Game Theory: FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator)

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For two years, one mystery has continued to linger over the FNAF franchise -- what was in the box? In FNAF 4, the final image is a locked box with the message "Some things are best left forgotten for now." But with the series over, now is the time to answer...WHAT WAS IN IT? Well, it's not all that easy to answer. Because it's my theory, my FNAF theory, that the contents of the box have changed three times. So what was meant to be in FNAF 4's box vs what ended up in it when the credits rolled in FNAF 6? I think we've already seen the solution!
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[music]. [applause]. [music]. hello internet . welcome to game theory in 2018 a show . apparently dedicated entirely to virtual. boxes loot box psychology loot boxes is . gambling the treatise on the science of . fictional cardboard boxes it's like box. episodes are the new fine a sepa sewed . for the channel gotta milk up dry . next episode should be on i don't know . the orange box or something but in all . seriousness the box. tetralogy reaches its dramatic finale . today as i cover what is perhaps the . most infamous digital box of the last . decade nath fors locked chest now last . episode we started to explore the idea . that snap 6 is all about tying up loose . ends that has the last game in the . purple guys saga scott's goal was to . give us the information necessary to . close the book on this chapter and . freddy's story but to me as someone who . has studied these games inside and out . if there was one question that needed to . be answered in the final game it wasn't . how michael afton was able to become a . living purple corpse through remnant or . how henry was able to create a device . that could somehow simulate child body . temperatures they didn't care so much . about the timeline at this point no what . i wanted answered was the biggest. lingering mystery of nass what was in . the box rewind back to fanat for the . game that utterly wracked everyone's . understanding of this franchise you beat . the game you get the iconic line of i . will put you back together and then boom . a literal mystery box that would make . the likes of jj abrams proud accompanied . by the lines perhaps some things are . best left forgotten for now but you know . what i never forgot the fans never . forgotten i don't think scott forgot . either so now two years three games and . four books later i think i'm finally . ready to break open the locks and reveal . what was supposed to be in this thing . versus what actually was in the thing . because i have reason to believe that . the content. of the box have changed three separate . times and that now in the wake of naff . six scott has already shown us what is . inside the box let me explain . four was released on july 23rd 2015 and . with it the mysterious box ending . exactly one month later august 24th . scott made a post on steam referencing a . halloween update for the game an update . where he had considered opening the box . whoa i wanted to post some information . about the upcoming halloween update i . started off a few months ago with . several ideas in mind for what i wanted . to release ranging from dlc to a new . game to opening the box more on that . later but now i've been working steadily . and have a pretty clear vision going . forward end quote so why wasn't the box . included as a part of that update well . he explains it later in the post quote . again now i want to talk about what . won't be included the box you know when . i released the first game over a year. ago i was amazed at how quickly everyone . found every bit of lore and story then . the same happened with part two then . part three came out and once again the . story wasn't covered by the community . but then i released part 4 and somehow . no one not a single person found the . pieces the story remains completely . hidden yes most people assume that i . filled the game with random easter eggs. this time i didn't what's in the box . it's the pieces put together but the . bigger question is would the community . accept it that way the fact that the . pieces have remained elusive this time . strikes me as incredible and special a . fitting conclusion in some ways and . because of that i've decided that maybe . some things are best left forgotten . forever end quote so clearly in the . month after the release of the game . disappointed that the mysteries were . staying hidden scott had already changed . his mind about what he wanted to do with . this box i just gotta say scott my man . you didn't even give me a shot at this . one you change your mind about a games . fundamental mystery in a month i mean in . that amount of time all i could do was . release a rushed out retrofitted . prediction theory because i was stuck in . cons season when the game was released . give a theorist some slack man so that . begs the question of what he originally . intended to be in the box . my theory toys a bad . a hospital wristband and a picture of . what eventually became known as the . afton family the only time we would ever . see them truly happy in this franchise . remember fanat four was meant to be the . final game in the series and based on . all the clues scott left prior to the . release of sister location. he absolutely intended for freddy's to . be a story told in the mind of a child . maybe not so much in dreams like dream . theory would indicate but perhaps in a . coma or on the kid's deathbed i mean . sure let me be clear yes there was . absolutely a real-life string of murders . informing this kid's visions as . evidenced by the puppet and the murder . outside the restaurant but i mean look . at what he just said in that steam post . most people assume that i filled snap . four with random easter eggs i didn't . and now look at everything that lines up . in this game toys that match the look . and behavior of the toy animatronics . people getting shoved into suits by a. guy hidden in shadows that would. probably look like a murder to a young . child a boy carrying a balloon to . inspire balloon boy bullies who wear . masks that perfectly match the. nightmares shadows that would literally . inspire shadow animatronics on mangled. toy the concept of a plush bonnie that . bites you a child's phone and a child's . fan to simulate the night guard desk. people walking around in animatronics . suits like spring-trap a grandfather . clock like you would find in your home . going off to signal the end of the . nights the list goes on and on and on . and even though he'd moved on with the . story scott still wanted us to figure it . out which is why on our october 5th 2015 . gt live scott crashed the livestream . giving us explicit clues to figure it . out four games one story . why is toy chica missing her beak and . what is seen in shadows is easily. misunderstood in the mind of a child . all three clues again pointing to the . conclusion of some sort of coma theory . with the box containing the items . alluding to that story toys and plushies . to show where all the ideas for the . animatronics came from a badge to show. that this kid's father worked at the . restaurant as a security guard a . hospital band to make it clear that the . child was rushed to the hospital in the . half. math of the fredbear bite and a happy . family that we see shattered in the . aftermath of a stupid prank this box is . locked and hidden away in an attic or a . basement when the child dies the . memories it contains are too tough to . bear but the line of would the community . accept it that way is the key phrase in . all of this scott knew that the story as . he envisioned it would be controversial . for a fanbase that was literally . comparing shades of purple across the. series he had a solution to the story . that he wanted to tell but was now . trapped by his own success people were . too interested in his mystery box which . is why sister location and everything . afterward emphasized more real-life . events scoopers and remnant and literal . purple people walking around outside but . before he got to that point there was . one other course correction snaffle the . pimply faced puberty of the franchise . the game that also like puberty everyone . wants to forget including scott himself . and it was here that scott tried to . unveil the mystery of the box a second . time if you play through the game . normally you would never see any. connection to the box he would just play . through this bizarre fever dream of an . rpg and then finally kill scott cawthon . himself as the final boss of the game . yeah . in case you skipped over forgot is one . of the final bosses and complains about . how obnoxious the fans of the series can . get it is strange it is funny certainly . meta and most undeniably. passive-aggressive anyway if you linger . on the opening dialogue between your . character and fredbear you unlock a . hidden quest that lurks beneath the. surface of the game that was undoubtedly . meant to tie into the mystery of the box . we're told that the quest requires us to . quote leave breadcrumbs for him to help . him find his way the him were helping . his staff for his bite victim and we. know this from the opening dialogue whoa . something has gone wrong that's why i'm . here but i won't let the same happen to . you i will put you back together ah the . classic snap four lines so infuriatingly . vague anyway that line confirms that the . you being talked about here is the bite . victim that the something has gone wrong . is referring to the bite itself and that . the yellow eyes doing the talking the . one who is trapped here is the puppet . from here your secret quest is to find a . series of clocks and complete minigames . that directly relate . the steps necessary to unlock . phenanthrene happiest day ending you . push balloon boy into a box you press . for arcade buttons you set up for . cupcakes etc etc and if you do . everything correctly your secret ending . reads as follows quote we're still your . friends do you believe that the pieces . are in place for you all you have to do . is find them and we know from . phenanthrene that the pieces are indeed . found on the cut scenes between nights. we find the clues that fine-ass world . left for us hidden in the hallway . telling us to do things like double . click balloon boy and collect the four . cupcakes which then enables us to. complete the glitch two minigames and . release the spirits once and for all but . the important line of this finaiiy w
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