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50 gamers and 50 celebrities will pair up to battle for the ultimate Victory Royale. One team will rise to the top for ultimate bragging rights and $3,000,000 in charity prize money. Which duo are you rooting for?
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[music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. you. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. i've been on this road i'm like in my . mind . no they don't . [music]. [music]. [applause]. welcome everybody to the fortnight . problem. this is going to be such an incredible . event and i'm so excited that so many . readers are joining us here live and in . person and online joining me today i . have some incredible casters for this . event. first up let me introduce you to our . esports commentator what's up i need . some noise give me some noise let's go . come on come on that's what i like baby . that's what i like . next up we've got youtube content. creator great add last but not least . we've got the twitch broadcaster dr. lobo this event today is gonna be so . much fun and i'm so glad that we're all . here for it . i can't believe it look at this crowd. unbelievable are you kidding me this is . unreal sup guys i don't think any of us . expected it to be this big it's insane . there's a whole lot of people here which . means opportunities to make some changes . like i can no longer be just ninjas . friend i think maybe we'll see . so many things lined up for you guys to . get you guys all hyped and give you a . look at what we've got coming up we've . got a little clip for you check it out . [music]. we're here in los angeles where you're . about to witness some of the biggest . names in gaming and entertainment drop . into the brand-new bank of california . stadium they will compete for bragging . rights and a part of a three million . dollar prize pool that will go to the . charity of their choice . we've assembled some of the best gamers. streamers and competitive players around. along with some of the biggest names in . entertainment they will join forces as . duo's and compete for that sweet sweet . victory royale the rules are simple . fifty duo's one player from the world of . gaming and one from entertainment they . drop in build and battle until only one . duo remains the stage is set the players . are ready and in fortnight anything can . happen who will rise up and who will . fall the world is one . welcome to the fortnight celebrity. pro-am at e3 2018 this is gonna be so. great and the best part about it is this . is all for charity we have a three . million dollar prize pool today that's . right and what you know i think honestly . what i want to see crazy rocket rides i . want to see some shopping cart plays i. just want to see shenanigans lupo . impulse nades tim taking fall damage all . the things that you've seen in every . fortnight you've every fortnight video . you've watched online it needs to happen . today that's right for sure and anything . can happen we're gonna be tossing it up . to zeke who is with us some players who . are preparing for this event let's see . if he's got for us . where's your favorite place to land and . why i love fatal fields and in herky . acres i don't know why i love like the . farms usually cause like there's a lot . of flat land you get to see your . opponents and be prepared do you have a . favorite gun and why legendary scar it . just feels like you're actually lasering . people when you hit up it's great where . do you like to land in fortnight as far . away from other people as possible right . now i'm really loving the crater outside . to the west of pleasant park that's . where i think i'm gonna be landing in . today's match i've got all the . strategies already flown around in my . head i've been thinking about this a lot . favourite gun in fortnight has to be . golden grenade launcher oh my god is . devastating i mean wherever you shoot . that thing building doesn't matter . everything gets destroyed including . every player on the map so why why . bright bomber . little area look at this face no i love . it it's a really colorful fondant . costume i think that kind of sums up for . knight a bit it doesn't take itself too . seriously but it's so much fun and this . costume sort of portrays how fun it . could be all right my favorite emo the . most disrespectful take the owl all . right so we're back here over at the . booth welcome everyone how you doing . today feeling good feel a little toasty . fellow toasty . it's a little warm it's a little all . right dad said so that's right that's . right so i mean you can see it in my . face as well a little sweaty you know . but it's all right though you outside . broadcast thank you so much lupo i. really appreciate it you you really are . more than just a ninja's friend buddy . you really are we'll see if i can get to . that point okay so here's the thing . right we're here it's a fortnight pro-am . and four-night is such a unique game . guys it's such a unique game it brings . so many different tools and different . opportunities to the table and i think . you know we would kind of be remiss not . to mention the building the number one . thing that makes fortnight's so unique . and i mean. you've you've been playing for such a . long time and you've seen some . incredible plays in your time but i mean . even just looking here at ninja the . opportunity to out-build opponents when . it when it rises this is the kind of guy . that shows up every single time and his . buildings on point he's putting boxes on . people he's jump shot gunning like a . like an absolute savage and you see here . they might have been mobile players you . have no idea but he's just putting them . he's putting him building is amazing and . it's such a pivotal part of for tonight . over over a lot of other games that i . played and i think that's part of what . has had me at least hooked in a big way . but then there's also the crazy moments . is while casting unpredictability you . can use impulse nades and that's filthy . her line of sights are filthy she sets . it up she still has those . first-person-shooter mechanics nasty . sniper 1 shot girl is unbelievable yeah . i mean honestly we're gonna see some . amazing place they would keep saying . that but i mean the players that we have . that are gonna come out in just a little . bit are some of the best in the game and . they're gonna be joined by a lot of. celebrities who actually play the game . every celebrity here plays the game i . mean it makes sense for a night is the . most popular game in the world so you . know makes sense that you would want to . be in that position here at the program . right loop i think it kind of shows the . the way that fortnight has has just . grown astronomically this phenomenon . almost i don't recall any other game . that's done this kind of growth at this . rate in this way and been fun the entire . time that's right that's right so now we . want to kind of run through how the . competition's gonna work okay because . they're gonna be three matches played . today and the first matchup is going to . be a solos matchup and the second will . be duo's matchup followed by the big. charity cash matchup three million . dollars up for grabs for charity . million going to first place cassie i'm . really excited for this first match you . like to see how everybody actually . matches up in the solos yeah i mean it's . gonna be insane to see you know not only . some of the best players in the world . clash against one another but doing it . for their charity as well as well that's . big it's big . so solos that warm up situation you know . the opportunity to kind of get used to . the game use the environment that we're . in a little different maybe that's what . some of these players are used to . playing in so you know as settling in . for the first game duo's right after . that so . we can get a little bit of teamwork . going you know try and plan your drops . that kind of thing and then and then the . big one that's right it's number three . the big match that we're all here for. i'm so excited but for now though it's . actually sent it over to justine he's . over at one of my favorite areas on the . stage the llama lounge this is the llama . lounge so there's gonna be a lot going . down here today so as people are playing . they're gonna come over here we're gonna . have a chat with them see what went . wrong or what potentially went right but . we've got a chat with mooney who has. been talking to some of our players in . the plaza so let's see what he's got for . us what's up guys mooney here at the . fort night pro-am 2018 raleigh at home . let's head to the plaza and check out . what's going on every one of the . entrants gets one of these bags let's . take a look at what's inside it will . foam pickaxe off the bat here get a . visor keep those sun rays out of your . eyes and every one of you as you enter . the venue you're getting one of these. sunglasses did you know where california . they keep those rays out it's a . beautiful sunny day so we also brought . in a physical battle bus you may have . seen the inflatable one kind of flooding . around la we got a physical one here . ready to board and ready for folks to . drop in to the fort night pro-am got the . ice cream truck from the game all . vanilla either gets a purple ice cream . or some black ice cream with my sweet. tooth i'll probably enjoy either hey you . guys all excited for the prom . [applause]. [music]. there really is so much going on but . what it all comes down to is the players . and i'm sure that's what you guys are . all here for so let's take a look at who . we have competing here these are 50 of . our streamers let's check it out . celebrity pro-am is bringing together. the biggest names in gaming tonight the . personalities you know and love will be . face to face to prove who's got what it . takes. ultimate victory royale the winning duo . will map part of that three million . dollar prize pool for the charity of . their choice now let's take a look at . some of the big names that you'll see . profit from the battle bus what ca
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