FORTNITE BR – Minigun Rocket Ride, Shark Attack, Fails And Traps! (Funny Moments)

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All right i think that oh they're about . to tell ya that's a hard rocky ride no . no no no break me up there all right do . ready set jump. no you're gonna you're in a rock around . me straight to them alright shoot me in . this direction straight down at the . ground now challenge go they were . fitting in one bush new birds one stone . need you to get this all right we're . gonna go in there and we're gonna do 360 . shot shooting . alright ready ready no idea what to do . oh my god i can't believe we got that . and i go we go high by this chest see . well from a thing or is this one way . being treated yeah ted billed to the . boat oh yeah do we let them get their . chest first yeah yeah here we go . wait we should break the boat yes no . clue they only comes in chess no idea . he's looking at me look at me girl he's . gonna break down got another i know i . know . you know you can mow him down yeah . [music]. [music]. let me remove more than the next one . freeze yeah yeah and no clear okay . he just kept running the next one just . kept running any more ammo - feel my . rage rocket launcher oh . [music]. don't hit me give me in the corner . please. don't you run from me i yeah would you . would you throw that at ha . [laughter]. that's what it's used for right there . you're gonna be a little hurt thank you . all right up to you minigun bro suck it . oh somebody's behind us i know he . destroyed our damn home no whoo oh do we . lose our jump pad - yeah . dude now we gotta cross the water that . is so cool. hate him innovation i'm bleeding he's . weak keep keep fucking with him . oh you jumped down not him that's my . hand let somebody else . that's my up yeah keep the kids in the . bar . amazing dude. [music]. a little fishy oh i see a player see a . player east east directly she's coming . to grey house right now . two players okay 100% gonna see this . 100% oh yeah i think so if they're going . if he breaks down i'm gonna fucking lose . my mind i see him oh they're getting. shot at lately jews come back from the . brink that birthday break there and then . come back they're getting shot at he did . hurt the wall cousin ain't nobody. couldn't hit his season chug-chug just . blows up he's running right there from . gray house he's right next to a dude do . you see it see it come on i shot him . once turkey turkey turn i shot him once . come on i'm gonna take so much damage . right now come down . they just shot a fucking tree all right . whatever that brothers he just came from . the house yes he's good he's gonna die. it's gonna come by come by probably . friends nearby i guarantee he's this . friend here's this friend . [music]. with you oh we got notes like we got two . people stuck underneath though so we're . gonna see if we can survive like the . sumo game or sumos one of us gets . smacked off each other get a puppy get . above me met me that way we don't push . each other off the circle yep he died . there on the staircase right below us. i see you let's see if the wrigley below . us . well it's kind of racket like you get . ready to start healing the leas it's. common gonna keep quick there's no way. we're losing this here we go okay who . got here and you gotta make sure you're . right in the middle before you start . even trying . oh i can't tell if i'm drinking it i . can't open the circle or not if it's . lagging right below there ever let me. know i can't start using i might get i. get hurt you're lucky . why do they choose the rocket logic this . is all use girl this is all you they'll . hire up this building before they would . hire just keep going up they one more . death do it get all you is is all you . spell this is the last it has to be the . last one i don't think they have enough . rockets to shoot straight up and they're . gonna kill each other if they do that . yeah in nine seconds that's gonna . squeeze tight so you need to just get in . the center three two one here goes . bigger you ready . i gave them a lot of big kids oh god . hopefully there's more damage i think it . doesn't more damage so you can pop and . make it and they can fire try it . i know i'm in the middle to the air . while you're in the middle you're in the . center you can win you can square the . whole circle going i'm going . hey make it come on . one was that back down it's not gonna . pop it time no oh nice nice i hate him . in the fucking face . this is finish him off how much did . rocket that one that raw get ready with . this neighbor he's gonna run . paul that would help . i heard shoot at me yeah i got him he . only had to pick x hello hey no don't . run for blondie at that tree yeah . make up on these foods they don't know . i'm gonna hit him with the um . actually you want a hit on with the . booty bounce yeah oh with my now wait. there's still there's one above you - . i'm the hill yeah i'm nothing my sit on . it. [music]. and that was a perfect but your balls . brutal we're gonna hope someone wants to . come for this airdrop and then they're . going to it they're gonna get a . christmas present of moose knuckle . you're in the box in the box . i don't know which way i'm licking . that's alright that's alright that's . right yeah i'm facing you so opt it i'll . tell you if anybody's coming near oh man . i hope this works . here comes away i don't know which way . to look up here yeah it's one person . [music]. we got the best christmas present now . and i shown the muscles yeah hilarious . great idea man great idea it's a . fantastic idea here move move move drink . that oh why don't we drop down oh stop . the house on top of the building . [music]. maybe he's like underneath we cook them. on the campfire maybe that got so . intense so fast. [music]. two seconds two seconds i hope this . works. so we put a ramp right here and put lots . of good loot at the top . beautiful loot up there sir oh another . purple light here it's just jumping . around jumping around yo the loot . oh no he's not . it's going up let me take a second . little take a second mayfield's take it . he's scared . [music]. and here he comes he's coming down good . hey tup see the bait someone oh pop . they're building or in shot at let's go . let's go get him oh . rub a saddle man . [laughter]. we use their shit to kill - oh god . they're coming they're coming . no way please don't look at the bushes . please don't look at looking at the . loose absolutely he's hungry he wants to . loot he wants it he wants the fucking . moon come on come on come on maybe shit . dip i'm gonna grab the green and the . fireplace yeah here to go wait . grab this car grab this car i'm gonna . jump off when he runs up . yeah . [music]. .
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