First 99 overall, the grind was real, but the grind is never over! 200k in the row. Make sure to follow me, Subscribe like and comment! thanks for all the support.
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Oh. let's get it . otto ha . yeah i can't do when they're soggy i'm . zigzagging through . there's no way it's no there's no way . it's gonna be this game . no it's gonna be nothing nothing is . gonna be nothing . hey for no one in this game i'm i'm not . i'm not juggling breath i mean - time . for that all mideast no threes . oh my god bobby . oh my god what is this gonna be the game . right here if i hit 99 everybody's found . out the 99 it said an internet itself so . i'm moving it back over . hey guys. spam out the spam luta i mean hi-c . screenshot the 24k view screech at the . highest views agata . i . go let's go let's go let's go let's go . on 99 i did it again open up and oh ma . look at padron do . we are here it's over the mushroom. [music]. mmm let's go man font color="#cccccc"> it has . to be this game bro . please me this game please do this game . hey i got her locker blocker . i learned anything . yo when you open yoga oh damn look at my . boy that's tough . green . very very . i'll go on their island it board up oh . oh oh. graeme 800 . green hey rudy real a grenade agreement . and there oh okay okay okay move move . move. i gotta go up son that was great . i gotta better . gray mate i did you play so much but i . stopped doing brother hurry up look i'm . in the open why you doing . thank you the wall . ah kobe so oh wait how do we this has to . be the game right come on come on come . on come on say you guys tell you what . girls you all are two of us if i got . festivus on gold oh oh no you can't do . that. where do you wonder they wanted to do a . humble thing i make no sacrifices . oh sit on the floor son oh . oh my god oh my god no brah . i'm hitting 99 over oh . i'm gonna . it is that's where still that's what it . does that's what it does . oh ma i can pay for that game what yeah . so i'm always submode something we got a . mind to win it . oh we got our eyes so huh you got . truckers . char's . who you gonna cook up with that short . this is it i don't care about winning . i mean about my score . that's our let's go hey what star . twisted oh what's the bill i forgot . i better. yeah. i'll go i'll do it no i don't get better . like that right let's go let's go . yes sir didn't i see if i was ready and . he just saw me good . whoa what the wasa is gonna bring . mangoes like that my penis is max . there's no green let's go let's go let's . go to go discharge out of here yeah . laughing you're holding mango breathing . hey i got good dvd that slow slow it's . no it's no it's good good stuff . let's go come on let's go . withey i got a switch on the system . there's nothing nothing . here that boost . there's all this sticky stuff good stuff . good stuff go over this favor . yeah . am i sane oh my god . [music]. let's go let's go horse come on let's go . oh we need a space in . okay girls i can't pass here let's go . rudy let's go huh let's go . yeah yeah oh wow yeah i know i got box a . tobacco another ankerberg kinda . mentioned eg on how to how to market . we said don't worry about all the past . the founders up let's go let's go denies . its goal res oh no oh no stop crashing . booty i thought you know like that you . know i know. kame kame 9999 yeah 99 yeah 99 yeah 99 . you nobody taking off the court mama do . none of that. let's go pull them on my shirt using our . rocket man 99 in attack yeah i don't i'm . done i'm good i did i saw their money . bro oh i needed to step off bro raise . the pole . i'm gonna join a different part alright . now first we got it we got it we got a i . played with nyc first of all so . everybody follow up follow up so watch. this watch this i went and watched iran . are you filming so this is the this is . this the where my hand right now bro so . this is actually like real life my hand . but if you guys don't know my hand beat . this path so me answer the straining . stop me that's how it be now tell my . hand be i gotta give you an example how . my hand is brah this is how my hand is . this is how flashiness and koona is . always packed . alright let's go y'all spend $1. 99 we . are. all right let's go let's go let's go . right let's go 99 i see what i get . i don't know if i'm gonna get something . let's see if i don't get anything 99 in . the chat oh i get mid-range nuts . regrettably message finally man all that . grind look at that logo so beautiful . you have a lock the legend bag all . badges are now raised beyond normal . thank you super lesson is not free to be . more like to k-19 the wall of fame . -. let's go oh my god look at the bears do . oh my god . start with the w in the tag you'll spend . the w in the tag you look at the badge . it looks so nice. let's go hey good good good thing yeah i . gotta see my clip thank you . oh my god here we go . the grind is now starting cuz i'm not . done stop saying it over it's never over . oh my god let's go . look at that. i get all these little badges i get hall . of fame picking my so diamond dimer i'll . keep a stack over colinas and you only . got in the fluid. [music]. hey yeah yeah i'm gonna took the mic or . you i wanna shout out get some people . that help me but rats help me a lot i . didn't be stealing he played with me but . you guys don't know i simply walk with . him a lot rides on me a lot and well boy . oh senator helped me a lot with eight . carbons he told me he's a i think it was . a stuff bootie helped me snag god helped . me a lot i forgot to mention again . who else helped me a lot you see . dictating i'm southern another name is . no he started not for us it up he's . something he's selling bra who else who . else who helped me he was opening chris . i will doodle oh yeah chris all doodle . yeah does not go chris elder who else . help me run my sobs oh yeah like i said . if it wasn't for my cells i probably . would have never hit 99 cuz i really . didn't wanna hit 99 you know with all . the bugs in the beginning of the game or . like when this when it was like the game . was like a little bit broken i really . didn't want a 99 bruh . it was when i saw somethin to keep going . i was . serge serge helped me a lot yes bro . zuri taught me a lot zuri told me alone . oh my god yes and the person who gave me . not a little okay the biggest shout out . of everybody is right my story but all . right so right my story . he he told me something on and told me . something and i took that little messy . and i expanded it to where i started . wrapping up so fast at luke a . non-believer and he started questioning . and i put it on twitter yesterday . and people were like oh my god come on . order to tell you but i just kept it a . secret the whole time it's hard to run . after . shoutout to annoying . we're gonna run. then i guess something . i think i don't get nothing . i mean i dig in the housing budget oh . hey i'm just confirming if there's no . mascots. and yes in in in in program i'm finna be . godlike i'm gonna have all of him ankle . breaker. i am spamming my jew removes i know how . to dribble . i am spamming you. i got go difficult shots and go and . limit his range . what does the legend bathroom we i got a . legend badge we mean . you are. yeah they just sing like i got the only . thing values . i got i got go i got a hall of fame . free-throw i thought what is the policy . free-throw is yeah . no nothing here . now i'm doing the i did nothing yeah rip . in the chat ripping the chat burping . shot yeah you're saying look what you . said. sure is nothing a bit for the award but . w for the montclair though rick for the . word but w cannot clear i'm a demigod . only if i was successful yet opposites . for but it's still going to be nice . foot locker full up here okay . what's my next let's see over here what . is it my nice you know say i don't know . oh i got three nike oh i'll get all the . dreams i got be doing it i'm doing is . are you gonna paper i get all the free . nikes oh let's go whi bodies i'm gonna . hold on let me do a quick clip a little . shot . i could buy other phone causes . look a nice . i get all these for free jota jota . oh no . a boy at nike hey that's kind of shoe . though i would still wear two gave me . jordan i'll take it is free i mean . better than nothing . even though i were all jordans now i get . three daughters but i'm gonna go wearing . a microgravity i think so . everything if you're doing bonica . wearing my cookie i think you look at . the badge though guys so for my ninety . ninety would i don't know if i'm the . first one yeah i want to know what i get . yeah i get my might even achievement we . would like to send you a pill i ain't . saying nothing you told me i read for. that youtube video haha . why to say you know i was the other body . see they gonna send me something . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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