end to . this my name yes i completely agree guys . let us know if we should fight the ender . dragon next episode by leaving a like on . this video if we get enough support . because i'm gonna need it because i am . emotionally unstable because we lost . more okay and i'm gonna need a lot of . support from you guys in order to in . order to thank you for watching okay . look i i got to stop catching your tears . man because it's really adding up these . are all your tears you're such a savage . guys thank you all so much for watching . i would say the fantastic recipe today . and we'll see you guys in a couple days . in a brand new episode but we'll see you . guys tomorrow in a brand new micro video . cuz you know me . jerk post videos every single day shark . if you post something in front . [music]. [applause]. .

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