Game Theory: Hello Neighbor – Satan’s Plot THICKENS!

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Like I mentioned previously, the day before I put out my Hello Neighbor theory I found another huge chunk of evidence. Well here it is. What ties does your Neighbor have with the devil? How did he get to where he is today? And what part does the Neighbor play in the larger picture?
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Let's just hop right in here i don't . normally do update videos but the day. that we finished editing the hello. neighbor theory i stumbled onto . something huge that started to answer a. lot of lingering questions that i had . about this game i didn't want to delete . that video so we put it up but i also . didn't want to wait until the next. update to do a completely new theory . about things so here we are. hello internet welcome to diet theory . its theory lights case you missed the . hello neighbor theory watch that first . and come back here the info there is . going to be super important. so real talk as i finished writing that . theory there is one thing that was still . really nagging me this picture there was . something more here that made my . theorists sense tingle the pose was just . too specific. it felt like a clue or reference to . something but what what is it to give . you a sense of what it's like to write . these theories when it comes to. researching images it's really hard. reverse image search and only is so far . and when it's a picture referencing some. other famous painting if you don't. specifically know what you're looking. for well just gotta lock so knowing that . biblical references were popping up. everywhere in the game we focus our. search around that and started pouring. over just tons of images and after doing. some really deep dives we struck gold. loyal theorists i present you this . picture entitled the capture of christ . the 13th century painting by an artist . from florence named sandy the papal . sandy the bad-boll say that the papal . actually really fun to say it looks . familiar too it's probably because this . was also a fairly recent but not super. popular mean it was the do i smell of . watermelon mean otherwise known as stop . deaths game mean which obviously begs . the question why is this gay. let me explain this painting depicts one . of the most famous moments from the. bible's last supper the meal before . jesus is taken to get crucified in the . painting we see one of jesus's followers. judas iscariot kissing jesus gasps why . dis game in case you don't know judas is . the one famous for betraying jesus. giving him a kiss at the. the meal to signify to the roman guards . that this is the man that they've been. after to quote from the gospel of luke . chapter 22 while he was still speaking a . crowd arrived led by the man called . judas one of the twelve apostles he . approached jesus to kiss it but jesus . asked him judas are you betraying the . son of man with the kids so i judas do . it well some say it was for the money he . does this in exchange for 30 pieces of. silver hashtag sellouts but according to . the gospel of luke and the gospel of . john the devil enters into judas which . causes him to betray jesus in any of . these cases though what we have in judas . is a man seduced by the devil to commit . an unholy act now let's go back and look . at hello neighbors. fortunately the neighbors in the . position of judas turned to the side . giving the kiss. he's the one seduced by or working with. the devil just another point to confirm . this weekend's theory but these . revelations got us really excited so we. kept digging revelations get it the last . book of the bible one we're all hell . breaks loose horsemen of the apocalypse . witty banter joking . no all right great in the same . promotional picture with the shadowy. picture in the book of faust that we . analyzed over the weekend look at what . the neighbor is drinking out of a mug . with the golden bull on its all of us . over here at theorists hq had noticed it . as an odd detail in passing but it. didn't mean much when we first saw it. but now with all these bible references . cropping up the detail finally clicked. into place. it's not just some overpriced hipster. coffee mug from williams-sonoma it's a . reference to the bible's infamous golden . calf as a baby cow not lower leg muscles . in the second book of the bible exodus . god with the help of a prophet named . moses saves the people of israel from . slavery in egypt because they're so. faithful to him a nice guy like an early. christmas present but no good deed goes . unpunished because gosh darn it wouldn't . you know it once they have their freedom . they start to go a little wild. just like that one all-girls catholic . school dance i went to back in tenth . grade that was an intense night . definitely a story for another day . anyway well moses is up on the mountain. chatting it up with god getting the 10 . command. version 1. 0 everyone down below get sick. of waiting and decides hey let's make a . golden cow statue and worship that . because that's what you do for fun in a. world without video games here the . pertinent quotes from exodus chapter 32 . when the people saw that moses was so . long and coming down from the mountain . that gathered around aaron and said come . because god's will go before us aaron . answered them take off the gold earrings. that your wives your sons and your. daughters are wearing and bring them to. me so all the people took off their . earrings and brought them to aaron he . took was handed him and made it into an . idol cast in the shape of a cast then . the lord said to moses go down because . your people whom you brought out of . egypt have become corrupt to moses went . back to the lord and said oh what a . great send these people have committed. they have made themselves gods of gold . so clearly gotten too thrilled that he's . been replaced by a false idol a golden . cow of all things so you think the . golden bull mug is just a coincidence . heck no just like the judas painting the . golden calf is yet another reference to . people who've been seduced by money . people who are worshipping false gods. and now that all this devil false god . stuff is cropping up the picture of our. neighbors choice of halloween costume . takes on a whole new meaning. but seriously mind the butt flap even . the clown costume we covering the theory . may have some allusion to the neighbors . deal with the devil this outfit you see . him wearing isn't just any clown outfit . it's an exact replica of the costume . worn by the evil clown from the movie. version of stephen king's its special . thanks to add fantastic 18 on twitter . for pointing this out to me love . everything from the color to the number . of reels matches well i haven't found . any major biblical references in that. movie or its novel it is important to . notice the clown's name. pennywise which is a reference to the . classic british saying pennywise and . pound-foolish basically it's a saying . that means you're someone who misses the. forest for the trees that you're so. focused on what's right in front of you. that you missed the bigger picture like . say for instance judas who sells out . jesus for 30 pieces of silver sure he . make some quick cash but then it gets . himself damned to hell for all eternity . so bummer there or someone else's . pennywise and pound-foolish faust like . we covered last theory who sells his . soul to the devil for unlimited. knowledge and . worldly pleasures sure you're gonna have . a great few years living off your. unlimited diet cokes and knowledge of. how game of thrones end so when the . devil comes to collect his part of the. deal. well then you're outta luck so what does . all this mean for our theory about the . neighbor putting together the story of . faust isaiah 14 14 the satanic candle . rituals and the 666 on the neighbors . shoe from the last video and the judas . picture golden calf and pennywise from. today it seems like our theory is. getting stronger and stronger the . neighbor appears to be a man who made a . deal with the devil to help them out but . now in the game we see the fallout of . that decision where he's having to . perform satanic rituals in his basement . with a woman and her child to fulfill. his end of the deal was having to bury . people alive in order to satisfy the. devil do i think he's actually the devil . know all these references are about . people taking advantage of by the devil. our neighbor is a puppet in a much. larger much more sinister game a game. that i cannot wait to see the next . update of who-knows-what dynamic pixels. has up their sleeves but up till now it . has been a wild ride in the meantime . though remember it's just a theory a . diet theory keeping it tight and hey . before you go cast your vote on where . you think this theory lands do you think . the neighbor is the devil or do you . think the neighbor is working for the . devil. click on want to choose and let me know . what you think and finally make sure you. click that subscribe button because you. can bet we'll be doing a whole lot more . deep dive into this game any developer . that's putting this level of attention. in detail into their story is definitely . one to watch out for so you can bet that. i the whole theorists team over here . we'll be pouring over every detail as it . gets released about this game that's why . subscribe so you get notified . unless of course youtube decides to . unsubscribe you but that's the theory . for later this week i'll see you then . .
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