Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Theory! (Five Nights at Freddy’s) – pt 2

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Here it is...the end of an era. Three years and almost twenty theories, but I think I have it. I think I've SOLVED FNAF. When you look at the timeline of events, all the major questions of the franchise start to make sense -- Who is inside Springtrap? Was FNAF 4 in 1983 or 1987? Where is Chica in Sister Location? What's the deal with Balloon Boy? So I went back and mapped out EVERY event to create the FINAL FNAF theory...answering all the lingering questions from the series and setting things up for Scott to eventually release FNAF 6. We all know it's coming so why resist?
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Caption: Again we have a party today. [laughter]. [music]. hello internet welcome to game theory . where did you know that funtime freddy . was almost german ja voll check it out. how wild is that forget freddy fazbear . it's pretty fuzz bar calling it right . now now five give a sister location . staff six gives us international . expansion so this is it the end of an . era. my last snap floor theory until a new . game gets released makes me kind of sad . actually it's let's make it a good one . as we set out to finish the job that we . start in three whole years together . spoiler alert purple guy not the phone . guy believe me i try so up to five . afton's last time we had killed off two . mother and daughter who go on to become . baby and be laura afton's daughter . getting clawed results in the immediate. closure of circus babies pizza world . leading the company to retire the creepy . rosy chief characters deep underground . where memories sleep but now let's talk. about one question i haven't addressed . yet and one that was on everyone's mind . during the launch to sister location . where is chica in all this for the first . time in these games one of the core for . animatronics was just gone that seems . significant right and it is i joked . earlier about naff leader who's at . location but it touches on an element of . these games that we tend to brush aside . that there's a business element running . through all of them corporate . doublespeak and liability talk coming . from phone guy parent company's in the . form of fazbear entertainment. franchising with sister location so what . if chicas missing from circus babies . gang because she was her own independent . mascot at the time it's not just wild . speculation either in the scott games . source code leading up to sister . locations release we got all sorts of . hints in the form of animatronic . maintenance schedules but mixed in there. was a reference to something surprising . chicas party were mentioned by name . definitive proof that the character was . the mascot of another business existing . at the same time as circus babies which . was also a client of afton robotics . chica is an in sister location because . she isn't a part of the . she's still a solo act but we know by . floor she's clearly a part of the . fredbear and friends lineup so it would . seem that fazbear entertainment grew by. merging with her buying out other animal . themed restaurants in the area with . chica being the last addition to the . crew and why she's a part of the series . from here on out so no theorists . contrary to popular belief it wasn't. just scott trying to reduce the amount . of creepy poultry themed fan art let's . be real here for a second boobs aren't. sexy just just saying it now all in it . like i see . so fazbear entertainment decides to go. all in on the animal themed robots . because the whole clown thing was just a . stupid idea. i mean seriously william do some market . research americans are more afraid of . clowns than global warming know your . consumer man anyway in floor fredbear's . expanded to have himself some friends . and has become so popular that they're . in full sellout mode complete with. plushies toys a tv show and the. ever-popular. item masks get him now because i hear . they're sounding like a god church none . of this would exist if this were truly . the first location of a local pizza . chain confirming that this location . infini 4 is not where it all started . like many have been assuming what we're . seeing here is something else presumably . what the tv says threadbare and friends . a hybrid restaurant of the old fredbear . characters and the new spin-off ones. where every character has their own . spring lock suit notice that the floor . nightmare animatronics all have five . fingers the only other animatronic to . have that feature spring-trap five . fingers because the humans have to wear . the suits which leads us to one of the . biggest debates in this franchise is . this 1983 or 1987 the bite at the . birthday party makes it seem like it's . 1987 but the tv says that it's . never before has so much nerd rage been . prompted by discussion over trademark . dates rage that lives on to this day but . now i can finally bring home to the . storm this is 1983 we know this based on . a recent reddit post scott made on the . subject of whether or not he's ever . retconned his story quote the truth is . that i've done one actual read cut in . the series although i'm not gonna say . where once there have been other times . however when my original intentions . didn't come across clearly in those . instances i make a point to clarify in . the next. i used sister location to clear up a . misconception from nap four and reading . this the obvious misconception from nap . four was the year the events of the game . took place which true to his word he . clarified the assister location in the . private room camera code of 1 9 8 . when michael afton revisits his father's . control room decades after the fact he. sees that all along william had been . surveilling their family home using. cameras that were password-protected by . one of the most sorrowful dates of his . life regardless neglectful father. william participates in the worst to . bring your son to work day program ever . by taking his traumatized son to a . restaurant filled with robots he's . afraid are gonna scoop him and solidly . in the no help column is his older . brother who taunts him mercilessly for . his fears the story comes to a climax . when the brothers teasing goes too far . getting his younger brother chomped at. his own birthday party at the end of the . game william for his psychic friend fred . bear observation plushies patent pending . promises to put his son back together . except he's too late we hear a hospital . flatline faintly in the background as . the cut scene ends meaning that the . child dies that's far from where . historians he appears in every other . fine afghan because even though daddy . fails to put him back together . miraculously the crying child finds his . way into becoming the ghostly golden . freddy for proof as to why let's speed . things up what scott sent his reddit . post he tries to clarify things in the . next game and between f3 and finet for . there's a point you made sure to clarify . the happiest day minigame notice the . masks across the two games not just . symbolic imagery but a direct reference . to the masks worn during the crying . child's failed birthday freddy foxy . bonnie chica the restaurant layout is . also the same just mirror flipped with . three pretty tables decorated with green . yellow red purple and blue balloons and . it's a birthday party as evidenced by . the cake the puppet is recreating the . birthday that was stolen from the crying . child and the masked at the crying child . is seen wearing a golden freddy that's . not all the cry child gets taken by . death aka nightmare and animatronic who . just so happens to have an inverted . golden freddy color palette yellow hat . is high with a black body as opposed to . a yellow body with black accessories. coincidence . i think not it also worth knowing that . nightmare is one of only two canon . animatronics they have a jump-scare . that's a static image with strange . noises that crashes the game the other . golden freddy which leaves us with two . william and michael father and son . purple guy and other purple guy the rest . of the timeline is the story. serial-killer father and the son who's. following behind retracing williams . steps to undo his father's cruel work . and free the spirits of the dead . children this next bit we're all pretty . familiar with since it's based on . evidence from phone guy the bite of . eighty-three causes spring-locks to get . discontinued william acting as a . technician across all the fazbear's. restaurants is responsible for handling . the recalled suits and starts using the . golden bonnie outfit to lure children . into the secret safe rooms hidden in the . back of each restaurant will he'll be . safely off camera he first strikes on . june 26 at the fun low-key this murder . dumped the missing children's incident . eventually gets the place shut down the . results in foxy bonnie chica and freddy. getting newly murdered children to power . their engines those animatronics along . with the puppet get shifted to the two . location along with some new toy robots . linked to a criminal database to prevent . a mass murder from happening again . even some old favorites get pulled out . of retirement specifically balloon boy. and with that full roster freddy . fazbear's pizza has its grand reopening. now posing as a security guard william . with his spring lock crank and hand not . phone strikes again causing the place to. get investigated william flees the scene . leaving the day shift security guard . position open jeremy fitzgerald moves up . to fill the empty slot but gets himself . bit by the agitated animatronics in an. event that comes to be known as the bite . of 87 an event that forces the company . to cease any free roaming activities of . the animatronics from that day forward . the toy animatronics get scrapped for . chest sucking at spotting a child murder . and the old robots get stored back at . the original staff one location this . point though william knows that these. things are alive and angry at him so he . tries to dismantle them using the safe . room as his cover and it wouldn't worked . out too if it weren't for those meddling . kids or at least their meddling spirits . because he didn't calculate that the . spirits would live on without the . animatronic shells he tries to defend . himself against these ghosts by ducking . into his trusty murder suit but his . haste coupled with the moisture of the . region causes the spring-locks to fail . and afton to get skewered inside of the . big yellow bunn

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