Game Theory: FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator)

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I know I said the last FNAF episode was the last FNAF theory, But every time I think I've finished the FNAF theories, Scott releases a new game. It's like he's just sitting around with these finished games waiting for my theory to come out, then bam - he releases the new game. So you can probably expect FNAF 7 sometime next month.
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And to you monsters trapped in the . corridors we still and give up your . spirits they don't belong to you for . most of you i believe there is peace and . perhaps warm waiting for you after the . smoke clears although for one of you the . darkest of hell has opened to swallow . whole so don't keep the devil bleeding . geez god i know we didn't get along all . the time but condemning me to hell seems . a bit extreme. seriously though can we turn on some air . conditioning here or something it's a . bit warm in here oh wait it is me . because i'm wearing my snuggly new game . theory merch and you two can be getting . hotter than a serial killer in a burning. deathtrap because starting right now new . merch is available via the link in the . description do you know it away to good . fashion hell i will show you the way . because not only do we have this nifty . hoodie with embroidered patches that. make it feel like you're wearing a warm . stylish blanket we also have new shirts. with a 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get in the. store and again to ensure that you get . stuff fast this is all super limited . edition prints once it is gone it is . gone for good so make sure you place . your orders now because who knows what . will be available a week from now and . once it arrives send us a picture of you . and the merch except for the underwear i . don't want to get arrested anyway enough . schilling let's talk about the end of . this channels most popular franchise . hello internet welcome to game theory . where let's just take a collective . moment and get this all out of the way . say it with me now another video you . said the last one was gonna be your last . yeah yeah i know but i also said this. now don't get mad at me when the new . game comes out in a few weeks and . everyone tells me to do another theory . about it and true enough to form that's . exactly what happened i released my . final two-parter theory on the subject . and exactly one month later from naff . six disguised under the fangay mask name . of freddy fazbear's pizzaria simulator . gets released now at this point i . wouldn't be surprised if you all thought . that scott and i were the same person . come to think of it you have never seen . us in the same room together at the same . time anyway the game came out over two . months ago and ever since i've had . countless people asking me for the . theory over ten people in the last week . alone stopped me on the street and asked . for a staff episode that's not even . mentioning all the emails i've gotten in . that time so for been steven . phil cassie matt lucas sara alex matt . number two and nba rookie of last year . karl-anthony towns no joke actually as . well as everyone who has sent in . something requesting an episode of nab . this one and potentially one squeeze . between this one in the next theory and . maybe even a third one down the line at . some point those are all for you now f6 . was a very different game from any of . the ones that came before not because it . had a weird roller coaster tycoon s . metagame connecting all the security . camera maintenance he'd come to know and . tolerate from this series but because . it's much more explicit than usual this. game has a lot of talking accompanied by . clear visual storytelling to reinforce . what you're hearing meaning that a lot . of the major plot points of this game . are fairly easy to understand which has . got to be like a first for the entirety . of this franchise jf6 is filled with a . sense of finality it's clearly meant to . tie up all the loose ends and serve as . the last game of the series or let me be . clear the last part of the series . covering what i'm gonna call the purple . guy saga like dragon ball z up in here a . saga which begins with a series of . murders that result in animatronics . coming to life continues with the afton. family meeting with a series of terrible . fates and ends with the spirits of . everyone involved getting closure one . way or another because this game feels . much more obvious in its story many. online theorists have chosen to focus on . the major story beauts actively ignoring . the game's more unusual bits the . wrinkles that don't quite fit in cleanly . but it's in those wrinkles that we find . answers to some of the longest held . questions of the franchise and the clues . that we need to finally put the whole . puzzle together so stick with me and . prepare to get a little wrinkly like a . toe left in the bathtub for too long . because well today is certainly a theory . or rather multiple theories all in one . episode it's also me trying to open the . door to you guys equipping you with . information necessary to discuss the . final points lingering around the edge . of this mysterious franchise finally. closing the book on the purple guy saga . now before i get to the deep lore here . let me quickly run through the major . reveals of this game just to make sure. that we're all working with the same . understanding in the aftermath of snap . threes happiest day minigame the spirits . of freddy foxy. chica and golden freddy have all been . put to rest which left only the . lingering threads of spring-trap with. william afton inside entered with baby . inside. michael afton i'm a living corpse who. used to have robot tentacles inside and. the puppet with nothing inside prior to . the release of this game scott's two . websites. scottgames. com and nath worldcom we're . talking to each other in their source . code a conversation which showed baby . and entered getting into a fight and. baby basically getting voted out of the . tribe which is why in this new game the . two are once again separate entities. entered in this game assumes the form of . molten freddie which adding in this . game's other new edition of rock star . freddy brings the total number of . different freddy forms across the entire . series to twelve twelve twelve different. freddy's alone and you'll wonder why . this game is confusing to talk about . baby meanwhile becomes scrap baby . complete with a lobster claw and . rollerskates because scott was like whee . it's my final game i can make it the . designs whatever the hell i want to . spring-trap now has a cleft chin and . heck why not there's a weird black bear . named lefty because why the heck not . through a thirteenth bear onto the pile . throughout the game you're not only . tasked with handling the best characters . ever featuring such standouts as number . one crate and mr. uggs but every night . you'll find one of your old friends out . in that back alley that's your task for . paragraph four of your employment . contract to salvage that animatronic . bringing them into your establishment if . you are playing this tape that means . that not only have you been checking . outside at the end of every shift as you . were instructed to do but also that you . have found something that meets the . criteria of your special obligations . under paragraph four fast forward a . couple nights to the true ending of the . game where we learned that the whole . pizza reel was just a trap made to lure . the strand electronics and in the same . place at the same time so that they and . the horrors of freddy fazbears could be . finished off once and for all in a final . blaze of glory even though that . technically happened once before infant . f3 and spring-trap survived but hey . who's counting me but you know that's . what i do and who of all people set up . this trap what is the identity of this . serious cassette man well the first clue . we get is actually in the closing . monologue although for one of you the . darkness of hell has opened to swallow . you whole so don't keep the devil . bleeding it's an old friend bloom . afton's henry no last name given and if . that lack of a last name sounds familiar . well that should i mentioned this guy a . lot during that dark period where i used . information from the books for my si
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