Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Custom Night – Part 1

Sister Location is BACK with a brand new Custom Night that reveals new characters, new mechanics, and new scares!
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Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to sister location custom night now this isn't just an addition to the game this is completely new content and point being there's new characters here frankly i don't know who the hell yendo is i don't know where yendo came from i don't even know vno was in the original game but yendo is here and yendo has weird effects kind of like golden freddy you'll appear if you drop your monitor and you can open your monitor again to make him go away and i bet if you don't he kills you and there's bonnet who is not bond bond the blue bonnie that was on fun times freddie's hand that is bond this is bonded on it will streak through your office and you gotta boop around the nose before she goes away or else i'm assuming you die then there's billy bob electro bob and then there's a little bit who appears on the monitors in your office and you gotta type out lol on your keyboard to make her go away him/her i don't know the computer program i guess any other mini arenas and laura and funtime freddy is it's just fucking bonkers what customer is going to be and this just golden freddy mode there's more modes in here that have different assortments and various levels of difficulty so it starts out with angry ballet goes to freddie & co funtime frenzy dolls attack girls night we're knows top-shelf bottom shelf cupcake challenge golden freddy an assortment levels of hardness this being the most twentieth of 20 mode so if you guys are ready i'm not going to start with you know what actually fucking i'm gonna start with golden freddy mode 20 20 20 and just to see what the shit i'm getting myself into because if i'm anything i am and where's red hair and that's what i am so vent shock left or monitor right door i've never fucking played this in my goddamn life here we fucking go i'm gonna start off with the top and then work my way back up from there because holy shit what the fuck was that but loyal hello oh geez isn't good what's happening fuck that hey stop that stop it jesus oh i hello how are you doing well it seems less than high georgie's qualities is probably not fair for me to just turn off the camera by my doors waste on the power how i didn't know what forget i don't know well fucking know what the fuck is anybody gonna be able to do that on the fuck would anybody be able to do that however the fuck would and your brother a be able to do that i don't know but eventually i'm gonna do that jesus i don't have time to do that not now anyway so what i'm gonna do there's so many new mechanics here i don't have any knowledge to approach them so what i'm gonna do because this is completely new content new content that i have never explored before i'm gonna go through these other custom nights all of these and try to learn as i go along piecemeal style i will start with dancy pants you know i feel it's kind of fair i was rather insulting der and frankly she was the only one that was done on my side during this whole ordeal so i'm gonna start with her i'm only going to do very hard by the way i'm going to easy why would i do easy i'm gonna go very hard so laura will approach for me to the west to the east i gotta listen for music becomes louder than shut the appropriate door many arena will appear at random to begin training your oxygen supply and eventually causing a blackout administer a controlled shock to deactivate them that's what i did when i saw them on the camera and then the many readers will appear in block your view that doesn't seem so bad i think i can handle that long as i gotta control on bow also it's pretty cool that in the in the end in the camera now there's a bit of mobility here well oh hello hi hey no no not that high fucking fuck you i'm getting let me you owe you gonna be there forever now what i know geez ok well i [music] ok alright then ok alright then this is that's actually really cool because exactly like how it was stopped by a exactly i was when you were calling the room ok so that's probably the noise when it's really close so i gotta wait for her to go away get oh i got time i gotta see the limit of what really close is because she dances around stop why go away damn ok ok so that right there that's really close that feels like in my ear ok so i need to use way last power i'm doing terribly stop laughing trying to listen trying to listen why another one daddy i don't need you assholes to see i've got eyes for days bitch stop another fucking wine thank you alright well laura by be gone which would be proven to be good for beach i'm not gonna put down my fucking advisor yet [music] i can do this blind and use chapel at me little bastard luckily now there's a button to press the camera which we've never had before i can press asked to bring up the camera which is going to make this so much faster hi i can dig it i can get this is ok stop so long as they don't get more than five on my screen i should be okay man if i got ten things to listen to all the same time and watching observing these fuckos getting in the way of my face it's not gonna be good for the old work on it just gonna be silent now i see oh my god i was handy most hagee i almost had you almost had it on my first try but i didn't know what i was gonna do because i didn't know what i was fucking doing hey fuck you fuck you all right let's try that again very hard go back into it booski i can do this i can do this easy i can clear all these fuckos i am not yet the king that i will be the king once more i can survive with five on my face i know that now so i don't mind you being there i'm ok with you being there you don't bother me i'm gonna know it through sheer muscle memory alone got ya got ya you thought you could snuck turns out you could not die cool we're good we're good chunk of snow here still back [music] oh shut down for a nap d well too fucking bad i'm still here all fucking over there already then you're giggly bitching i welcome to the party you don't need to be there in my face but you know it's kind of nice to see you up close for once i just like the feeling of being held by all you little bitches oh i can't get the doors with the buttons to my god that's amazing and i don't need to see it all i guess. i guess if there were other things happening to see that but i can control the doors with the buttons that's really convenient then i actually don't need to move here but i'm going to train myself to click anyway because i know for future things i'm gonna need to click liberty floppity floppity floop huh haha got your number now moving moving moving keen ears oh there's the last one about damn time yeah that's it that's the stuff okay i think i got it now i'm blind yep ok i'm using the buttons now but i should be able to make it a 6am no problemo please i've only got a few percent power oh yes back yeah the best and are back in the saddle again okay i did it i did it i fucking did it alright so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna call that purple guy that's the only thing that i can assume about that she's wearing a purple shirt and his mouth is very weird so i'm assuming assuming that was purple guy walking down the street and everybody assuming it was purple guy so i'm i'm guessing he hid it very well so what i'm gonna do is i'm going to check out freddie & co because freddie & co is an entirely new environment i'm not going to be able to beat in this one i don't think because of some new mechanics here that i'm not used to that i probably couldn't be able to handle very well but ok funtime freddy what he's gonna do is he's going to command bond to attack so i need to shut that door depending on where he is so i need to check the cameras yendo just appears on after i drop the monitor funtime foxy is in funtime cove he's like foxy and then bond that runs across screen and something so i'm gonna pay attention to that ok but it's going to require quite a bit of power actually so i'm assuming that i gotta pay attention to pool okay soo ah that was 45 oh yeah no okay alright you've been so ok ok wait she's oh fun box here already okay well with your bow okay what what the fuck is happening here i am not our guy fucking a fucking time you're gonna tag oh that's the line ok so i just need to listen to you pay attention to ok why thank you jesus scary as hell that's right no one right but fuck you put week was called stock market my fucking fucking shit oh hi foxy oh hey guys that time i say oh hi okay that's one yeah what okay he's on the right side i didn't let her go back back back out well that was terrible ok so but i was starting to learn that's an important feature ok so custom night looks to be an onslaught of evil like the likes of which you've never seen because that's not even everybody on 20 and that's very hard on freddie & co i would have to do all of that for more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more until you get to golden freddy until everybody is at 20 and i don't even know if that's possible like how do you have enough power to be able to do that you would have to look at foxy look at the other camera for the ballerinas that are trying to drain your power you'd have to knock down yendo beyond the ready for that you'd have to be ready to click bonnet type lol i haven't even face the bitty babs i don't know but it's a challenge it's a goddamn challenge but i'm up to it so but i'm not gonna be able to get to it soon it's gonna take a few episodes so good news there's a few more episodes of sister location waiting for you bad news i don't know if i can do it but i believe in myself just by by a foundation bay so anyway that was the beginning of custom night there's much more to come so thank you everybody so much for watching let me know what you thought down the comments below and remember this dlc is free if you have the game you can play all this free so thanks again and as always i will see you in the next video bye [music]
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