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Here we go guys here we go my first call . of duty video in about a year let's do . it alright what's going on guys faze . rung here and today i'm bringing guys a . brand new call of duty video you guys . have not heard those words in about a . year so i want you guys to go down and . smash that like button for a call of . duty video world war 2 the new call of . duty that everyone has been talking . about and playing and i honestly am in . love with this game and i haven't wore a . headset in so long so i might look weird . but you guys a brand new call of duty . video i cannot believe it i hope you. guys are all having a great day and this . isn't it if you guys don't like the call . of duty video guess well i'm double . uploading today with a vlog later so if . you like call of duty and you like vlogs . today is your lucky day because today is . a phase drug double upload and that . doesn't happen too often but if you guys . show me a lot of love on this i will be . making this a weekly thing maybe even . more often than a weekly thing where i . upload a call of duty video and a vlog . on the same day so for those who like . cod videos i might do them once a week . maybe even twice it depends on how much . love you guys show on this video so . we're gonna be playing call of duty . world war 2 guys i hope you do enjoy the . video. let's play some free-for-all or. something i don't know what game mode . you guys want me to play but i'm gonna . start off with free-for-all and just . talk about the game and talk about a . story okay i have a story to tell you . guys i haven't set it in a video but it . happened about two weeks ago and you . guys are in for a treat free-for-all . baby okay i'm only level 26 alright you . guys are probably like wait i thought . you were addicted to this game i thought . you've been playing it all night and i . have but i've been playing. search-and-destroy the trick shot you . know and i only got like one to three . kills a game when i play search and . destroy . i have been raking up a bit slow but . it's still honestly a fun game i'm so . glad that they made a normal call of. duty for once in three years i think . it's been four years actually i'm not . too sure but no jetpacks no freaking . boost none of that stuff just a boot on . ground call of duty ok now that the game . is starting i'm kind of nervous because . i'm gonna be playing it in front of like . hundreds and thousands of people right . now and just please don't judge me just . put in perspective that i haven't . touched a ps4 controller in almost a . year ok so keep that in mind but i'm . gonna try my best to you guys i'm really . excited to do this i'm really excited to . be bringing a call of duty video oh man . this takes me back to the old days and i . used to make cod videos oh my gosh . see i don't even have the good sniper . yet guys like this is the lee-enfield i . believe and you don't get the good good . sniper - level 41 this map is huge bro a . minute. game and i haven't seen one person oh . there we go. first quickscope let's go guys i still . have it in me oh gosh i spoke too soon . alright so for those who have been . playing this game what are your thoughts . i've been reading a lot of comments on . my videos and there have been some mixed . opinions like people oh my god there we . go like people saying they don't like . the game people saying we do like the . game and hitmarkers with this gun is . insane that's i cannot wait to unlock . the new sniper but like i said guys i . read a lot of comments on my videos and . i did read a bunch saying that you guys . liked the game and i'm super happy to . hear that because you know i'm not gonna . forget about my roots i started playing . call duty like six years ago and that's . how i joyce phase and that's kind of how . i got big on youtube i'm not a fan of . this map it's way too big bio by the way . my psn name is rug faze like my . instagram so you guys run into me in a . lobby talk to me i don't know i have a . mic and i talk to people in game oh gosh . oh no so i want to see how many people . have been with me through the call of . duty videos i want you guys to comment . down below saying i've been with you . back in the day when you used to make . only call of duty videos i want to know . because this should bring back some . memories for you guys hardscope let's go . boy oh okay the one thing i remember . about call of duty videos guys this was . the worst thing is trying to talk and . play at the same time i can't do both at . once it's like i have to focus on the . words that are coming out of my mouth or . the game i can't focus on both that's. the only difficult part well this guy's . dead in here watch this . what am i doing what what am i doing . okay so i have a little story to tell . you guys and i was gonna say this in a . vlog but i just never did but i need to . tell you guys okay this reminds me of my . good old cod days when i would tell . stories while playing cod so guys please . sit back relax and enjoy this story it . does involve kendall jenner . kylie jenner's sister and kylie's best . friend and let's just say i was inches . away from them maybe that was good at . the game it would be more entertaining . to watch this is my first game of the . day i'm still warming up okay so about . two weeks ago me and faze adapt we went . to a little fashion show oh and this . fashion show was hosted by luc sabbath . you guys don't know him great great kids . he's a fashion designer and he's worked . with some of the highest names in the . fashion industry and the crazy thing . about this is that he's a huge face klan . fan me and a def met up with in . and he showed us around his little art . gallery and it was honestly super cool . one of my first fashion show experiences . and i had a really fun time and the art . that he had was just phenomenal it was . super super nice so me and i def went . around the whole fashion gallery and we. were like okay it's time to go like . let's head out it was fun . we met luke sue bought one of the . biggest fashion designers in the . industry he's huge face fan we just had . a fun time overall so we were saying . goodbye to everybody like tommy faced . temper was there and a lot of our homies . were there so we were saying bye and one . of our friends was like hey i heard the . kardashians are here and that's when i . just froze i'm like no no there's no way . the kardashians are there like i don't . believe you like you're probably just . lying cuz you know that i love kylie . jenner and the kardashians so i thought . he was lying i was like yo adapt let's . walk around one more time you know maybe . he's not kidding maybe the kardashians. are years so we walk around the gallery . one last time okay i shit you not guys . kendall jenner . kendall jenner kylie jenner's sister was. right in front of us within inches away . now i'm not trying to sound like a . fanboy or anything but i was kind of . starstruck i've never seen a famous . celebrity as famous as kendall jenner in . person and not only that she was with . kourtney kardashian and jordan woods . all right so jordan woods is kylie . jenner's best friend kendall jenner. being kylie's sister and kourtney kroy - . all three of them right in front of me . and i just froze i didn't know what to . do i was like do i ask for a picture i . don't want to be annoying i don't want . to ask for a picture i don't think they . like when people ask for pictures you . know they finally weren't surrounded by . paparazzi they were having a fun time . with the homies and i was like i don't . want to be that person i don't want to . go up to them and ask for a picture so . you guys already know in my head i'm . like if kendall's here if kourtney's . here if kylie jenner's best friend is . here kylie must be here so here i am . just freaking out i'm like wait kylie . jenner might be in the same building as . me i don't know what to do i'm freaking . out i'm like is she really here so we . walk around the gallery one last time. and we found out kylie wasn't there . because obviously the whole pregnant . thing yeah we just assumed we were like . kylie probably isn't here because she's . pregnant and we don't want to look like . we're following them so we just ended up . leaving. i was literally so mad the whole rest of . the night i'm like i should have just . asked for a picture wouldn't have hurt . to ask for a picture wouldn't have hurt . to get denied at least i asked for a . picture you know we walked past them . like four different times because they . were walking around the gallery and it . was kind of small and each time they . walked by i'm like i'm gonna do it i'm . gonna ask for a picture they walked by . and i just freeze it wouldn't have hurt . to at least like try to ask for a . picture even if i got rejected at least . try so that's what happened two weeks . ago i was within inches of kourtney . kardashian jordan woods and kendall . jenner and i was just like there's no . way i've never seen a kardashian in . person let alone kylie jenner's sister . so i was a little star-struck honestly . i'm not even that mad about it because . the fact that i was in the same building . as the kardashians means that there's . gonna be more opportunities like that in . the future at least i hope okay so . honestly i'm blessed enough to even just . be in the same building as them and kind . of experience the same thing that . they're experiencing and going to the. same like fashion show so i'm just happy . about that i'm not complaining about no . picture or anything that would have been . cool to have a picture but just the fact . that we were in the same building with . them was awesome what would you guys do. in my situation would you man up and go . ask for a picture or would you guys do . the same thing and like kind of does not . want to bother that i'm about to
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