Game Theory: Doki Doki’s SCARIEST Monster is Hiding in Plain Sight (Doki Doki Literature Club)

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You may think you know Doki Doki Literature Club, but I'm here to say you've barely scratched the surface. Because under this twisted visual novel turned horror game lies an entirely other story, hidden in the poems, code, and files.
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Matpat: ha, no way, a text message!. who is it from . awww, jacksepticeye, how sweet!. and there's a picture . wait. tha. that's not how i wrote this gag. another one what's going on here . mathew patrick: wait. what the heck . steph!. steph, are you pranking me . mysterious girl: you promised to spend time with me, mat!. me. and only me. *malicious overlapping of creepy "only me"*. mysterious girl: now let's make a theory together. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. *game theory intro*. *g???a???m???????e?????????? ????????t????????h?????e????????o??????????r????y?????? ????i????????n????t????????r??o???????*. matpat: hello, internet! w?????????e?????l????????c????????o?m????????e????????? to g???a???m???????e?????????? theory!. where it's our goal to systematically prove that everything in your life is secretly terrifying. over the years we've made you fear public wifi, minimum wage jobs and even the house next door. but today we are going to talk about a game that will make you stop trusting the very computer you are using. to watch this video. unless you are part of the 75% of users who watch this show on your tablet, phone, console, or tv. in which case. ummm. just. just. pretend you are scared too . *spoopy ghost noises*. okay okay. looking at it's steam store page, doki doki literature club! seems harmless enough. a cutsey pastel tinged dating sim starring four adorable waifus -. as the kids say -. all of whom you can try your hand at wooing for the low-low price of free!. but look a little closer and it quickly becomes clear that this game isn't the fun, light-hearted visual novel. that it makes itself out to be. for starters, the top tag on the steam store page is "psycological horror". which makes it seem misclassified. and at the bottom of the game's description -. which is a cute little greeting note from the literature club president monica. you'll find a very stern warning in bold letters. warning: this game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed. and in case you missed that one, the game greets you with that message yet again as you boot it up. one final reminder that this isn't meant for the faint of heart. it seems like a joke, right . but let me assure you, it is no joke. so in that spirit, this is your last chance to stop watching this video before i spoil the heck out of it. it is without exaggeration one of the best written, most surprising game stories of this year. even if it takes about two hours of fairly slow-paced visual novel action before it gets to the really good stuff. play it yourself, you are not going to regret it. or, just watch our highlight playthroughs on gtlive. you'll get the point. okay, so if you're still here after that and you haven't played the game or watched our gtlive playthrough,. which, i'm sure there's still a lot of you,. let me give you a quick run down. during your first playthrough, doki doki literature club! seems like a normal visual novel. with a pretty neat mechanic of composing poems in order to woo the various girls in the club:. your childhood friend sayori, quiet bookish yuri, and young agressive natsuki. but at the end of your first run, strange things begin happening. it all starts when sayori succumbs to her depression and commits suicide. soon after, she is deleted from the story entirely and you are kicked back to the title screen. but something is clearly not right this time. as you replay the game, the world begins breaking apart. as it tries to move forward without sayori in it. eventually, you discover that the club's president monika has become self-aware within the game. and is manipulating the game's code - even files on your very computer! - in a desperate attempt to make you,. you the player,. love her. when nothing else works, she deletes everything else in the game, leaving. just monika. just monika and you, in the club room with nothing to do but talk. forever. at least until you do what she did to the other characters and delete her character file. in order to save everyone else and reach the true ending. doki doki literature club! intentionally leaves a lot dangling for gamers to figure out on their own. but out of all of it, one question has been bugging me non-stop since i finished playing it. what is the story behind monika . the game presents her as simply being a character in the visual novel who suddenly becomes self-aware,. but all of that doesn't quite add up. the way ddlc is designed, the way that monica manipulates it, and the things that she says. in her extended conversation with you,. all hint that there's something much more sinister going on with her. and that is the theory for today. that's right, dear theorists, the hidden truth of doki doki literature club! is that monica is from a different game!. monika is flowey. who also happens to be porky from earthbound. who's really the purple guy from fna. *error. god, not again*. sorry, the rest of the theorist team just pulled me aside for a quick intervention. apparently, i'm banned from making any links between this game and undertale. or any game and undertale. really, i'm not allowed to touch undertale anymore. but in all seriousness, monika is from a different game. and not just monika either. doki doki has a lot more to it than first meets the eye. even once you make it through the main story. because the ending is not even the ending. when you restart the game after deleting monika, sayori assumes the role of the club president now. and things are pretty normal, untill the end of the first day, when you get perhaps the biggest twist of them all. sayori now is self-aware. expressing the exact same desire to hoard you to herself that monika did. so, there's gotta be something that at least monika and sayori have in common, and possibly the other girls as well,. that's making all of this possible. see, there's something in the way doki doki literature club! is designed that doesn't quite add up. throught your second playthrough, monika reveals that she's been manipulating events behind the scenes the whole time. that she's been messing with yuri, natsuki, and sayori's character files by amplifying their worst traits,. so that you'll like them less and you'll like her more. that's why yuri goes from a little bit clingy to being self-harming and obsessive. why natsuki goes from being flirty mean to just being plain old jerk. and why sayori goes from being mildly depressed to suicidal in a span of a few days. these are all the consequences of monika haphazardly adjusting their character parameters behind the scenes,. but hold on a second. that might seem to make sense on the surface, but if you actually stop and think about it,. that's not really how visual novels work at all. visual novel characters aren't ai based. their behaviour is determined entirely by what's written in the game's script. game's dialogue script, not programming script, i can see how that gets confusing. there's simply no need for a character in a dating sim to have complicated behaviours like this. but what if they were created for a more complex game . what if the characters in doki doki literature club! were intended to be used in a different game all together . one where they would need to have more complex belivable responses to a greater range of player's choice. what if their assets were simply repurposed from that game in order to make this dating sim . it's not just speculation. the clues are there. hidden in plain sight in doki doki central mechanic - the poems. over the course of the first act, you read the poems from all the other club members. which seems pretty innocent. sure, reading between the lines, you can start to get hints that sayori is depressed,. that yuri is prone to self-harm, that natsuki is being abused by her father,. but it's nothing overt. in the game's second act, you are given three randomly selected special poems out of the possible eleven. that make those hints much more overt. but there's one of these poems in paticular that really stands out. a huge block of redacted text, with only a few letters left visible. spelling out a question "nothing is real ". that would be unsettling enough on its own, but if there's one thing scott cawthon has trained me to do,. it's to run dark images through photoshop and play around with sliders. if you crank up the exposure on that image all the way to the max capacity,. suddenly, it becomes possible to read the full text, and man, it is weird. *letter*. matpat: chilling, right . this creepy letter is literally hidden right in front of your face while you play this game. and what does it all mean . well, those opening lines make it sound like someone who's triyng to identify an illness. irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, arrhythmia are all possible problems with a heart. so, it's not so much this person is making a diagnosis, but rather it's someone trying to read the symptoms he's seeing,. and figure out what the diagnosis is. it's a clinical assessment. which means, that the speaker is a doctor of some kind. and notice the words he uses - "their symptoms". it's an illness affecting multiple people. a family, as we see later in the letter. a family that, apparently, you can join. almost like a cult. it's also worth noting that this doctor who is speaking has some degree of detachment from this girl elyssa. almost like she's a research subject of some kind. possibly, a part of a human experiment. and when you put all of this together: a cult performing experiments on young girls, it starts sounding familiar. we hear about human experiments exactly two times in doki doki literature club!. both times when yuri describes the plot of "the portrait of markov". a book that she wants to read with us. a book which has a, quote, "ominous looking eye symbol" on the front cover. in the first act, yuri makes it sound relatively innocent enough. *quote*. in the second act, yuri's personality gets a bit more unhinged and she gives us a creepier description. of what's actually going on on these pages. *quote*. and then she cuts off. that's a lot information for a fake book. especially when you compare it to what we learn about natsuki's favourite manga. and that's because what yuri tells us about the portrait of markov isn't just a short snippet of text. meant to create the illusion of a bigger story. it is the bigger story here. it's the plot of the horror game that team salvato is working on. the game that all four of these characters originate from. and if you think i'm done, hoh-ho, no. we've just scrached the surface. we can dig deeper to uncover more about this horror game incuding it's title and release date,. as well as how these four girls fit to the overall story. because team salvato left a whole arg's worth of content hidden in doki doki's game files. if you thought that the literature club was interesting before, simply because it had these cool meta moments. and jump scares, well, get ready!. there's a whole other game here. just resting underneath the surface waiting to be puzzled together. that will start to make you really question everything you thought you knew about sayori, natsuki, monika,. and especially yuri. but it's all way too much to cover in one video. so, ring the bell to subscribe. and help us get closer to the glorified paper weight so that you can know when later this week,. yeah, should be just a couple of days,. when part 2 comes out and things start to get really crazy. i am already excited for this new game. and i think once you see what i and a bunch of reddit community members have uncovered about it. you are going to be really excited too. and in the m?????????e??????a?????????n??????????t??????????i???m??e????, ?????r????????e???????????m???????e??????m?????????b?????e??????????r???. that's j?????u??????s???????t????? a m???????o?????????n??????????i?????k??????a?????!. a m???????o?????????n??????????i?????k??????a?????!. just monika!. j???????u???s????t??????? ??m????????o?????n????i??????????k?????????a??????????!?????????. j????????????????????????????u??????????????????????????????????s??????????????????????????????????t???????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????m???????????????????????????????o?????????????????????????????????????n?????????????????????????????i?????????????????????k?????????????????a????????????????????????????????!?????????. .
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